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Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years


The Nissan #Leaf has been out for ten years and is now one of the most popular electric vehicles in the world. We share interesting facts about the model in our article.

Where did the story begin

The Nissan Leaf concept car, the world’s first zero-emission electric vehicle, was unveiled in 2009, with a production model the following year. Since its release, the car has been distinguished by high environmental and technical characteristics, silent operation in a wide speed range and good handling.

Fully charged

The first generation Nissan Leaf was equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a high-powered electric motor. The range at the time of release was 200 km. In 2017, the second generation of the electric model was released: it received an updated design and increased battery capacity – the mileage on a single charge is 378 km.

Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years

high status

The electric Nissan Leaf quickly gained popularity in the automotive markets. In 2010, he became the first winner among electric vehicles in the European Car of the Year competition, and in 2011 he even received the status of World Car of the Year.

Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years

On the protection of nature

The amount of carbon dioxide emissions from the production and disposal of an electric car is 80% less than a car with a diesel or gasoline engine. For all the time, thanks to the Nissan Leaf, about 2.4 billion kilograms of harmful greenhouse gases have not entered the atmosphere.

Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years

All over the world

Since 2010, Nissan Leaf owners have driven a total of 14.8 billion kilometers around the world – that’s almost 50 trips to the Sun and back! And in 2020, the company celebrated the release of 500,000 copies.

Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years

Favorite car

92% of European Nissan Leaf owners would recommend their friends and family to try it, and 74% are so satisfied with the quality and comfort of the model that they will definitely buy an electric car in the future.

Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years

Racing electric car

For 10 years, the environmentally friendly Nissan Leaf has acquired several special versions. For example, the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is a racing car with two electric motors, an all-wheel drive system and an aggressive design with a sports body.

Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years

rescue car

In 2020, Nissan also unveiled the Nissan Re-Leaf concept car, a mobile power station for rescuers. The all-terrain hatchback keeps the power going during natural disasters – it can power medical equipment, communications, or even a small home.

Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years

Power for all

Not only the special version is able to help people. For example, in Japan, the production model Nissan Leaf is used in emergency situations – some cars are used for energy supply, which helps urban residents during and after natural disasters.

Nissan Leaf decade: what happened in 10 years

Forward to the future

During the release of the Nissan Leaf, the company has made significant progress in the field of electrified driving, setting a high level of mobility, technology and safety for trips. Let’s keep loading up!


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