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New Toyota Hilux 2020: photo, price, equipment and prices


Pickups, unlike many other countries, are considered by us, rather, as machines for outdoor activities. Sometimes they are also bought by those who did not have enough for a "luxury" SUV. Sales of such cars are relatively small. But this does not mean that they have ceased to offer. Not at all. They even offer fresher and more luxurious performances. For example, not so long ago the most expensive New Toyota Hilux 2020 was presented, photos, price, equipment and prices are already public.

The new 2020 Toyota Hilux looks great. It is by no means a simple workhorse. The designers did a great job. Major appearance changes:


Salon, of course, made with an eye on daily work. In the sense that it is made of resistant materials that are easy to clean. You can climb inside without problems even in rubber boots. But the photo of the salon shows that a certain charm is also present here. After all, not only farmers may wish to buy a Toyota Hilux 2020 .

Yes, and rich equipment is present. Of course, in expensive trim levels. Any video review talks about this in detail. The main interior changes are glossy black inserts on the front panel, steering wheel and ceiling. In modest ropes they are silvery.


The 2020 Toyota Hilux pickup has technical specifications such that it is still a truck. The rear suspension system here, as usual, is spring, but the engineers have achieved greater comfort. Obviously, it was demanded by the reviews of the owners. Moreover, even before the start of sales of the Toyota Hilux 2020 recently, it became known that a reinforced version would be delivered to us. And this is justified, given the quality of the roads.

Dimensions and cargo possibilities

About Toyota Hilux 2020, the latest news writes that, if we talk about the version with two rows of seats, then its dimensions are as follows: length is 5.355 m (an increase of 7 cm), width is 1.855 m (+2 cm), and height is 1.815 m. Wheelbase3 meters and 8 and a half centimeters. Clearance – considerable 22.7 cm.

The trunk (the role of which in such machines is played by an open platform) has loops for securing cargo. True, “in the base" the floor is “bare” – it can be easily scratched. But, of course, you can buy a plastic "liner".

Power units

Toyota shares a set of engines, depending on the specific market. In some countries, even petrol engine sizes are available!

But we don’t have much choice. Only two turbodiesels. The "younger", 2.4 liters (150 forces), is equipped with a six-speed "stick", and the more powerful one, 2.8 liters, develops 27 more forces and is offered only with the classic six-speed "automatic". Passport fuel consumption of this version “in the mix” is 8 and a half liters of diesel fuel per “hundred”. The drive is only full. Cheaper rear-wheel drive modifications are not brought to us.


Toyota Hilux 2020 new configuration body and photo prices are already available on the web. But this is not the only thing that worries potential customers. But what about passive safety? European experts have carried out relevant tests. The base car received only three out of five stars.
Moreover, everything is in order with the protection of the driver and front passenger (85%), the rating is lowered for a small number of electronic systems. A more expensive version with various driver assistants earned the maximum five-star rating.

Options and prices

The new Toyota Hilux 2020 photo equipment price and prices in our country have already been announced. The most modest 150-horsepower pickup truck is estimated at 2 million 306 thousand conventional units. This is the version.

  • .

Then there is the set. The price of Toyota Hilux 2020 is 2 million 469 thousand, and with a more powerful engine and “automatic” – 2,606,000.

Then there is a version in the price list. Only 2.8-liter diesel and automatic transmission. The price is also suitable – without one thousand 2.8 million conventional units.

Toyota Hilux 2020 latest news reports that at the top of the state scale is a complete set for 2 million 862 thousand conditional units.

The base color is white. You don’t need to pay for it "on top". Other colors are priced at 19,000 (metallic) or 29,000 (white mother-of-pearl). Cabin – only double. Assembly country – Thailand.

New body

In fact, the body of the pickup truck is not new. After all, the car has been produced for only a few years, and the “conveyor” cycle for such models is somewhat longer than for ordinary cars. Now only the 2020 Toyota Hilux has been restyled. And even then, he mostly touched on the most expensive version.

There is logic. The buyer who lays out the "extra" half a million wants not only to get "multimedia" and climate control. He wants to look cool.

Start of sales recently and competitors

toyota hilux 2020 new model photo price when will be released lately? "Live" Thai cars are already present on the sites of dealerships. For those who cannot afford such a car yet, Toyota Hilux 2020 test drive video is addressed .

  • stylish Mitsubishi L200. At least 2 million 69 thousand with two airbags and an airbag;
  • Volkswagen Amarok. Almost 2,525,000 conventional units, excluding discounts, is a “base” with a two-liter turbodiesel. But there’s even a mighty three-liter V6;
  • . It will be discontinued soon. But dealers have cars. For 3 million 222 thousand, a modest car with black bumpers and "stamps" is offered. But the price can be brought up to the level of millions of five conventional units.




The Toyota pickup truck in our country (and almost all over the world) is known as the standard of reliability. It looks neat and well equipped. The company, in particular, does not save on safety – there are 7 airbags in the database. And that’s great. However, the start of sales of Toyota Hilux 2020 confirmed that dumping from the Japanese should not be expected – prices cannot be called low. Although, Volkswagen is still more expensive.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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