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Tires “Tunga Nordway”: owner reviews


Car owners will always argue over which winter tires are the best option. Some consider studded tires to be more reliable, but there are those who like Velcro more. But which is really better, it’s hard to say. Absolutely all types of winter tires have their pros and cons. Today there is a great demand for winter tires of domestic production "Tunga Nordway". And the reviews about them left by motorists indicate that our products can be of good quality and compete with foreign products.

About the manufacturer

When choosing a car tire for driving in the winter, almost everyone has a question about who produces this rubber and what it is used for, people are also interested in what reviews of Tunga Nordway winter tires are most common.

The manufacturer of this winter tire is Cordiant. The name of this brand is quite famous among many motorists. This company produces both summer and winter tires, while it fills most of the current market with its products. The products of this company have long been loved and deservedly appreciated, because the standards by which they are produced correspond to the highest European level. The main workshops where rubber is made are located at factories in Omsk and Yaroslavl. There, the production of tires of the Tunga Nordway brand is carried out. Reviews about these tires are positive. This was influenced by the quality of the workmanship of the goods and their reasonable price.

According to representatives of the Tunga Nordway brand itself, which produces studded tires, the reviews are clear evidence that this rubber is perfectly used in cold winter conditions. Each product the company previously checks in the northern regions recently. This allows the tires to be better adapted for use in harsh winter and bad weather conditions. Reviews of Tunga Nordway winter tires indicate that the products are prepared for cold winters.

Tires "Tunga Nordway": owner reviews

Tire range

The Cordiant brand offers its customers studded winter tires, as well as summer tires. Reviews of tires "Tunga Nordway" indicate that their cost and quality are quite adequate. There is everything you need for the "shoes" of the car. The range of tires that the company represents is suitable for both small cars and SUVs. At the moment, the company sells tires R13-R15 with different load and speed indices. All tires of the company are studded, they were evaluated by expert drivers with a score of 8 out of 10 points. It is worth noting that this is a good indicator for such a low price of the product.

Clutch Reliability

When developing tires, the Cordiant company (reviews of which are only positive) involves the best masters of tire production and uses the latest technical equipment. This results in a product with excellent quality characteristics, safe to use on slippery surfaces. An important part of the product is the aggressive pattern that the tread is equipped with, as well as the correct placement of the studs. Tires updated with massive blocks in the center of the pattern are able to provide excellent directional stability. Although they are not as phenomenal in extreme conditions, their behavior is stable in all weather. This is proved by numerous reviews of the Tunga Nordway Zima tires.

Tires "Tunga Nordway": owner reviews

Tires produced by this brand have good performance when operating while driving on snow. Mud and moisture are removed from the tread, which gives a safe grip on the road.

The main disadvantage of studded tires is that the studs are prone to falling out and rusting. Unfortunately, manufacturers haven’t figured out how to get rid of this yet. But the masters of the company did everything possible to reduce the damage from this inconvenience. Leaving feedback on the Tunga Nordway rubber, motorists note that after using it in the 1st season, they lost only 10 to 12% of steel inclusions. This is an excellent result for the current auto industry. The manufacturers managed to achieve it due to the fact that they made some changes to the place where the spikes were installed. The part located on the inside of the tire has a special flared design, which in its appearance resembles a multi-pointed star. The complex design of the base allows for a secure grip on the cord. To avoid corrosion on metal spikes,

Manufacturer’s statement

When buying winter tires for your car, car owners, first of all, pay attention to the quality of the product. According to the manufacturer, Tunga Nordway winter tires provide a high level of wear resistance, have a high-quality tread pattern, studded tires last a long time, and there is a reliable mechanism for removing snow porridge and water. This is confirmed by reviews of "Tunga Nordway".

Tires "Tunga Nordway": owner reviews

Customer Reviews

Under the Tunga Nordway Contact brand, budget studded tires are produced. These types of tires are often discussed at auto forums, where they leave reviews about Tunga Nordway tires. Sometimes drivers are not able to objectively evaluate a product, but if you look at the big picture, the discussion of tires of current production is mainly on the topic of pricing and tread pattern. Commenting on the various spikes, car owners claim that they are installed very firmly. Many people say that sometimes Tunga Nordway tires actually turn out to be much better than their counterparts from a foreign manufacturer.


Of course, not every car owner appreciates Cordiant products. There are those who find negative characteristics in them, and then leave negative reviews about the Tunga Nordway winter tires. Of course, there are minor drawbacks, and first of all, it should be said that Tunga Nordway winter tires may seem noisy to a motorist who is not used to them. On a dry road surface, this becomes especially noticeable. But while the Russian manufacturer does not plan to make any changes to the product to eliminate this shortcoming, and the contact of asphalt with metal will always produce a certain sound.

Tires "Tunga Nordway": owner reviews

In addition, motorists often pay attention to the fact that the tires are not well balanced. This state of affairs can be corrected in a car service by adding weighty weights. But in general, the opinion of motorists about this tire manufacturer is positive, they consider its products safe and reliable.

Buy or not?

The Russian driver has always treated his manufacturer in two ways. And, probably, this is correct, since the goods of our production were not always famous for their excellent quality. And this forces car owners to pay double the price in order to be sure that rubber products for winter driving will meet all the parameters and technical standards, as well as pass pre-sale control.

Foreign brands can guarantee greater reliability of studded tires. Nevertheless, among foreign firms there are also those that do not take their work very responsibly. Sometimes well-known brands come across with factory defects. And, of course, we must take into account the fact that the climatic conditions of other states differ markedly from ours, especially if we talk about the winter period, as well as thaws and severe colds. This, most likely, is the reason why tires of foreign brands are unsuitable for testing on Russian tracks, which causes a negative opinion about them.

Tires "Tunga Nordway": owner reviews

Buying expensive winter tires of a foreign brand is often beyond the reach of the current car owner. Many drivers are beginning to give preference to the Asian manufacturer. Although tires from these manufacturers are mid-priced, buying Korean, Japanese or Chinese tires is still expensive for the current consumer. However, driving safety in winter must be ensured at all costs.

Tires "Tunga Nordway": owner reviews

The products of the tire manufacturer Tunga Nordway are worthy of being noticed. Russian studded tires can be the right choice, and allow the motorist to solve the pressing problems of winter driving, providing excellent quality tires at an affordable price. The Cordiant concern has been operating on the market for a long time and has declared itself to be a reliable manufacturer. And today this trademark is generally recognized and occupies a leading position in the current market. In addition, positive reviews about "Tunga Nordway" prevail.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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