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Concluded what color of the car is the most practical


Greetings friends!

What color to buy a car? This question is mainly asked by those who are going to buy a new car. Since when choosing a used car, first of all they look at the technical condition of the car, and not at its color. In a car dealership, the opposite is true. The choice of new cars is huge, you just have to decide on the color.

Of course, there is no single answer to the question posed. Here, as they say, "there is no comrade for the taste and color. " But there are a number of indirect points that are worth paying attention to.

There are three primary colors: red, blue, green. Related to the group chromatic (color). By mixing them, you can get colors of other shades. Let’s divide the colors into two groups: warm and cold.

  • Warm: red, yellow, orange.
  • Cold: Blue, blue, green.

Warm and cold colors have a number of disadvantages in the secondary color. The listed colors are very difficult to select when tinting a suitable shade. In addition, they are very sensitive to the substrate, that is, to the color of the primer, as evidenced by their poor hiding power, especially in red.

To the pluses of warm colors, I will attribute the fact that they are very striking, due to their brightness, which evokes emotions. If you want to be the center of attention, then there is no better solution for this.

Cold colors are less flashy, but no less effective than warm colors, as they give the car a calm, restrained appearance.

The most common car colors. They belong to the achromatic (colorless) group: black, white, gray. Cars painted in these colors do not stand out on public roads, since they are the majority.

Gray color refers to silver color, in its various shades, from silvery to golden. For the secondary color, the color of the base is chosen easily. Demanding this paint to the surface on which it will be applied. If there are any shortcomings in the work of the preparer (left risks from the abrasive), then they will all be visible after painting, and very noticeable.

The two most controversial colors remained for analysis: black and white.

Black cars look presentable. However, this color is so dirty and whimsical that cars are only clean at the car wash. As people say: "If you want to run around the car with a rag, buy yourself a black car ." Scratches and chips on the black color are very striking.

On white cars, scratches and chips are almost invisible. Unlike black, white is less dirty, no matter how strange it may sound. Therefore, I think white is the most practical color.

In addition, if we talk about the budget segment of new cars, then in most cases, all colors, except for white, come as an additional option. For which you will need to pay extra.

Those who do not bother what color they will have a car give their preference to the most affordable, as a rule, which comes in white. In my opinion, this solution is the best. In addition, let’s not forget that the car should work for the owner, and not vice versa. That’s all for me, thank you for your attention.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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