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Effective tricks to help prepare your car for winter parking


Snow and ice on the roads, poor street lighting, increased fuel consumption – all this makes driving a car in winter uncomfortable. That is why many drivers decide to mothball their vehicles for the winter. But in order for the car to feel cheerful with the onset of heat, it must be properly prepared.

Step-by-step instructions for preparing for car conservation before winter

In short, before car preservation, it is important to prepare the body, interior and technically important components of the car, as well as replace automotive fluids.

Preparing the body and interior

Before storing your car for the winter, thoroughly wash the body, and then check it for chips and scratches. If you find such defects, be sure to paint over them – this can be done in any workshop. When you are sure that the body is clean, treat it with protective wax. To avoid freezing of doors at low temperatures, coat the seals on them with a special silicone compound. Pay attention to the interior – wash it well, and if it is damp in the garage, then put soda in packs on the seats.

Preparing technical nodes

Pay special attention to the technically important components of the car. Remove the battery, and to unload the suspension, put the car on the blocks. If the car is old, remove the spark plugs, fill the cylinders with engine oil (50 ml for each cylinder), and then put the spark plugs back. Please note that the engine must also be washed, and the number on it must be coated with an anti-corrosion agent.

Before wintering, be sure to fill a full tank of gasoline. This will help protect the gas tank from rust. This technique is suitable if you are confident in the quality of the fuel, and you have the opportunity to start the car at least sometimes. If this is not possible, and you cannot vouch for the quality of the fuel, then leave a minimum in the tank and add anti-corrosion additives.

Other activities to prepare for winter parking

Before wintering, be sure to change your car fluids: oil, coolant and antifreeze. Change the oil filter and brake pads, check the condition of the brushes, wipers, windows, headlights and heating system. If something does not work correctly, fix it yourself or show the car to the master. Install winter tires before storing the car. If possible, leave the doors and hood ajar for long periods of parking. This will ensure good air circulation and prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

When all the activities are completed, feel free to put the car in the garage. In the spring, she will delight you with excellent condition and perfect work!


Post source: wekauto.ru

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