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Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 – competent modernization


Salon setup

The interior of the VAZ 2107 car cannot be called in line with modern standards of comfort and safety. That is why most owners prefer to engage in interior tuning. Someone does tuning with their own hands, someone goes to car repair shops, but in any case, the VAZ 2107 interior needs to be improved.

1 Interior tuning VAZ 2107 – where to start?

First of all, it is recommended to carry out high-quality soundproofing of the VAZ 2107 cabin. Soundproofing begins with the doors. First you need to completely remove the door trim with a screwdriver and several wrenches of different sizes. When disassembling the skin, be especially careful not to damage the plastic surface and the wiring going under the door skin.

For deeper soundproofing, you will need to remove the seats and instrument panel, you can also cover the trunk floor with insulating materials, as well as the inside of the hood. To soundproof the car floor, all seats and the metal floor must be removed. Next, you need to process the bottom of the car with insulating putty. The first layer of polystyrene is rubbed over it. Determine the thickness and number of layers yourself. For the VAZ 2107 model, the first layer of 10 centimeters is enough. The material is glued to the floor with a special construction adhesive.

Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 - competent modernization

As for the soundproofing of the hood and the space in the trunk, this tuning can be called the simplest. In specialized stores, you can find ready-made kits of materials for soundproofing the hood and trunk of the VAZ 2107. For example, a tuning kit from STP, which consists of three types of material already cut out to fit the shape of the hood and trunk. Before gluing, it is desirable to degrease the surface with a universal solvent, then, using a building hair dryer, decompose pieces of vibroplast adapted to the size. They have a special adhesive layer, so they are easy to stick. The second layer is a sound absorber, also available in a ready-made kit.

Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 - competent modernization

Most often, the engine compartment insulation is needed to retain heat in the cold season. However, due to the powerful sound-absorbing properties of the material, part of the noise from under the hood is extinguished, which creates additional comfort in the car.

2 Modernization of the cabin – improving ergonomics

Having completed partial or complete soundproofing of the cabin on the VAZ 2107, you can begin to improve the appearance of the cabin with your own hands. The first step is to replace the standard steering wheel with a sports steering wheel or wrap the steering wheel in leather for more comfort and aesthetics. You can also install new sports seats or cover the factory seats with quality covers. In the first case, the seats of the "Japanese" Toyota Carolla version of 1993-1998 are ideal. The seats of this model are easy to fix with your own hands on standard VAZ 2107 bolts.

Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 - competent modernization

An important detail when tuning the interior is the installation of diodes in the instrument panel and the refinement of the panel and interior lighting. The standard backlight is very dim, sometimes in the dark you have to literally look into the indicators, and this does not create either comfort or safety when driving. Tuning the dashboard on the VAZ 2110 is described in detail in this article.

Modernization of the cab 2107 involves changing the standard acoustics. To improve the sound quality in your car, you can install a subwoofer in the trunk. Together with soundproofing, it will produce high-quality bass and delight the owner with powerful music. To improve visibility in the cabin, the installation of a radio with a monitor, which can also serve as an on-board computer, is perfect.

Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 - competent modernization

And of course, interior tuning involves the presence of elegant little things, such as sports mats, pedals and gear lever linings, an armrest inside the car, and so on. The installation of these parts will increase comfort and improve the appearance of the cabin, making it more attractive to the driver and passenger.

3 Do-it-yourself installation of additional interior lighting

For do-it-yourself installation, a standard lampshade from the Lada Priora model is perfect. To work, you will need electrical tape, a sharp clerical knife, a marker, a set of screwdrivers and a 12 wrench. First of all, remove the entire front roof visor. At this stage, care should be taken, since on old VAZ 2107 models, the visor has a decent weight and, if dropped, can damage any part of the instrument panel.

Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 - competent modernization

Using a marker, draw the outline of the ceiling on plain paper, then cut it out and secure with tape. A clean cut of the visor under the ceiling will be made along this contour. Having cut out the ceiling attachment point along the contour, install it and carefully seal the seams with sealant, if any. After that, you should proceed to independently connect the wiring.

Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 - competent modernization

it is better to take the wires from the ceiling under the cover of the right pillar and bring them into the glove compartment of the car. There, on the VAZ 2107 model, there are wires for regular lighting. The positive wire of the additional lampshade is connected to the standard wire connector, the negative wire is connected to the body. If you want the ceiling to glow when the doors are opened, you can connect an additional wire to the connectors on the door limit switches. The plafond itself is attached to the sealant.

4 We install do-it-yourself lighting under the feet of the driver and passenger

To connect additional lighting for the legs in the cabin, you must purchase a 12-volt diode strip, which is equal to the nominal voltage of the VAZ 2107 electrical system, or use the license plate light of the VAZ 2109 model. The choice of the color of the diode strip all depends on your preferences. At the moment, you can buy ribbons of various colors, diode ribbons of “neon" color are especially popular.

Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 - competent modernization

At the front, the ribbon connection cables are located under the shelf, on the driver’s side, under the steering column.

Tuning the interior of the VAZ 2107 - competent modernization

If rear lighting is to be connected, the cables must be secured under the front seats. Diode strips are connected to the control button, so when you press the button, the backlight under all passengers turns on. When laying the wire, you need to additionally insulate it with your own hands; for this, use electrical or corrugated tape. Illuminated tuning creates additional comfort in the dark and looks very aesthetically pleasing.

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