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Camper based Loaf, now factory!


Not even 60 years have passed since UAZ began to offer a solution based on the well-known Loaf in the form of a motorhome!

So, a modern retro car, which no one calls otherwise than a Loaf (does anyone remember these indices at all?), Has been produced for more than half a century, finally, with the help of a left company (this is not a factory solution), they began to offer a motorhome! It is proposed to sell through dealers, while maintaining the warranty, etc.

Moreover, you can choose different layout and roof solutions!

But first, a small digression into history – the pioneers were naturally Volkswagen with their model based on the well-known Beetle – T1, a hippie favorite, cheap, practical, economical, convenient and most importantly very reliable (which cannot be said about a loaf) the car turned out, it had many modifications, but we are primarily interested in the factory motorhome – it was called Westfalia on the first three generations of cars, on the last three – California. The version turned out to be so successful in terms of layout, which was made by the company that ate the dog on yachts, that they are still both old and new in great demand and cost a lot. UAZ, don’t be a fool, except that you had to cover the Loaf itself with legends and sell it as a new rare car (where else can you buy a car more than half a century ago new, and even with a guarantee?),

And call it in a similar way, say UAZ Sochi, here you can dream up with performances:

Northern version of UAZ Yamal, Yuzhnoye, with air conditioning, UAZ Krymnash, with 15 beds on shelves in 4 tiers and tiles in the cabin of UAZ Moscow, on tracks – UAZ Tagil, lowered UAZ Dagestan, with narrow headlights UAZ Yakutia, right-hand drive version of UAZ Far East .

But we are interested in the motorhome, as a lover and owner of the old VW T3 bus.

Let’s start with the fact that there is no such offer on the website of UAZ itself, except that it was in the news and social networks. According to the survey, dealers also do not know anything about this project, but they promised to find out – half a month has passed, no one has called. And only with very specific search queries it was possible to find a poor website of the company that makes this project. Not for the sake of advertising, but here is a link to it, suddenly someone really needs it!

So what do we see there?

UAZ Angara: 1P – low lifting roof, 2P – higher roof, and just a high roof. And for some reason, the same height is indicated when folded 1.6 m and when raised – 1.9 m, the main thing for us is that you can stand at full height, and not just that the marketers and those who made the site themselves do not understand what they write, and there are a lot of grammatical errors. However, nothing new, this is the level of UAZ.

Camper based Loaf, now factory!Camper based Loaf, now factory!

Further, the performance of the interior is interesting, the rendering is of course miserable, but where to go, making a prototype, taking pictures is even more difficult, the more good it is to do it on the whole UAZ you can’t find specialists.

Camper based Loaf, now factory!Camper based Loaf, now factory!

So, at the partition behind the cabin there are modules with furniture: in addition to the cabinet, there is a stove for cooking, a sink, 20-liter canisters with clean and gray water, a cabinet for a refrigerator, a sliding table. Next are two armchairs, and a platform with a bed. All this can be arranged in different ways, that is, a day mode with furniture, a night mode with a bed, all this can be easily dismantled (probably in an hour with keys of eight different sizes). That is, in principle, not bad, you can choose different configurations, or you can, for example, remove furniture and put a row of seats in three places, and put it back on vacation. In any case, it would be interesting to see all this live.

Because the idea is sound: a cult retro minibus with a rich history, with amazing cross-country ability, with a nice old-fashioned design, and even in which you can travel and live!

All you need to do is competently do it all now, present it correctly and start selling all over the world – it seems to me that demand is guaranteed. Yes, another nuance – you need to ensure quality and reliability, this is a huge problem.

No matter how skeptical I am about the fact that UAZ will be able to do all this, I still believe that everything will be fine and everything will work out and soon we will see such motorhomes on the roads!

And I would also like to steal a VW T4 Syncro California with a diesel engine at UAZ and start producing a high-quality copy of it! But this is completely unattainable…

They also have a tadpole-based alcove motorhome, UAZ Baikal, for 4-5 people:

Camper based Loaf, now factory!

Yes, I almost forgot, they announced approximate prices – 1.2-1.5 million for a car, roof, camping equipment and furniture. This is without options, of which there can be a lot.. Well, the car itself currently costs 760 sput. Not so expensive, California is still from four million!

And most importantly, what do you think, will UAZ manage to sell them and still produce them in series? Will it be possible to enter the sea market, because the offer is unique? Will it be possible to collect them qualitatively?


Post source: wekauto.ru

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