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“Jeep Limited”: the fastest SUV of the 90s


It’s not the first time Jeep has produced luxury SUVs with true American V8s under the hood. Back in the mid-60s, she introduced the Super Wagoneer with a 270-horsepower engine and Cadillac-level trim. Since then, the world has changed a lot, but Jeep still remained true to itself and introduced something special in the late 90s – the Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited, the fastest SUV of its time.

5.2 Limited

In the spring of 1992, Jeep introduced its all-new ZJ platform. She replaced the outdated SJ on which the Grand Wagoneer was based. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee received a monocoque body, and it was possible to install large-volume multi-cylinder engines under its hood. Which was done the following year, when, to everyone’s surprise, Jeep released the Grand Cherokee with a 5.2-liter V8.

The 220-horsepower Chrysler engine appeared there at the insistence of General Motors Vice President Robert Lutz. As a result, at that moment, Cherokee became the only mid-size SUV with a V8 under the hood. Consumers liked this move and the Grand Cherokee sold like hot cakes, making Ford competitors very nervous.

5.9 Limited

"Jeep Limited": the fastest SUV of the 90s

Well, if a product sells well, make it a little better and sell it again. Jeep knew this indisputable truth of any successful marketer, so they did not drag it out for long and in 1998 introduced the new GC, this time with a 5.9-liter engine.

The motor appeared in 1993 under the designation 5.9 Magnum V8. This is a deeply modernized version of the ancient Chrysler LA with a capacity of 360 cc. inches And it was good, since the motor had a simple design and a huge margin of safety. But they loved him not only for this.

Magnum V8 with 245 hp featured a gigantic torque of 468 Nm. With it, the Grand Cherokee accelerated in 6.9 seconds to the first hundred, incredibly fast for a car weighing 2 tons. Thus, at that time, the Jeep Grand Cherokee became the fastest SUV in the world. Later, many competitors, drawing attention to the success of the Jeep, began to produce their fast SUVs.

"Jeep Limited": the fastest SUV of the 90s

In addition to the excellent engine, the 5.9 Limited modification was distinguished by a reinforced Dana rear axle with a limited slip differential and a 4-speed automatic transmission. In addition, engineers have significantly improved the suspension and brakes.

Externally, the SUV could be distinguished by air intakes on the hood and one of three exclusive colors: black (Deep Slate), white (Stone White) or silver (Bright Platinum). In addition, cast 16″ wheels with Goodyear Wrangler tires were standard.

rich heritage

"Jeep Limited": the fastest SUV of the 90s

The Cherokee 5.9 in the late 90s was the best choice for those people who wanted a fast, spacious and superbly equipped car. Moreover, he also did not lose his off-road properties worthy of the Jeep brand.

Unfortunately, the age of 5.9 Limited turned out to be short-lived. The life cycle of the ZJ platform came to an end and the car was discontinued. Although the second generation Cherokee (WJ) still had a V8 in the range, it was only a modest 4.7-liter engine. It wasn’t until 2006 that Jeep released the Grand Cherokee SRT8, which also wowed the world. But about him some other time.


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