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SouEast with dx5 2019 – a new crossover brand Soueast motor


2019-2020 New Chinese Cars is a SouEast dx5 print head compact crossover, ready to start sales in China in early autumn. The new company Index Soueast with dx5 motor has joined the Chinese manufacturer’s lineup and is neatly tucked between the SouEast DX7 and DX3 crossovers. The price of a new Chinese crossover with a gasoline 1.5-liter Mitsubishi engine (120-horsepower atmospheric and 156-horsepower turbocharged) is 70-110 thousand yuan (648-1018 thousand conventional units) on the local market.

SouEast with dx5 2019 - a new crossover brand Soueast motor

The Chinese engine company Soueast is well known in the Chinese market mainly due to the contract assembly of Mitsubishi vehicles in the local market. However, the brand also produces cars of its own design – the A5 SouEast sedan wing dance, and a couple of crossovers – DX3 on and DX7, a company that has joined the hero of our review. This brand also promotes the Chinese market Dearcc brands and upgrade, specializing in the development and production of electric vehicles.

SouEast with dx5 2019 - a new crossover brand Soueast motor

The external body design of the new model with the dx5 was created by the Pininfarina studio, however, like the younger DX3 crossover. So both Soueast SUVs look almost like twin brothers, but with a few caveats. The differences between the models are actually minimal, and are only noticeable at the stern (larger and more expressive position lights). The outside body dimensions of the SouEast with dx5 are slightly larger than the SouEast DX3’s, at 52mm long and 6mm high, while the axle spacing has increased by only 5mm.

SouEast with dx5 2019 - a new crossover brand Soueast motor

The exact external body dimensions of the SouEast with dx5 2019-2020 are 4406mm long, 1840mm wide, 1654mm high, 2615mm wheelbase and 185mm ground clearance.
For the crossover, 17-18 inch alloy wheels with tires 215/60 or 215/55 P17 P18 are offered.

Our readers may wonder why the Chinese company Soueast Motor has two almost identical crossovers in the compact SUV class? We assume that the new SouEast dx5 crossover will eventually replace the SouEast DX3 SUV on the line model.

SouEast with dx5 2019 - a new crossover brand Soueast motor

By the way, our guesses are not groundless, confirms the completely original and modern interior of the new car. Salon with dx5 SUV showing new front fascia and center console, redesigned door cards and seats, better materials, cozier and more spacious rear trunk.

SouEast with dx5 2019 - a new crossover brand Soueast motor

In the list of equipment, a digital instrument panel, a modern multimedia system with a separate 10-inch color touch screen (iOS operating system, CarLife, voice control, navigation, Bluetooth, rear view camera), dual-zone climate control with a comfortable control unit, front and side airbags, cruise control with speed limiter, full LED headlights and taillights.

SouEast specifications with dx5

In technical terms, the new Soueast crossover with the dx5 designation repeats the SUV with the DX3 index. Based on an independent platform architecture, front (MacPherson) and rear (multi-link) suspension, all-wheel disc brakes, electric power steering, electronic ABS systems, EBD and BAS systems, TCS and ESP as standard, and front-wheel drive.

Under the hood, only gasoline four-cylinder Mitsubishi engines.
The base engine (model 4A91) is a 1.5-liter turbocharged (120 hp and 143 Nm) mated to a 5 speed manual transmission.
More powerful engine (model 4A91T) 1.5 turbo (156 HP 225 HP) In the company with a CVT, endowed with an 8-speed gearbox.

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