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I give several ways to ruin the body of your car


The body is one of the most important components of any vehicle. It is able not only to be attractive to the eye, but also to ensure the safety of those sitting inside. Therefore, it is very important that the body is maintained in good condition. However, not all car owners take care of the car, and then I would like to give a few “tips" on how to ruin the body.

Wash your car less often

The car is washed only by white women, so if you consider yourself to be such, then welcome to the club. However, normal people do not need constant washing – there is nothing to waste time and money, and once again indulge their "iron horse".

So, the less often you wash the body of your vehicle, the higher the risk that it will begin to rot. You should start with the fact that active corrosion of the body is provoked by reagents that fall on it and corrode the metal over time. In addition, dirt is also suitable to cause this unwanted body metal process.

The fact is that it can clog into hard-to-reach places and eventually contribute to the appearance of rust. In addition to corrosion, dirt and reagents also have a negative effect on the paintwork. This is because they are strongly eaten into the surface of varnish and paint, and if they are not washed off for a long time, then later you may encounter clouding and tarnishing of the paintwork.

In addition, bird droppings negatively affect the paintwork. If you do not wash off white spots, you will get stubborn deposits and damage to the varnish.

Don’t worry about anticorrosive

Anti-corrosion treatment of the body is now used by many automakers. At the same time, it is not eternal and on used cars it gradually disappears from the body. For this reason, sometimes you can watch the car fade away before our eyes and its body is actively covered with rust.

Basically, corrosion attacks the underbody, its sills and the edges of the wheel arches. Also, the lower edges of the doors, the engine compartment, subframes, spars are subject to rotting.

Therefore, if you do not feel sorry for the car body, then you can not worry about its anti-corrosion treatment. The main thing to remember is that even galvanized bodies can rot – mainly along the bottom. Therefore, nothing is impossible.

Cause mechanical damage to the body

So what? After all, we don’t care, the body is not a pity, so you can resort to extreme measures. In particular, you can scratch the body with branches from trees or in another way, grind it on any surface, as well as beat it on other cars, and so on.

I give several ways to ruin the body of your car

What will it give us? Well, firstly, it will definitely be damage to the paintwork and, in some cases, getting to the body metal. If the body is not galvanized, then in place of mechanical damage, and this may be chips and scratches, abrasions, corrosion begins to form.

Galvanized metal, on the other hand, lasts longer. However, it can also be made to rot – this happens when the metal is severely damaged by itself. Basically, this can be observed during accidents and the restoration of body elements by garage craftsmen.

Therefore, if you are interested in the body quickly deteriorating in your car, then cause it mechanical damage.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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