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How much you need to save to buy a car – research


The intelligence resource "Avito Auto" conducted a study and found out that cars have become more accessible to many users, especially for St. Petersburg, Muscovites and residents of Voronezh. How much do you need to save to buy a car? Let’s figure it out.

Having a car is a relative concept. Well, at least because all people are different. And the average salary is 33,000 conditional units in Voronezh, which only means that a smaller part of the population earns a million a month, and the majority sits on the “living wage". Despite the fact that you can buy a car with your hard earned money 10 out of a hundred, the average salary is the same.

In addition, the study notes that both family members work and one of them lies entirely on the purchase of a car … again, the average salary for the region.

Finally, "Avito Auto", as you understand, given … the presence of a car. And it significantly "spoils" the indicators of the availability of transport in the whole country.

Should he actually believe in this study? However, we have no choice but to provide you with the results that colleagues from Avito kindly shared with us. Maybe they will be interesting…

So, in the II quarter of 2019, in order to save money on buying a car (see the conditions of the study above), citizens have recently needed 11 months instead of 10 months compared to the same period last year.

Vehicles (used, of course) have become more affordable in the 10 largest cities recently, the two major cities in the process of accumulating funds increased by a month, in 11 localities, it has not changed. Last year, the longest reserve for cars of Irkutsk residents was 20 months (now they only have enough for 11 months – the most dynamic), now the leaders in this indicator are the residents of Krasnoyarsk for 15 months.

Then all of a sudden car availability has recently become higher? Due to the fact that the average salary has increased (37 thousand conventional units; an increase of 6% over the year), and the average cost of a used car at Avito is almost non-existent (374,000 conventional units; an increase of 2.4%).

I saved the least for a car in St. Petersburg in nine months. In Moscow, this figure is up to 10 months. 11 months should be allocated completely one salary, save up for a car in Voronezh, Omsk, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen.

A little less than in Krasnoyarsk (15 months) will save up for a car (I almost wrote “new” – approx. “My Motor”), residents of Samara, Ufa, Saratov, Perm and Ufa – 14 months. Residents of all major cities in many cities to accumulate funds to buy a car will take 12-13 months. In Ulyanovsk and Omsk, more than one month will have to be saved (compared to the last year of the survey) – 13 and 11 months, respectively.

People have become richer in recent years. Now, according to a study by Avito, it is easier to buy a piece of rusty iron. However, they will have to postpone for a year. The situation is really depressing. Although it looks better than last year: in the second quarter of 2018, residents of only four cities could buy a car faster than in 12 months, in 2019 these cities already have nine.

What are the positions? Irkutsk in the ranking of car availability has risen from 23rd to 6th place, Tolyatti – from 21st to 15th, in Barnaul – from 12th to 5th, Voronezh – from 7th to 3rd. In turn, Moscow moved up one position and now occupies the second line of the rating.

Ulyanovsk significantly lost its positions – it fell from 5th place to 14th, Ufa – 14th to 21st.

And the last. In the II quarter of 2019, the first place in sales throughout the country occupied by Lada Priora. Representatives of the most sought-after professions, according to Avito analysts, can save up for a used Priora within seven months.

Do you still believe that car availability has become higher lately? If so, they are starting to save their entire salary right now, maybe the old, rusty Priora will finally be its own …

Post source: wekauto.ru

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