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Chinese or French? Haval F7 or Renault Arkana


Recently, a good friend turned to a colleague with a question about what can be purchased on the current car market for about one and a half million conventional units. And, as usual, people only consider crossovers.

It is painfully fashionable now to buy crossovers. There is little demand for sedans. Especially if there is an alternative higher and more in terms of capacity. Although, it is immediately worth noting that modern crossovers (most of them) are assembled on the basis and on the basis of conventional sedans. That is, there are no off-road or other serious advantages in them. But the apparent massiveness and the hope that they are safer (this is far from the case) make crossovers very popular on the market.

Haval or Renault

Here the situation is like this. Our friend is already very sunk into the design of both crossovers. And he liked the Chinese F7 and the French Arkana, which, by the way, has been made lately and specifically for lately. Here we talked about this car in detail. And they even showed a video. So, people didn’t even want to look at the new Skoda Karoq. Well, let’s see what is the difference between crossovers from Haval and from the current division of Renault. As for the Chinese, you can immediately consider the F7x, which in terms of bodywork, like Renault, is a cross-coupe. This is what fascinates many: they say, it looks like a mini version of the X6 from BMW or the Mercedes GLE coupe.

The Frenchman is lighter than the Chinese by 300 kilograms. The Chinese cross is also faster than the French by almost a second and a half. But "Renault" can eat 92nd gasoline, and the Chinese – only 95th. The maximum speed and tank capacity of the cars are approximately equal: 190 km / h and about 55 liters tank. But Arkana, due to the fact that it is lighter and a little less frisky, is much more economical – we got a difference of 2.5 liters on the highway and around the city, but without traffic jams. In congestion, both consume about the same. As for engines, Haval has a 190-horsepower (350 Nm) 2.0-liter engine, while Arkana has a 1.3-liter Daimler unit with a capacity of 150 horses at 250 Nm. The Chinese have a box – a robot, and the Frenchman has a variator. Suspension for both is about the same design. The front is a standard MacPherson strut, the rear is a multi-link. Renault’s ground clearance is 1.5 cm higher (220 versus 235 mm).

As for the fee for use, for maintenance, then the Frenchman has some advantages. The warranty for both cars is the same: 3 years or 100,000 miles. But Renault conducts maintenance after 15 thousand kilometers, and the Chinese demand after 10 thousand. For parts, a French car is also more profitable. They are everywhere and everywhere. In fact, the versatility with Logan does the trick.

Chinese or French? Haval F7 or Renault Arkana

What is the result? We leaned towards the Renault Arkana. Here, in addition, the move is smoother, and the chassis is more enduring, and in general – there are still a lot of complaints and complaints about Chinese service and repair. The power-to-weight ratio and the situation in the cabin of the Chinese are more interesting, but this, as they say, is not for everyone. But it is worth noting that Haval is very good in management. Oddly enough, but it is very good, both on the track and off the road. But you shouldn’t get carried away.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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