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Where to buy a car from friends, ads, on the market or in car dealerships?


Immediately after the decision to buy a car is made, the next question is: Where is the best place to buy a used car? Used cars can be searched in several ways. Each of them is good in its own way, however choosing the best place to find your car.

Buying a used car with friends

The best options for finding a car is buying a car from a friend. In this case, you can count on honesty and the opportunity to find out the maximum amount of information about a particular car: where it served, where to buy spare parts, operating features, fuel consumption and much more about what a seller on the market can be.

Search and buy used car ads

The next most popular search for cars, search for auto ads (newspapers, bulletin boards, forums). Due to the popularity of this type of vehicle selection, which is literally sitting at home on the couch, you can choose to ring any number of options.

Attention! Recently, cases of fraud against people looking for a car through free ads have become more frequent. In any case, do not send money as a deposit or something else that people do not know, a car that you have not even seen. But in reality, it is not there, but there is only a photo from a car in good condition at an attractive price. Be careful, you will not have such situations.

With the above warning in mind, you can view the ads of a good car, most importantly, actively meet with car owners and choose the best one. It’s not worth rushing into choosing a car, you can buy this beer to try it at random, and if it’s not good, you’re not too upset, in the case of a vehicle, it’s better to measure (look at) 7 times, as they say, and cut off (buy) once .

Despite its popularity, ads, choosing a car is not easy, and sometimes even for an experienced car enthusiast. It is better to choose auto ads on automotive forums or thematic social networks, such as drive2.ru.

This is because the cars offered for sale have a detailed description, photos, reviews, discussions, and so on. In the case of the forum, if the car is not located in your city, you can also ask someone local from the forum to look at the selected car. This is actively practiced, so do not be shy, I beg you to be sympathetic people, especially among drivers.

Find and buy a used car on the market

The market, despite its charms, can allow you to quickly find a good car, however, it is in the markets that the majority of broken cars are sold, so you should check the selected car with an independent expert, even if this service costs money.

In the minced market there are dealers, retailers without intermediaries, buyers and scammers, so it’s better to go to the market without money, a maximum of a small amount for a deposit, and someone understands cars. It will be very expensive to check and diagnose every car you like in a car service, so it’s better to find a car specialist and go choose with him.

Even if the specialist is not your acquaintance, it is better to pay for a special service from any site for such work, they are willing to go. Thus, you do not overpay money for diagnostics. In one day, you will be able to inspect the maximum number of suitable cars.

Search and purchase of cars car dealerships and second-hand shops

Search and second-hand car dealerships are not the most popular, they are actually the same resellers, only in most cases, the car in such places undergoes pre-sale preparation and is somehow checked for legal purity. However, any rubbish can be easily sold, so for showrooms and thrift stores it is worth going to a specialist before buying the chosen car, you should check its legal purity by independent experts so as not to be left as they say nothing.

Where and how to buy a car, as is customary, the next moment is the choice of the make and model of the vehicle, and checking the specific breakdown points of a particular model during inspection.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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