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Best Car Video of June


Schwarzenegger with a mustache, front-wheel drive drift and Harold hiding pain: the most interesting films of the month

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The last Friday in June is no reason to celebrate the end of the first month of summer in our traditional compilation of the Best Car Videos. As before, we remembered all the coolest videos with cars and about cars that have appeared during this time, everything is combined in one material here. So, in the June issue: Harold hides his pain in a Lamborghini, the deck goes into the Book of Records, people for some reason try to drift in front-wheel drive, and Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to prevent people from making the biggest mistake of their lives – buying an electric car.

Multipla’s Pain

The man-meme "Hide the Pain Harold" (Arato aka András from Hungary) decided to sell his Fiat Multipla author with one of the ugliest cars in the history of mankind. When buying came a tramp, Oliver Amon, who first decided to test the car in action, arranging a little test for her. What came of it, see the video.

"Alive" Need for Speed

Awesome video from Vladislav Chekunov from Rostov-on-Don. He moved in the real world, the game Need for Speed: Underground 2: there is a Honda Integra Type R, Toyota Celica, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII, Circles and Mazda RX-8.


Mark Genesis showed another video from a series of commercials, where the G70 sedan repeats stunts from famous films. This time, the car turned 180 degrees and went back on the overpass – just like in the movie "little trip" (child driver). Before this
car, and as in the same "little drive".

Record mower

The 203 horsepower Honda lawn mower mean B2, powered by a superbike engine set a Guinness Book record – it went from zero to 100 mph (161 km/h) in 6.29 seconds.

Front wheel drive drift

Toyota invited drifter Ken Gushi to slide the 305-horsepower Avalon TRD sedan. The machine even installed a hydraulic handbrake instead of the standard electromechanical ones, and invited Paralympic passengers jarring Wallace and his father. It would seem, what could be wrong? Could it be that this car is front wheel drive?

Rally Corolla

Continuing the theme of drifting on front-wheel drive cars. This time the main character was an old Toyota Corolla with an automatic transmission. Rally school, the O’Neill team asks if you can get it to slide and stand the race car on the road.

Hippomobile in the ring

The famous Volkswagen T1 van is equipped with a Porsche six-cylinder engine and brought to the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife. The car was lucky enough to be driven (and even comfortable) by blogger Mike Arudino.

Schwarzenegger undercover

Funny video starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this video, he goes under the guise of Howard Kleiner (I don’t know, of course) to work as an eco-car salesman, trying to convince buyers to do the opposite – buy "bad" cars, smoking and growling. The video was filmed in collaboration with a non-profit organization on Velos, on the contrary, promotes the idea of ​​electric transport.

Sofa in the rain

British auto mechanic Ed Chyna is known for building motorized items – a bed, a table, a bathroom – and they set a Guinness world record. In 1998, he made a sofa on wheels that can be legally used on public roads (such as headlights and mirrors). This time, China decided to test what it’s like to ride on a couch in the rain.

Audi Spider

Mini-movie from Audi, akomodasi brand. In the story, Peter Parker sits at a "science fair", but his project is one level lower than that produced by other students. The organization "Shield" comes to the rescue with a new development – a 590-horsepower electric car Audi e-electrons GT.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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