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DW Hower H3 – what kind of “beast”?


The essence of the frame model, that is, H3, is a born SUV. But in addition to the expected all-wheel drive, he also has a parquet version with rear axle drive. We are studying "veda".


Under the hood of the former “Chinese", the time-tested “three-diamond” 2-liter Mitsubishi power unit remained. With a turbine The advantages of a turbo engine are obvious: decent power, excellent dynamics. But there are also downsides. It is necessary to feed such an engine with high-octane gasoline, at least the 95th format … This is for those who can afford the 95th. And for buyers of DW Hower H3, they adapted it to our most common 92nd. That is, it is also possible, although not very desirable.

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?

And at the same time, the Chinese managed to fit into the Euro-5 eco-standard. And in our road tax realities, having strangled the talents of the engine to 149 hp. In reality, the unit can produce about 180 forces, which is achieved by chip tuning.

In the driver’s seat, everything is ergonomic and clear. There are enough adjustments to comfortably sit behind the wheel of a driver of almost any anthropometry.

Pleased with the geometry of the pedal assembly. Now you rarely see an instance in which, with three pedals (and the Hower H3, like a real SUV, is produced with a manual transmission) in winter hunting and fishing shoes, no, no, and you can’t apply the brake at the same time as the gas … Here such nonsense is practically excluded – places enough for proper pedaling.

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?

Instrument scales are classic arrows. Readings are easy. The on-board computer screen displays data on current fuel consumption, daily mileage and real time. The color display of the multimedia system, when reverse gear is engaged, transmits a picture from the rear view camera with, as it should be, colorful steering tips.

The salon is spacious in all directions. Rear passengers are endowed with good knee space even in the extreme positions of the front seats. After the preliminary dismantling of the head restraints, the five-seater saloon can be easily transformed into a two-seater cargo-and-passenger saloon. Fans of autotourism will like such a house on wheels. Throw the mattress on the floor – and rest!

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?

On the inner lining of the doors, at the outer edge, red lights are mounted – when the doors are open, in the dark the dimensions of the car that have grown in breadth are immediately visible. The fifth door rises high after activating the electric drive with a button above the mirror-chrome molding. The trunk is very, very roomy. The spare wheel was not in the cabin underground, but under the bottom of the body.

We measure ground clearance. The minimum – 190 mm – was found under the front protection of the motor edema. Maximum – 230 mm – in the middle of the base. Under the rear axle gearbox – 205 mm. Beam rear axle on coil springs. The front suspension is torsion bar, that is, practically indestructible.


They decided to test the off-road Hower H3 "on the stage" of the Ob. There, on the floodplain open spaces not yet trampled down by picnic lovers, there is where to get stuck both in winter and summer: not snow, but sand, not ice, but water. Well, a variety of pits, mounds, cobblestones, hemp, bushes, trees in myriad quantities.

But you still have to get to the beach. From the dealership through frozen asphalt and dented paving slabs, through the expressway, through the ideal and not so smooth surface of a safe and high-quality highway, and by no means flawless asphalt concrete of the bridge.

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?

Turn the key, and under the hood, a two-liter turbo-brilliant comes to life. The fact that he woke up is signaled only by a tachometer needle on a pleasantly illuminated dashboard – it is quiet in the cabin. It seems that the creators of Hower H3 did not save on soundproofing, as manufacturers of the vast majority of other models do.

Climate control – the basic equipment for all vehicle configurations – warms up a fairly voluminous interior in a matter of minutes. Behind the stern is a real Siberian winter of medium temperature conditions, in the cabin – Africa. In addition, there is heated front seats, and for trouble-free visibility – rear-view mirrors, stern and windshield.

Transfers are included clearly and without a crunch. The start is confident, the acceleration is dynamic. Braking on winter, sometimes icy pavement is safe.

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?

With safety, the Hower H3 is doing very well: in addition to the anti-lock system, there is an emergency braking assistance system and an electronic brake force distribution system. There are even systems for monitoring tire pressure, automatic shutdown of the fuel supply in case of collisions, not to mention the safety steering column, frontal airbags, Isofix, an especially strong N-CFP Frame body and reinforced doors with bars.

It steers along the highways nicely, precisely, the suspension eats up all the asphalt problems and problems without a trace, and even the “half-washboard” of the bridge does not respond with discomfort. No vibrations, no clatter – good noise and vibration protection! At the same time and thermo-: the cabin is warm and cozy. And on long sections without traffic lights, you can also indulge in cruise control, it is already in the basic configuration of any of the versions. And excessive fuel consumption is not displayed – we travel around the city on a monodrive.

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?


We try the car on a snow-covered beach. We hard-wire all-wheel drive (the driving mode is set with the keys at the bottom of the center console: 2H, 4H or 4L). L is the low gear mode, which is formed by the BorgWarner transfer case. And the presence of a "handout" is a sign of a real SUV …

A two-ton car, without strain, lays a deep track in the white "feather bed" of the Ob coast. The long-stroke suspension works excellently, swallowing bumps and pits without shock. Feedback from the road on the steering wheel is quite adequate. When driving with a 30-degree roll along a slippery slope, the coast almost rolled onto the ice – the tenacity of winter tires was clearly not enough. The engine torques helped to hold on and overcome the obstacle, and the Hower H3, like a decent SUV, has 250 Newton meters. Due to the dynamics came out of the frozen water almost dry.

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?

In short, the off-road capabilities of the car are more than pleasant. After special training, which only real SUVs undergo, on the Hower H3 you can safely embark on all the difficult domestic directions. At the same time, on asphalt, it behaves like a balanced, comfortable crossover.

In short, the DW Hower H3 is a very good multi-purpose vehicle for all occasions.


What about reliability and liquidity? Absolutely problem-free cars do not exist. And if you go over the forums, then the owners still identify problems. Which?

Igor: "Except RADIO, no problem."
(And this issue is being fixed under warranty, while the DW Hower H3 is still under warranty.)

Vladimir: “The only jamb of multimedia is that the radio sometimes does not work correctly. They promised to fix it under warranty next week with the replacement of the head unit. The only advice: MEN! – watch the tightening of the exhaust manifold (this is the disease of the 3rd Khovryusha). If the tightening (COLLECTOR) becomes loose, it will have to be changed – cracks appear.

Anton: “The floor mats are not fixed in any way. I agree, maybe for some it will seem like a trifle, but I’m already tired of correcting them. The relays responsible for the operation of the wipers, turn signals, etc. are very loud, which personally annoys me a little.

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?

And a couple more reviews from Auto.ru:

“During the operation, nothing unusual was revealed, everything was like on a test drive. Compared to the H3 of previous years and without a turbo, one can note, of course, first of all, the dynamics – on the highway and in the city the car is completely different, the turbine makes it a flying tank. The brakes have been improved and it seemed that it became better with Shumkov. I was pleased with the easier connection of all-wheel drive and back, on the previous H3 it was worse. The only negative is that if you want to move in a stream in a dynamic mode, you have to fork out, the turbo burns gasoline confidently). Well, who does not bother, those who, for specific purposes, for hunting, fishing, for specific working circumstances, are looking for a passable, inexpensive to maintain, unpretentious, but dynamic means of transportation will be 100% satisfied.

“The prices for service and ownership are very encouraging. Unpretentious to fuel and economical for this class. The kit includes everything and even what you don’t need. A find for lovers of hunting and fishing. A reliable engine and no less reliable transmission ensure good off-road capability. Trunk space is impressive. The turbocharged engine is very frisky, which affects the ride in the urban cycle. In addition, it is economical: 11 liters per hundred in the combined cycle is a very good indicator for a large and heavy car.

DW Hower H3 - what kind of "beast"?

And, finally, about liquidity. Today, one and a half to two-year-old all-wheel drive DW Hower H3 with a mileage of around 20 thousand km are sold on the secondary market at an average price of 1 million conditional units – 15-20 percent cheaper than they were bought. With a relatively high mileage (under 50-60 thousand), of course, it is cheaper, and with a small one (there are some) even more expensive than the dealer price two years ago. There are also ads on specialized Internet resources, these SUVs are also taken under the trade-in program. That is, there are no problems with liquidity, it seems.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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