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Portable jump starter for car. Choice, reviews


The battery pack can cause a lot of problems during the operation of the car, if its maintenance is not treated properly. But there are times when a lack of charge can be the result of very unforeseen situations, and then a booster or jump starter will come to the rescue. This is a portable starting device for a car that is capable of turning the starter at a current strength of several hundred amperes. The very concept of the device is questionable by many, like most modern electrical gadgets that work with energy recharging. Therefore, when buying, it will be useful to get acquainted with the most worthy offers on the market.

Portable jump starter for car. Choice, reviews

Basic selection options

Regardless of which brand is initially preferred, the main focus should be on the performance of the device. As a rule, such devices are designed to service a battery with a capacity of 60 Ah with a voltage (in a discharged state) of the order of 10.5 V. The optimal indicator of efficiency is considered to be the success of the launch when a charge is applied for up to 10 seconds with the number of sessions up to 3 times. In this regard, the same current strength will matter. On average, it is 200-300 A. But the starter excitation quality itself does not affect this indicator. There are 400 A models that have little effect on the power stuffing of AvtoVAZ products, and the simplest 200 A devices can successfully affect crossovers and SUVs. However, the current strength of a portable charger for a car determines the number of autonomous discharges. And in this regard, the energy volume of the booster is important, which can be 10-13 thousand mAh. By dividing the volume by the maximum current strength, you can get the available number of starts that can be made without charging the device itself.

Reviews of the TrendVision Start 18000 model

Portable jump starter for car. Choice, reviews

A mid-ranger that is in high demand due to its physical ergonomics and high power reserves. By the way, the capacity of the device is 18 thousand mAh, and the peak current is 400 A. Users also refer to the advantages of this booster the presence of an overheating alarm, compact size and versatility of connection. Using 5 V and 12 V connectors, the device can be connected not only to cars, but also to water equipment, such as motor boats. The possibility of using the charging function of this starting device for a car is also noted. Reviews of the portable yet powerful TrendVision Start booster indicate that it safely replenishes the energy of smartphones, tablets and laptops. The design provides protection against reverse polarity, short circuit and overload.

Reviews about Carku models

Portable jump starter for car. Choice, reviews

This company produces, perhaps, the most popular and attractive boosters in terms of performance. In particular, the owners highly appreciated the E-Power-43 device for its versatility, a decent supply of energy capacity (15 thousand mAh) and a maximum current of 500 A. You can use a cigarette lighter and 5-10 V connectors to connect. devices for the E-Power-43 car can also be attributed to the high speed of replenishing its energy – about 2-3 hours. Moreover, this speed is maintained both in the case of charging through a 220 V socket, and when connected to the on-board network.

Another interesting model of this family is the E-Power Elite. We can say that this is a reduced copy of the previous version, which has an energy capacity of 12 thousand mAh. But, despite the maximum current of 400 A, users note that the starting portable device for the Carku car in this version can provide starter activation from 20 to 80 times.

Reviews of the Smart Power SP-2600 model

Portable jump starter for car. Choice, reviews

Also noteworthy is a line of engine starters that work confidently with both gasoline and diesel units. As user reviews show, the device serves traditional internal combustion engines with a displacement of up to 3 liters, and on heavy fuel – up to 2 liters. The battery capacity is only 2600 mAh with a maximum current of 234 A. But the optimization of performance has a positive effect on the dimensions, for which the owners praise this model. By the way, in the same line there is a more productive and also portable starting device for a car with an energy capacity of 4500 mAh. This version stably provides up to 10 discharges, and the maximum engine displacement can be already 4 liters.

Piton Professional 13600 Reviews

A high-performance, powerful booster model that is praised for its functionality and ease of use. The device turned out to be small, versatile (in terms of compatibility) and reliable. If portable starting devices for a car from competitive manufacturers are usually characterized by either a wealth of interfaces or high power output, then this option combines all these advantages at once.

For the convenience of lovers of modern communications, in particular, the developers have proposed a USB interface. Thanks to this solution, owners are given the opportunity to use the device for charging electronics under voltage from 12 to 19 V. Also, for the price, the Piton Professional portable starter for a car can be called one of the most profitable. It is available on the market for an average of 6-7 thousand rubles, while analogues with similar characteristics can cost all 10 thousand.

Portable jump starter for car. Choice, reviews


Portable boosters for servicing batteries and starters are just a variety of starting devices. There are also full-size automatic and stationary start-up units, which are equipped with more reliable and efficient electrical stuffing. Nevertheless, hand-held devices turn out to be a non-alternative solution in cases when it comes to autonomous use. A network-independent portable car starter is useful in situations where it is not possible to use home network resources and the same power equipment. The typical jump starter itself is virtually maintenance free. According to the practice of operation, his help is addressed several times a year, so the energy costs for ensuring the function of this device will be insignificant.

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