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Tuning Toyota Camry V50 – all the secrets of quality improvements


Toyota Camry V50, as well as its younger models V40 and V30, attracted domestic lovers of quality cars. Tuning these cars is done quite often. After all, every driver wants his Japanese Swallow to be different from other cars.

1 Toyota Camry – in-demand mid-size E-class cars

Cars of the brand we are interested in have been produced since 1982. By 2015, seventh-generation cars (the V50 model belongs to them) roll off the automatic conveyors. Usually they are classified as business class cars. Recently, Toyota Camry V40, V30 and V50 have been especially popular. Tuning these cars is of the greatest interest to our fellow citizens. Note that since 2014, the updated V50 began to be supplied to the domestic car market. These cars with all their appearance speak of the high quality of their assembly.

Tuning Toyota Camry V50 - all the secrets of quality improvements

Toyota Camry V50 International experts note the high level of traffic safety Toyota Camry 2014-2015. And ordinary consumers like the imposing appearance of the Model 50, its large capacity, excellent dynamic performance and good standard equipment. Toyota Camry V50 is equipped with parking sensors, modern xenon headlights, a set of airbags (up to 9) and a rear view camera. On some 50 model trim levels, there is a carbon-look car finish, and you can also order a car with fancy leather upholstery.

Junior models (V30 and 40) are deprived of such beauties. But the more interesting to make it tuning. The owner of a V30 or V40 has a great opportunity to make his car truly individual. However, even in the 50th model (including 2014-2015 onwards), upgrade lovers have something to work on. We will talk about common options for retrofitting the Toyota Camry V30, 40 and 50. We are sure that our tips will help you transform the look of your car and add a couple of dozen extra horsepower.

2 Unusual exterior – a guarantee of the originality of the car

The 2014 Toyota Camry Model 50 has a premium look from the start. It has elegance and a certain sophistication. When tuning the exterior of such a car, you need to think through every detail that you plan to use to improve the car. With V30 and 40 things are a little easier. Its usual appearance is considered obsolete today. Therefore, it is possible to upgrade these vehicles more safely. Although in this case, do not forget about good taste.

Tuning Toyota Camry V50 - all the secrets of quality improvements

Bumper Covers The most popular exterior finish for the V30, 40 and 50 is the refinement of the car body with various chrome elements. Perfectly harmonize with the style of Toyota Camry 2000-2014 and give the car a luxurious look. Experts advise using the following chrome parts:

  1. Overlays on a bumper and a lattice of a radiator. These elements are installed by almost all owners of the V40 and 50, as they make the car more stylish and modern. If you don’t plan to drastically change the idea of ​​the Camry designers, buy only fender liner and attach them to the bumper. And if you want to completely transform the facade of the car, feel free to install a new chrome grille. This will make the car a little more aggressive, and at the same time emphasize all the advantages of the factory finish.
  2. Front gill pads and a reflective patch are located at the rear. Such chrome products are easy to assemble with your own hands. On the reverse side there is a tape with a reliable adhesive composition.
  3. Coatings in the doors (in their lower part) and mirrors. It is advisable to purchase branded products designed specifically for the Toyota Camry V40 and 50. These pads are sold in sets. They have the manufacturer’s logo on them. The pads are fixed with any universal adhesive.

The final touch of chrome plating is the installation of special chrome rims. They give the Toyota Camry V40 and 50 a special elegance. But you need to understand that such discs on domestic roads do not have a long service life. Potholes and potholes on our roads wear out chrome wheels very quickly. Literally in a couple of years of driving, deformations and cracks of various sizes appear on the disks. Because of this, all tuning goes down the drain, as well as the financial resources invested in it.

Therefore, Russian auto experts recommend installing forged wheels on the V40 and 50. They have been used for a long time and look very attractive.

3 Camry for stylish – teipography, airbrushing and other gadgets

The look of the V50 and 40 could be transformed and become much bolder. Contact a good tuning studio specializing in airbrushing cars. Choose your favorite picture or pattern and decorate your car with it. If airbrushing is done with high quality, it will give you admiring glances from drivers of other vehicles and passers-by. A stylishly painted Toyota Camry V50 or V40 looks completely different.

Tuning Toyota Camry V50 - all the secrets of quality improvements

Auto after airbrushing Tapography is considered a great alternative to airbrushing these days. This is a modern technology that allows you to make the external tuning of the car even better, more beautiful and faster. Tapography is the application of images to a machine using a special film with increased durability. Your chosen pattern is pre-printed on the film product. And then the film is simply glued to the selected place on the car. Printing Benefits:

  • operational performance of work;
  • the ability to obtain detailed images;
  • zero risk of damage to the image – there is no human factor that is inherent in a hand-painted car.

Please note that the font fits perfectly on the body of V50, 40, 30. Yes, and Toyota Camry with the original image looks really unusual. A popular method of decorating the exterior of the described Japanese cars is the use of all kinds of (non-chrome) door trim. They are made of hard rubber, with plain or colored inserts. For cars of the 40 series, it is recommended to use rubber moldings in different shades. But for the more prestigious and seemingly strict Toyota Camry of 2014, monophonic monochromatic products are more suitable. However, these recommendations are not considered mandatory. Decide for yourself how your swallow should look.

4 Salon and optics – we improve and improve again

Even in the 2014 Toyota Camry, the problem of cabin soundproofing is still relevant. What can we say about models 40 and 30. It is clear that you cannot put up with the increased noise of the car. Yes, and no need. Quite quickly, you can make effective soundproofing of the cabin on the V40 and V50. For these purposes, it is allowed to use any currently known sound and vibration absorbing material. In order not to suffer with the choice of such products, just purchase ready-made noise protection kits. All work with its use requires a minimum of effort and knowledge.

Tuning Toyota Camry V50 - all the secrets of quality improvements

Tuning the interior of the Toyota Camry V50 You will need to remove the seats, ceiling and door trim, as well as flooring, degrease exposed surfaces and carefully install sound insulation. Then put everything in its place and enjoy a comfortable ride that is not disturbed by extraneous sounds. The described interior trim is guaranteed to reduce the noise level in the Toyota Camry by half. A lot of people don’t like the factory backlit V40 dashboard. She looks bored. This is easy to fix. Install a new backlight for buttons and controls, give free rein to your imagination, equip the car interior in the most original way.

Now you can make the light elements two-color and multi-color. Such solutions are good for the 2014 Toyota Camry, and not only for cars of the 40 series. Dashboard lighting makes the interior more elegant. And if you also highlight the floor of the car, then the interior will become elegant without exaggeration. To improve the driving comfort of the described Japanese cars, drivers mount various kinds of innovative electronic components on them. The salons of the Toyota Camry V50 and 40 will become much more comfortable if you install them:

  • innovative DVR with anti-radar, stuffed with many useful features;
  • the latest on-board computer for maximum safe driving;
  • compact car radio with retractable screen.

Do not be too lazy to modify the factory optics. It is recommended to additionally install round neon lights on the car. This will increase driving safety and add beauty to the appearance of the car.

5 A few words about the modernization of the "brains" Camry

Chip tuning Toyota Camry V50 is in demand. This operation allows you to fine-tune the electronic control unit of a Japanese car. After flashing the "brains" of the car, you will receive the following benefits:

  • the car engine will become more powerful by 50-75%;
  • torque will increase by 15 percent or more;
  • fuel consumption will decrease for every 100 km by about 1.3-1.5 liters.

The chipping of the Camry V50 control unit must be done using the SMS Enigma new V.1.10 unpacking utility, the Combiloader bootloader, firmware (licensed!) Bosch 7.9.7 and the proprietary K-Line adapter. If other software is used, it will not be possible to achieve the stated grinding results.

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