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Mudguards Novline – for domestic roads


Mudguards are universal parts that are mounted at the rear of the car’s arches and are designed to prevent dirt, stones and other debris from under the wheels from getting on the body.

1 Mudguards – Novline benefits

Despite the fact that the car mudguard is a small plastic part, it is an important part of protecting the body and arches from unwanted objects. Today, the market is full of low-quality protection options, the service life of which is one to two months at the most.

Mudguards Novline - for domestic roads

In the manufacture of a mudguard, every little thing is important, and most importantly – high-quality plastic. That is why experienced motorists know that it is better to choose mudguards from trusted and well-known manufacturers, one of which is Novline. Universal mudguards from this manufacturer are distinguished primarily by reliable protection. In addition, they have a high degree of strength and elasticity, increase the level of safety of other road users.

Mudguards Novline - for domestic roads

They are made of environmentally friendly plastic with a strong base. And another advantage is their aesthetic component. They have an interesting and finished shape that perfectly complements other elements of the car body.

2 Innovative technologies and production

In production, a detailed approach and planning of all stages of development is important. Novline uses 3D scanning technology, which scans the wheel arches of a specific car model in detail. The technology recognizes regular mounting holes. When installing mudguards, no additional drilling is required.

Mudguards Novline - for domestic roads

In production, a material called thermoplastic elastomer is used. Such material has a number of advantages, among which are the following:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to various chemical influences and high temperatures;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • high elasticity.

3 Mudguard installation and operation

Thanks to the design thought over to trifles, installation on the car happens in only a few minutes. The kit includes all the necessary fasteners for the most reliable fixation of the part through four technological holes. During operation, mudguards are not deformed and do not require maintenance. They can be used in harsh climatic conditions, since the specified temperature range is from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Mudguards Novline - for domestic roads

In addition, they contribute to the formation of good aerodynamics, which allows you to minimize the settling of dirt on the surface of the body. The cost of mudguards from Novline depends on the specific car model, while it cannot be called high. On average, the price of front and rear mudguards varies between 900-1200 conditional units per set.

Among car enthusiasts, universal mudguards for Suzuki and Toyota models are most popular, while you can pick up universal parts for all other car brands, including Renault, Nissan, etc.

Mudguards Novline - for domestic roads

Once again, it is worth emphasizing that the installation is carried out on regular mounts, and all the necessary screws and adapters are always included, although for reliability, some car owners prefer to additionally fix the mudguard by drilling and another non-original mount.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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