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Polish for a black car – keep the paintwork in perfect condition


Cars with black paint (LKP) look respectable and very presentable. But over time, the paint on the car fades, fades, loses its luster and elegant look. Restoring the attractiveness of the car can be easy by polishing the body with specially selected compositions.

1 Black car paint – requires constant care

The black color of a passenger car, according to psychologists, indicates the completeness and confidence of the car owner. Traditionally, this color is considered prestigious. Often this is due to the high social status of the owner of the vehicle. It is not for nothing that most national officials, politicians and public figures choose black cars that prove their wealth and success.

Polish for a black car - keep the paintwork in perfect condition

Unfortunately, literally after 3-4 months of active operation of such cars, various defects, scratches and scratches begin to appear on their body. Black color emphasizes these defects, makes them visible and noticeable. Therefore, car care with this color requires the use of special tools. They should not be used occasionally, but regularly. In addition, the process of polishing black cars should be carried out with the utmost care. Careless movement and luxurious appearance of the body will be spoiled.

Experts say that the polish for any black car should be bought and used for its intended purpose immediately after the following defects are detected:

  • "Holograms" and "web";
  • French fries;
  • faded areas and scratches;
  • microscopic scratches.

The faster the treatment of the body with the indicated defects, the better. If this process is delayed, the car will very quickly and irrevocably lose its chic appearance.

2 Choosing a polish – what to take into account?

The selection of composition for a black car does not require special knowledge. It is only necessary to take into account that polishes with large abrasive particles are not suitable for such purposes. Their use will not bring benefits, but real harm. Therefore, we boldly choose any composition with minimal abrasiveness and apply it, guided by the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, carefully study the label on the enamel.

Many products specifically state that they are specifically designed for black coated machines.

The automotive market now sells a large number of all types of polishes. For this reason, the choice of the optimal composition is only complicated by the fact that the driver cannot choose any particular vehicle. Here are some tips. Choose a nail polish that:

  • easy to apply with your own hands;
  • guarantees high-quality color restoration;
  • provides long-lasting and strong shine;
  • goods under a well-known brand;
  • has no negative reviews from other motorists.

Owners of expensive cars who are not constrained in money are also recommended to purchase polishes with a coloring effect. They slow down the process of natural fading of black color and additionally saturate it, remove haze from the surface, form a film that protects the body from the negative effects of chemicals and climatic precipitation.

Such compositions are the best way to get rid of scratches and other minor imperfections of the body. Color polishes for black surfaces are available in diamond, pearlescent, acrylic and metallic effect. This makes it very easy to select the right product for the specific needs of the driver.

We will not list the names of transparent films for black cars. There are many of them, they have different cost and effectiveness. Let’s highlight just some of the most popular songs. Willson PRX black enamel is in great demand among domestic drivers. It is easily applied to the body and remains on the painted surface for a relatively long time. Willson PRX is based on carnauba wax. Gives the car a noble wet sheen and provides a unique depth of black.

Polish for a black car - keep the paintwork in perfect condition

Turtle Wax Color Magic Enamel has excellent masking properties. This is perhaps the best composition for cases when the car needs not only to restore its shine and aesthetic appearance, but also to protect it from dents and scratches. Color Magic instantly fills small cracks on the body with special pigments. The result will be visible immediately. Pigments effectively level the reflective surface. This makes scratches invisible. It is more convenient to fill the chips with a pencil, which is included in the Color Magic set.

3 Self-polishing – we will restore the beauty of our iron horse

Protective treatment of black cars with the compositions described above gives a result only with minor damage to the paintwork. With your own hands at home, it is performed according to a simple scheme:

  1. We remove the oxidized layer of paint from the body. The procedure is carried out using chemistry for a car wash (any car shampoo will do).
  2. We degrease the body with a suitable composition.
  3. Let’s take a look at the coverage.
  4. If there are deep enough cracks, we process the body with abrasive clay or a polisher.
  5. If the paint has only small scratches, "webs", "holograms", abrasive treatment is not needed. We mask miniature flaws only with a pencil (we only lightly paint over the chips).
  6. We apply polish to the car.

Important! Polishing is done with special wipes (sold in all car dealerships) or a very soft cloth. Do not use coarse or soft fabrics. We also remember that the key to maintaining the ideal appearance of the car is its regular treatment with polishing compounds. We use them every 2-3 months (and more often if necessary), so our swallow’s shiny black body will attract the envious glances of all drivers and pedestrians.

Polish for a black car - keep the paintwork in perfect condition

Do not forget that we cannot cope with serious paint and varnish problems at home. In such cases, you need to contact the technical center. Its masters will carry out a complete restoration of the paint with the help of special tools and professional polishes.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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