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New Jeep Renegade: more jeep than crossover


The Jeep Renegade is a really cute car that easily fits into modern life. Its charming appearance and filling appeal to both men and women. Renegade is a partner you can trust in any situation. The latest in a family of SUVs, it recently hit the road in the form of a 4xe plug-in hybrid.

New Jeep Renegade: more jeep than crossover

The Renegade debuted in Europe about six years ago, and since then it has been constantly improved, adapted and updated. What has contributed greatly to its success is the Jeep design, inspired by the original Wrangler SUV, a distinguishing feature in the small SUV crowd.

New Jeep Renegade: more jeep than crossover

Despite its positioning in the subcompact SUV segment with a length of 4.24 meters, Renegade does not look small at all. It sits very confidently on its 19-inch wheels with the brand’s typical seven-slot grille and taillights modeled after the legendary Willys Jeep’s stock canister. The vertical walls of the body create a surprising amount of space both front and rear. The view through the steep windshield at the large straight hood gives the impression of a very grown-up car.

New Jeep Renegade: more jeep than crossover

And that impression lasts while driving because the Renegade combines comfort appropriate to its type of vehicle with reliability and safety even in fast corners and off-road. Whether it’s front-wheel drive with the ability to tackle heavily eroded dirt roads with no problem, or all-wheel drive with convincing climbing skills over steep, rough terrain, there are almost no barriers to a car.

Two petrol engines and a diesel engine have power from 120 to 150 hp. and each is offered with front-wheel drive. The two plug-in hybrid versions, abbreviated 4xe, produce 190 and 240 hp, thanks to the power of the petrol engine and electric motor, as well as the all-wheel drive typical of the brand, which in the most powerful version, such as the Trailhawk variant, impresses with its off-road qualities.

The electric motor alone generates 250 Nm of torque, the internal combustion engine 270 Nm. The 4xe models accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in 7.1 and 7.5 seconds, reach 130 km/h on electric power alone and 182 and 199 km/h in hybrid mode. A purely electric range is guaranteed up to 50 kilometers. Standard consumption: 1.9 and 2.0 liters and 23.9 and 22.9 kWh per 100 kilometers. (with a charged battery).

With Renegade, the driver has a complete set of assistants, with the ability to connect to the Internet with a built-in SIM card. An information center with a 3.5-inch display, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and cruise control with a speed limiter is already installed on the base version of the Longitude.

The Limited version also features forward-collision warning, light and rain sensors, high beam assist and keyless opening and locking. Equipment variant S offers blind-spot parking assistance, a heated steering wheel and heated front seats. The Trailhawk package includes the Selec Terrain Low all-wheel drive system with sport and rock modes, off-road bumpers, and heavy-duty underrun protection for the tank, front axle suspension, and transmission.

In conjunction with Jeep’s 80th anniversary, a special model called the Renegade 80th Anniversary will be released from January 2021, reflecting the brand’s essence with matte granite gray accents on the Seven Slot front grille, blacked out windows and 80th anniversary badges. 18" light alloy wheels with Granite Crystal finish and a light package with LED technology for daytime running lights, headlights, fog lights and taillights complete the new model’s unusual look.

The atmosphere in the cabin is created by seats with dark gray upholstery, diamond pattern inserts and decorative stitching in tungsten color, black headlining and velor floor mats, as well as anniversary labels on the seats and floor mats.

And, of course, a special model with two engines and 4xe, combines the best that Jeep has to offer in terms of infotainment technology. For example, the Uconnect 8.4NAV system with a 21.3 cm touchscreen with a 1941-style custom opening display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, DAB radio, GPS navigation, integrated SIM and Uconnect-Services.


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