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TOP-5 motor oils according to motorists reviews


Choosing the best engine oil for your car engine is a challenge that many drivers face. Depending on the characteristics of the power unit, climatic conditions, driving style and a number of other factors, you need to find the best option for yourself. Unfortunately, even third-party oil tests do not always guarantee the high quality of the product. It is not uncommon for studies to be carried out by people who are interested in a good result, or the quality of the tests leaves much to be desired. I have compiled a rating of the top five motor oils according to motorist reviews on independent sites.

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Of course, a rating based on reviews is also not a completely objective evaluation of a product. The consequences of using one or another engine oil are not always observed in the short term. Nevertheless, the experience of other drivers carries some useful information, so it can be used to compile a rating. As part of this study, I only took products with a viscosity index of 5W-30, as it is the most popular in our market. It is likely that in the lines below there are oils with a different viscosity.

The fifth place in our top is occupied by Mobil 1 ESP engine oil. Good synthetic oil suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. Laboratory tests show excellent performance in northern climates and are approved by many car manufacturers. Mobil has a relatively advanced anti-counterfeiting system, but the packaging should be carefully checked before use for authenticity. The overall score is 4.7/5, the average price is 3050 conditional units for a 4 liter canister.

Shell oils have become one of the most popular among car enthusiasts in our country, and the Helix Ultra line is the best for this brand according to driver reviews. The synthetic product is also suitable for gasoline and diesel engines. Drivers who have been using Helix Ultra for a long time note the cleanliness inside the power unit. You can check the oil for originality by a number of packaging features and the code indicated on the cap. The overall rating is 4.7/5, the average price is 2431 rubles for a four-liter canister.

Lukoil Genesis Armortech oil has become one of the leaders in our market. This option can be considered optimal in terms of price and quality. A clear advantage of domestic oil was the absence of fakes; I could not find information on at least one such case on the Web. According to the results of the analyzes, the product also shows itself worthy, especially considering the cost. The overall score is 4.8, the average price is 1814 conventional units per 4 liters.

Owners of Japanese made cars often use the Idemitsu Zepro Touring. The oil is supplied in metal containers, and its price is much lower compared to products under the brands Honda, Toyota and others. The original oil has excellent properties for Japanese engines, but there are many fakes on the market, so it’s worth checking the canister before use. The overall score is 4.8, the average price is 2458 conventional units per 4 liters.

Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation was to the taste of so many of those who forked out for this oil. In terms of its parameters, it is close to ideal, it has the approvals of a huge number of automakers from around the world. In addition, it is quite difficult to meet a fake "Liquid Moli" in our market, and the manufacturer itself is introducing an advanced packaging protection system. An excellent choice for those who want to maximize the life of their car’s engine. The overall score is -4.9, the average price is 3799 conventional units per 4 liters.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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