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Together Skoda Kodiak – Japanese: “4×4, ground clearance 22 cm, 7.2 l/100 km”


Greetings, dear motorists, probably if it comes to buying a new crossover, your eyes will fall on the VAG, Volkswagen or Skoda, the reason is that there is simply no competition, since there are no cars, I agree with this, but only in part, since there is a Japanese manufacturer Of course, I will not say that it is better in everything, I believe that each brand has its drawbacks and positive qualities, I suggest that you consider them with me.

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Who is this Japanese, and this is a Subaru Forester, but before you talk about the high price and the boxer engine, I propose to consider all the nuances, I suggest starting with the price, the kodiak starts at 1.4 and ends at 2.6, there is a discount, but it is small due to the fact what is in demand, forik starts from 2.0 and ends at 2.6, but the discount here is much larger, they are discounted for the minimum configuration up to 1.65, that is, 200-300 thousand more expensive than Skoda, but what can the Japanese oppose.

Well, the first is the engine, on 2.0 it is an atmospheric engine, of course the joke about the 4 cylinder is not very appropriate here, since this unit is able to go 300-350, calmly, but if you really want speed, then this is for you to 2.5, although the new generation also atmospheric, but the former forik has 241 power and a turbine, by the way, the OD still sells the leftovers, buy a new one at a discount and cheaper than the Kodiak, let’s go further.

Together Skoda Kodiak - Japanese: "4x4, ground clearance 22 cm, 7.2 l/100 km"

The Japanese wins in ground clearance, 22 cm against 18.7 and 19.4 in the scout. but the trunk volume of the Kodiak is more than 635 liters, against 505 for the Subaru, but the Forester has a more honest and real all-wheel drive, the declared consumption is 7.2 for a 2.0 engine and 7.5 for 2.5 for the Kodiak 1.4 turbo 6.9 consumption, but it seems to me that this is very difficult, write your opinion.

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Together Skoda Kodiak - Japanese: "4x4, ground clearance 22 cm, 7.2 l/100 km"

If you recall the second power element, then there will be a lot of controversy; the vaga is a DSG, but the Subaru has a variator, I think you will agree that the Kodiak wins in this matter, faster switching, but here’s a nuance, she doesn’t like city traffic and frequent switching from 1 to 2 and vice versa, therefore, its reliability leaves much to be desired.

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