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Adhesive for repairing windshield cracks – choose the composition and eliminate defects yourself


Eliminating cracks in the glass of a car is a procedure that many of us are accustomed to entrusting to workshop employees. However, not every service station employee will agree to repair the damage, because it is much easier for him to replace the entire glass. Consent to this procedure threatens with a serious waste of time and money. To avoid this, consider the features of the choice of adhesive composition and the procedure for eliminating glass defects with your own hands.

1 Types of adhesive for automotive glass

The modern market offers several options for adhesives that can help quickly and effectively eliminate defects on car glass. These include:

  • balm – this tool is sold in the form of a vitreous mass. Due to the presence of an organic component in the adhesive – fir resin, it firmly holds even the smallest glass fragments, and, moreover, dries quickly;
  • balsam is a yellow liquid, the advantages of which include high strength and the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. The only negative is that after the repair, a small yellow spot will remain on the surface;
  • balsam M is an improved version of balsam with high durability. After drying, such a tool becomes completely transparent. Other advantages include no deformation during hardening;
  • UV glue is one of the most modern adhesives that allows you to quickly and efficiently repair cracks of any size. The only caveat is that the longer the sun’s rays act on the repair site, the better the result will be;
  • Acrylic – This DIY windshield crack repair adhesive has excellent viscosity. The only negative is that it takes at least 3 days for the product to completely harden.

Many beginners mistakenly believe that ordinary contact superglue can be used to repair cracks in car glass.

In fact, the use of super glue will not bring any positive result. Firstly, that part of the surface where there was a crack before will become less transparent, and ugly spots will remain from the glue.

Secondly, the crack will increase from vibration when the car is moving. In this regard, it is better not to save money, but to purchase a suitable remedy for eliminating glass defects.

2 Rating of the best adhesives – what will please the market?

It can be quite difficult for a beginner to understand the features of a particular material for gluing automotive glass. In this case, it is best to consider a list of the most popular adhesives that are in high demand in the modern market. Our TOP 3 included:

  • Done Deal – these adhesives from the American company of the same name are in great demand due to their high strength, the ability to stop the growth of cracks and eliminate chips up to 2 cm in size. The adhesives are based on acrylic acid, as well as a mixture of methacrylic acid and various additives. The Done Deal adhesive takes approximately 30 minutes to dry. The average market value is about 200–300 conventional units;
  • BF-2 – the compositions of this brand show high resistance to moisture and aggressive chemicals. It takes 1 to 2 hours for the material to completely harden. After drying, the product becomes completely transparent. The price for a tube of material starts from 150 conditional units;
  • Unique – the products of this brand have earned popularity due to their high resistance to moisture and high temperature. The composition of this material is based on chloroprene rubber, which is a light green or beige liquid. It takes about 2 hours for the material to dry completely. The dried adhesive becomes completely transparent and is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to +70 °C. The average cost in the market is 160-200 conditional units.

Adhesive for repairing windshield cracks - choose the composition and eliminate defects yourself

Of the adhesives, which also deserve the attention of buyers, the UHU Glass brand should be highlighted. It is suitable for removing defects on shatterproof and tinted car windows. It contains no solvents, which gives the material additional viscosity and strength. The only negative is that it takes about a day to completely dry the adhesive.

3 Elimination of glass cracks – about work in detail

It is necessary to carry out car glass repair in a warm, dry room. Ventilate it beforehand so that there is as little dust as possible in the air.

In preparation for repairing defects on automotive glass, the edges of the crack will need to be drilled with a thin drill. This will help relieve stress on the damaged part of the surface and stop the crack from growing. After that, wash the damaged area thoroughly and let it dry. While the glass is drying, prepare the necessary materials and equipment:

  • glue and glue injector, which will be required for accurate application of the product;
  • applicators – allow you to securely fix the injector on the surface;
  • scriber – necessary for cleaning the edges of the crack;
  • UV lamp for surface drying.

Adhesive for repairing windshield cracks - choose the composition and eliminate defects yourself

Elimination of defects on the windshield is carried out in the following order:

  1. Draw adhesive into the applicator.
  2. Attach the injector to the glass surface using applicators.
  3. Apply glue to the damaged surface.
  4. Install a UV lamp over the glass and wait for the material to dry completely. If you do not know how long it will take to do this, then read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the back of the adhesive package – as a rule, all the information is indicated there.
  5. After the product dries, polish the surface, removing excess composition.
  6. Finally, align the damaged area with the glass surface.

Polishing glass can be done with a cloth and polishes, but if you want to achieve the best result in the least amount of time, then use a drill with a diamond blade. When processing the surface, do not forget to wipe the glass with a rag to remove dust from it.

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