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Argo all-terrain vehicles – no inaccessible places left?


Most hunters and anglers are familiar with the terms ATV and UTV. These abbreviations always accompany publications about compact SUVs. But what is XTV? With the exception of extreme off-road vehicles, XTV models use the concept of driving on full off-road. Most importantly, all these all-terrain vehicles are amphibious, which allows them to overcome various water obstacles that ATVs and UTVs cannot cross, at least by swimming. Most XTV models can’t even be accurately described as 4×4, as they usually have six or even eight wheels.

Canadian company ARGO, founded in 1967, is a manufacturer of XTVs designed to go almost anywhere and on any terrain. They named their all-terrain vehicles after the Argonaut from Greek mythology, who was famous for his endurance both on land and on water. In fact, ARGO machines fill the gap between ATVs and expensive heavy all-terrain vehicles. They have a floating hull and are equipped with various devices to overcome water obstacles, including, for example, a bilge pump or a transom for installing an outboard motor. This means you can rely on these XTVs to climb, drive or sail to your destination while still carrying all the gear you need, making ARGOs the perfect vehicle, no matter whether you’re heading to your place of work or your next fishing and hunting adventure. With a low center of gravity, ARGO XTV off-road vehicles are capable of climbing slopes and inclines that are generally inaccessible to traditional ATVs.

Argo all-terrain vehicles - no inaccessible places left?

But how do they work? The multi-differential setting provides even torque to all ARGO wheels, enabling 180-degree turning. Called zero turn, this feature is invaluable when it comes to getting out of tight spots, helping you maneuver with ease no matter where you need to go. XTVs have impressive payload and towing capacity even on entry-level models that can carry gear up to 600kg. It is logical that the maximum speed of the ARGO on land is much higher than on water, and the models can withstand more weight on dry land compared to the water environment. Meanwhile, the engines installed on them range from easy-to-operate carbureted models to V-twin engines with direct injection.

Argo all-terrain vehicles - no inaccessible places left?

In addition to the enhanced ability to overcome obstacles, XTV control is also slightly different from piloting a traditional four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle. The ARGO steering wheel is connected to a set of service brakes installed next to the drive axles. Since the wheels are constantly connected to the drive system, the brakes slow them down on one side as a whole. In this respect, handling the XTV is a lot like maneuvering on a tracked tractor. It also helps explain why a car can make a zero radius turn. ARGO XTV also benefits from a technological innovation called AGRO Progressive Steering (or APS), which sits between the steering wheel and brake system and creates a progressive two-speed steering system resulting in smoother, rounder turns. First introduced in 2019,

Argo all-terrain vehicles - no inaccessible places left?

The 8×8 drive combined with a strong yet lightweight construction gives the ARGO ATVs good traction to tackle everything from mud to snow and swamp. Not to mention that their ability to cross water obstacles does not require any special training. The company has just released its line of 2020 model year all-terrain vehicles, each with a new look and a lower starting price. Also featured in the catalog is the Aurora series, the best-in-class premium version of the XTV with all the features you need, including 25" tires with 9" AirLock steel rims and the impressive power of the EFI engines, making them the best choice for those who take things as seriously as possible. refers to his off-road adventures. With ARGO rovers, no location is too far away,


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