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New Alfa Romeo Giulia – the great Italian sedan


The new Italian four-door sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia in the 2016-2017 model year is presented in all its glory on June 24, 2015. Prime Ministerand the Alfa Romeo Giulia has been restored to the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese. The new Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan in 2016-2017 replaces the Alfa Romeo 159 and will become a worthy competitor for the German BMW M3 model. According to the information provided by the Italian manufacturer, the Giulia sedan is a high-tech and ultra-modern car that incorporates all the technical potential created in the entire 105-year history of Alfa Romeo. The global and public presentation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia will take place in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Germany. Buy Alfa Romeo Giulia will be from the very beginning of sales scheduled for early 2016, at the same time the price of a new one will be known.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia - the great Italian sedan

The official photos and videos from Alfa Romeo Giulia will make it safe to say that we have a real Italian car in front of us. The stylish body of the new car every line, curve and stroke demonstrates the corporate, elegant Italian design. The photo shows the most powerful, dynamic and expensive version – Alfa Romeo Giulia Hotel Quadrifoglio Verde with a fantastic petrol "six" under the hood (3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 with a return of 510 hp), which allows you to exchange the first hundred in just 3.9 seconds. The new alpha engine came out of the Maserati Ghibli sedan and, by the way, was developed by the minders of Ferrari, but it has been significantly modernized and improved.
On the "younger" versions of the new Julia will install a diesel and petrol V6, but with lesser consequences.
Since we are talking abouttechnical specifications Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016-2017, it should be noted that the new sedan boasts an ideal 50:50 weight distribution per axle, fully independent suspension on double wishbones in front and multi-link architecture in the rear, rear-wheel drive stock (with a 510-horsepower engine mounted rear differential with an active thrust vectoring system), the sharpest in the D-class, steering, high brake performance, integrated braking system, adaptive dampers, Alpha DNA dynamic settings system, which allows you to choose the optimal mode of operation of the proposed (dynamic, natural and advanced efficient (allows you to save fuel by deactivating the engine cylinders), the racing mode is available only for the most powerful version, as well as other things plerodomiana brakes.
The body of the new Italian Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan is a bunch of modern technologies and innovative solutions. Side by side aluminum alloy (subframes, suspension, chassis, engine) and die-cast aluminum parts (front and rear fenders, doors), high-strength steel, composite materials (seat frame on the most powerful version, roof and hood even driveshaft). The use of such materials has led to the best body torsional and bending rigidity in the segment, and the curb weight of the sedan, even with the most powerful engine and all-wheel drive (all-wheel drive versions of the sedan have also been announced), does not exceed 1,500 kg, at least that’s what representatives of Alfa- Romeo".
Back to the emergence of a new Italian model with the original name Giulia. The sedan is gorgeous, dynamic, fun and sporty… in a word, it just looks super modern and bright.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia - the great Italian sedan

At the front, the branded grille shield adorns the updated Alfa Romeo logo, narrow LED headlights with projector optics and beams of LED daytime running lights, a massive bumper with a large lower section air intake, additional air provides cooling for the brake discs and a splitter, automatically increase downforce at high speed.
The profile of the body attracts the inflated surfaces of the wheel arches and the powerful impact on the door, the elegant contours and lines, the classic proportions of a sports sedan with short overhangs, a floating roof resting on thin pillars and a powerful stern.
The back of the new Italian sedan, with stylish and neat rear lights with LED filling, a compact trunk lid topped with an original spoiler, a solid monument bumper with a huge diffuser and a pair of twin exhaust pipes.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia - the great Italian sedan

The interior of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia shows the sedan’s sporty focus. A compact multifunctional steering wheel with tides in the right grip area and a bright red Start-Stop button for a spare engine, a highly informative instrument panel with large tachometer and speedometer radii for stylish canopies separated by a large multifunctional 7-inch color display, an original front panel with a center console deployed to the driver, a powerful and high tunnel that divides the front part of the cabin into two cockpits, sports seats for the driver and passenger with a powerful roller lateral support.
The new Italian sedan will be equipped with a modern multimedia system with an 8.4-inch color touch screen, a premium audio system, front seats with power adjustment and heating, cooling and massage function, dual-zone climate control, an electric handbrake and a host of modern equipment and security systems.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia - the great Italian sedan

As materials for interior decoration, high-quality natural and artificial leather, fabrics, decorative panels made of aluminum and carbon fiber.
The new sports sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia is the first of eight new models of the Italian company, whose premiere is scheduled for 2017-2018. Alfa Romeo plans to reach 400 thousand cars a year.

New Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016 video

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