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Chips that should have been in all cars for a long time


Sometimes you meet a car with some interesting feature and think, well, why didn’t other manufacturers think of it before, because it’s inexpensive and lies on the surface. Today I just want to talk about such things.

Built-in DVR

Once upon a time, a rear-view camera was a curiosity, but today it is no longer a rarity for cars with all-round visibility. With four or even six cameras in a circle. So for some reason, very few manufacturers have guessed to record video from these cameras.

At least the front camera can definitely be used as a DVR. Better yet, front and back. Now Geely Coolray has such a feature. The DFM 580 and Audi also have a built-in DVR, but separate cameras are used there for these purposes.

Lowering the right side mirror

And Honda had this feature a long time ago, and I don’t know why so few people copied it, because it’s very convenient and costs almost nothing. When you engage reverse gear, the right side mirror automatically lowers to the lower position so that you can see the rear wheel and make parking easier. When you turn on the forward gear, the mirror automatically returns to its original position.

Chips that should have been in all cars for a long time

Warning that the car ahead has gone

And I first met this feature while driving a Kia Seltos. True, only cars in rich trim levels with active cruise control have it.

The bottom line is that if you are stuck in a smartphone in a traffic jam or at a traffic light and did not notice how the car in front of you started and drove off, the car will give a signal. As for me, it would be nice to use a small electric discharge instead of a signal to wean yawning while driving, but anyway.

Power passenger seat on the driver’s side

The chip with moving the front passenger seat is in executive sedans. But it also appeared in Chinese not very large and not very representative cars. For example, in Geely Atlas or Haval H9. At first glance it seems that this is pure show off, but I found another use for this function.

Chips that should have been in all cars for a long time

The buttons on the back of the passenger seat are convenient to control not only from the second row to those who sit behind, but also to the driver. For example, if you need to move the seat back so that it is more convenient for a pregnant wife to get into the car or to comfortably seat a grandmother who will never understand how to adjust the chair on her own. Or, to move the seat forward if the baby behind is raging and kicking the back. In short, such buttons are useful not only for business sedans.

Speed ​​limiter

Many cars have cruise control. And it first appeared in the last century. But what prevents the function of the speed limiter from being made in such machines, I sincerely do not understand. You usually use a cruise on the highway, and a limiter in the city.

Moreover, it would be nice to drive several typical restrictions into memory at once (for example, 20.40, 60 km / h), as is done in Citroens, so that you do not have to set the restriction yourself each time, but you can quickly switch between preset restrictions.

Voltage transformer

Probably not everyone needs this thing, but it’s hard to overestimate it. Ford Kuga and some other cars in expensive versions have a 220-volt outlet. This is convenient when you need to recharge your laptop or vacuum the interior with a regular household vacuum cleaner.

Chips that should have been in all cars for a long time


Post source: wekauto.ru

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