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Korean car batteries: an overview


Korean manufacturers of car batteries occupy a leading position in the market. It is better to buy a Korean-made battery that uses modern calcium cells. The good performance, affordable price of the batteries and the use of American manufacturing techniques make them extremely advantageous compared to other manufacturers.

Types and varieties

Batteries are of three types:

  • AGM technology products have high energy characteristics;
  • lead are distinguished by low self-discharge, cost and the absence of a “memory effect";
  • gel batteries with high current, independent of the degree of battery discharge.

In addition, there are three main classes of batteries:

  • Unattended.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Served.


To choose the right battery for a Korean or Japanese car, you need to know its characteristics and differences from other models. The vast majority of Korean batteries are manufactured in accordance with JIS D 5301. This battery standard is also adopted in Japan.

Korean car batteries: an overview

Even a cursory glance at this battery, you can see that it differs from the European one in its greater height and shorter length. In addition, the clamps are thinner. In the line of Korean manufacturers there are several models with battery terminal diameters in accordance with the European standard. At the same time, they protrude significantly above the body. And basically they don’t have a ledge for attaching the battery like in Europe. But Korean companies also produce European models.

Among the distinguishing parameters can be noted their higher starting current.


The products of the Korean automotive industry are widely known all over the world. These are the cars themselves and their accessories.

The advantages of Korean-made car batteries include factors such as:

  • restoring ability even after a complete discharge;
  • high reserve capacity;
  • starting energy given by a single current;
  • lifespan.

Korean car batteries: an overview

Marking of Korean car batteries

Some useful information can be found on battery labels. It usually contains the following information:

  • The performance level is a number that represents the ratio of cold crank current to battery capacity.
  • Standard dimensions are the designation of width (Latin A) and height (Latin H).
  • Polarity: if the negative terminal is on the left, L is indicated, and if on the right, R is inserted.
  • In accordance with JIS D 5301 standards, the manufacturer’s name and date of issue must be marked on the battery.
  • Length is a value in centimeters.

So, consider the well-known Korean brands of batteries.

Delkor batteries

This South Korean company has been present in the automotive battery market for over 20 years. The company produces accumulators of almost all standard sizes used all over the world. Judging by the reviews of Korean car batteries of this brand, they last 20-30% more than their counterparts from other companies.

One of the features of the production technology of the Delkor brand is also the production by cold forging of battery plates from an alloy of calcium and lead.

Korean car batteries: an overview


  • with long-term operation – 100% without maintenance;
  • the traditional antimony in the alloy of the battery plates was replaced by calcium with silver impurities, which made it possible to increase power and reduce internal resistance;
  • a special very convenient charge sensor allows you to detect battery discharge in time and carry out a prophylactic charge of a Korean battery with an indicator;
  • the negative effects of corrosion due to the thickness of the plates are reduced and the battery life is increased;
  • even after a long period of inactivity, low self-discharge allows you to use the battery;
  • hermetic case made of polypropylene;
  • the special composition with which the electrolyte components are processed does not allow them to be damaged by significant vibrations.


The Medalis brand produces batteries that are maintenance-free for a lifetime of approximately 4 years.

Models of this Korean car battery are designed for use in modern cars of any brand and with different levels of energy consumption. It is only necessary to choose the right model, taking into account the technical characteristics and capacity.

Korean car batteries: an overview


  • Innovative system of removal of gases from the accumulator.
  • Reducing corrosion of the inner plate.
  • Due to the special manufacturing technology of the terminals, high tightness is achieved.
  • Electrolyte and charge level sensors.
  • The flat bottom of the case does not damage the lead plates.
  • The ability of a battery to hold a charge for a long time.

Korean quality

GLOBAL batteries will not only provide a quick and successful start, but they will also work properly for a long time and will provide energy to your entire car system. Manufacturers use various scientific developments to obtain very reliable and high-quality Korean car batteries. In addition, they perform well in any weather.

All batteries of this brand are certified according to international standards. They are safe, effective and very reliable.

Korean car batteries: an overview

Among the advantages, car owners distinguish:

  • low self-discharge;
  • protection against shaking, corrosion and vibration;
  • high level of security (you can not be afraid of short circuits and fires);
  • special technology in the production of battery grids;
  • special design of the gas separator, which does not allow the electrolyte to flow out.

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