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Zotye T600 2019 – a new generation of crossover Zotye T600


The Chinese crossover Zotye T600 is a new generation that appeared on the Web on May 23, 2018 before the official premiere scheduled for this fall. In our review of the Zotye T600 2018-2019 – the first details, photos, price, equipment and specifications of the 2nd generation Chinese SUV.

According to preliminary information, the new Zotye T600 will be released to the Chinese market before the end of 2018 at a price comparable to the cost of its predecessor, the first-generation crossover made in China, Zotye’s best-selling car.

Zotye T600 2019 - a new generation of crossover Zotye T600

The projected price of the new Zotye T600 generation will be 85,000-145,000 yuan (818-1395 thousand conventional units). The word "six" of the first generation has been offered recently (as of the end of May 2018) – it’s just the same at a ridiculous price of 649,990 conventional units.

Let’s start our review with a short digression into history and remember the path of the Xoti T600 crossover to success. SUV with index T600 from the Chinese company Zotye International Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. (Zotye Auto) debuted in April 2013 at the Shanghai Auto Show. The novelty aroused genuine interest among fans of Chinese cars and a lot of controversy over the appearance of the crossover, obviously written off not only from the 1st generation Volkswagen Tuareg, but from the Audi Q5 and Acura RDX. While there was no complete plagiarism of the exterior design of the Zotye T600 crossover body. Three years later, in the spring of 2016, a sports version of the Zotye T600 sports crossover was released. And in the spring of 2017, the coupe-shaped SUV Zotye T600 coupe. Thus, the family of crossovers currently consists of models: standard Zotye T600,

"Six" is the company’s Zotye sales leader and is in good demand. By the end of 2016, 112691 sold the car, and in the past 2017 73062 copies. recently in 2017 sold a copy of 1082 Chinese crossover. A decline in sales is noticeable on the face, which, of course, did not go unnoticed by the management of the Chinese company. So the new generation of the T600 crossover arrived just in time. Here we only have a lot of doubts that the Zotye T600 2018-2019 is a new generation of crossover. Most likely, before we upgraded the first generation crossover with a redesigned exterior body and significantly changed the interior.
The platform has remained the same, dimensions, wheelbase and body width have not changed, all-wheel drive is not expected, but under the hood is the already familiar turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

  • External dimensions of the body Zotye T600 2018-2019 in Length 4691 mm 1893 mm wide, 1696 mm high, with a 2807 mm wheelbase.
  • Thus, the new T600 outgrew the first "six" to 60 mm in length and 2 mm in height. The width of the body and the distance between the axles has not changed.

Zotye T600 2019 - a new generation of crossover Zotye T600Zotye T600 2019 - a new generation of crossover Zotye T600

It’s nice that the appearance of the new Zotye T600 has nothing to do with the Volkswagen Touareg and demonstrates the new, original design style of Zotye cars. However, it is noticeable that the body of the novelty is clearly created on the basis of the structure of the body of its predecessor. However, the new generation of the "six" looks fresher and more modern.

The front end has a larger grille (thoroughbred), new LED headlights, powerful and solid bumpers, complemented by a narrow air intake slit and LED foglights.

On the side, the body of the new generation Zotye T600 is as healthy as the Zotye T600 coupe. Coupe-shaped roofs are available, supported by a floating position at the rear, but … the roof lines are larger, and there is clearly more to feed.

The rear part of the body of the novelty is where the chic and charm of the model with the main highlight in the form of LED lamps for overall lighting is. The rear lights are connected by a light bridge. A compact trunk lid with glass topped with a spoiler, solid with powerful plastic bumper protection and an exhaust system integrated into its body.

If the design is related to the previous generation crossover, the interior is completely new and created from scratch. In the Arsenal, the interior of the new modern architecture of the front panel and center console flows smoothly into a powerful tunnel between the front seats. There is a new multifunctional steering wheel, a virtual instrument panel, a large widescreen color display of the multimedia system, a stylish touch screen that provides control of two-zone climate control and auxiliary functions of the car, comfortable seats for the driver and front passenger. For decoration, natural and artificial leather, soft plastic, decorative elements imitating aluminum and carbon are used.

Specifications Zotye T600 2018-2019.
Unfortunately, there are no innovations in the technology of the new generation of the Zotye T600 crossover from auto. Like the previous generation, the novelty is based on a “truck" with a fully independent front (MacPherson) and rear (multi-link) suspension architecture. The default drive is on the front wheels.

Under the hood, only turbocharged petrol four-cylinder engines.

  • 1.5 turbo (162 hp 215 Nm) paired with a 5 manual transmission or a 6 automatic transmission is offered for a fee.
  • 1.8 turbo (177 hp, 245 Nm) in tandem with a robotic 6-speed DCT gearbox.
  • 2.0 turbo (190 hp 250 Nm) in the company with a 5-speed manual or "robot" DCT with 6.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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