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Tuning. November 2019 overview


ABT Series | Audi A6 front

Tuning. November 2019 overview

ABT Series | Audi A6 rear view

Tuning. November 2019 overview

ABT Series | Audi A1 Sportback front view

Tuning. November 2019 overview

ABT Series | Audi A1 Sportback rear view

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Posaidon | Mercedes-AMG GT S 63 front view

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Posaidon | Mercedes-AMG GT 63 rear view with

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Arden | Bentley continental gt front

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Arden | Bentley Continental GT rear view

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Manhart | m BMW X3 front

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Manhart | bmw x3 m dashboard

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Novitec | Lamborghini Urus front view

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Novitec | Lamborghini Urus rear

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Brabus | Mercedes-Benz G-class front

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Brabus | Mercedes-Benz G-class rear view

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Ford Mountune | Ford Focus RS front view

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Techart | Porsche 911 Carrera 4C Front

Tuning. November 2019 overview

Techart | Porsche 911 Carrera 4C rear view

ABT Sportsline is not

Audi A6

The company ABT Sportsline, headquartered in the German city of Kempten – one of the oldest tuning companies in the world – left its first "sharpened" car in 1960. And all these years, the studio remains true to the same concern – Volkswagen. However, there are plenty of brands under their wing, and therefore the choice of ED masters is always great. For example, this time the final design was subjected to the new generation Audi A6 sedan.

At first he took minders. They decided to refine the 3-liter turbocharged power unit, which in the form of a factory develops 340 hp. with. and 500 Nm. With the new ABT control unit power kit, the engine has been increased in power to 408 hp. with., and its maximum torque increased to 550 Nm. Of course, after that, the sedan upgrade was faster to accelerate, and the maximum speed should increase if you remove the electronic limiter, but the studio is silent on this matter. Interested customers can take measurements themselves.

There are also changes in the suspension – but still only for versions with air springs instead of springs. In this case, "pneuma" gets a new control unit, which reduces ground clearance. Low ground clearance looks great with original artovskie wheels offered in various sizes and designs. Apart from the new wheels, the look of the sedan is refined with neat splitters along the edges of the front bumper, an insert in the rear bumper with a diffuser and four rather modest diameter exhaust nozzles.

ABT Sportsline is not

Audi A1 Sportback

ABT Sportsline did not, in addition to tuning, race at one time, and even performed quite successfully in the DTM touring car championship, well-known in Europe. But then this series came and automakers failed to compete with the company. But racing experience helps the studio specialists in modifying "civilian" cars. This is especially helpful in building this little "car" that came from the Audi A1 Sportback.

It must be said that this is not the first time that this model has been developed by the AVT studio. But if earlier the matter was limited to a banal chip tuning and a couple of spoilers, this time the intervention in the design is more serious. Representatives of Ed said that this project requires everyone to have their technical knowledge. So, engineers from Kempten installed a 2-liter turbo engine from the Audi TT Cup racing car under the hood of a small hatchback. And if Audi he developed "only" 310 hp. s., it is now indicated that the power of the machine is more than 400 liters. with. Engineers are especially proud of the brutal soundtrack of the engine, which is enhanced by a direct-flow exhaust system with a pair of 114mm ports. But about the dynamics of a sports car, without saying a word, although it certainly should be impressive.

Of course, there were refinements in the chassis, and a banal reduction in ground clearance is not done – along the way, the track was increased. Accordingly, it was necessary to expand the wheel arches. In the "stern" there are massive real wings and a diffuser that sucks air from the bottom. Strengthening the "grip" is by turns called huge for such a small car 19-inch forged wheels with super-speed rubber. One problem – the car is made in a single copy, they are unlikely to appear on sale.


Mercedes-AMG GT Y 63

In Rhineland-Palatinate, in Germany, there is the town of Mülheim-Kerlich, where Posaidon is headquartered, involved in the modification of Mercedes-Benz cars. In addition, the masters of the studio, as a rule, are not interested in the usual model with a three-pointed star on the emblem – they want the most powerful one, with the abbreviation AMG in the title. And now they are reworking modifications from AMG, namely the GT 63 S coupe hatchback, which, for a moment, is the most powerful of all serial Mercedes-Benz.

Of course, the Posaidon mechanics are not satisfied with the return of the 4-liter turbocharged "eight", which develops 639 hp from the factory. with. and 900 Nm. They replaced the supercharger and intercooler, installed a freer air filter and sports exhaust system, and tweaked the engine and transmission control unit software. As a result, efficiency increases to 830 hp. with. and 1100 Nm. Accordingly, the dynamics improved. So, acceleration to 100 km / h decreased from 3.2 to 2.9 C, and the maximum speed increased from 315 to “more than 350 km / h".

It would seem that this performance is more than enough, but if this is not enough for the client, a completely “crazy” upgrade will be prepared for it, as a result of which the plant’s capacity will increase to 880 hp. with., and the maximum torque increases to 1200 Nm. However, representatives of the studio do not report how they managed to achieve this. They do not say, and how improved the dynamics of the car. I think that another "ten" for acceleration to 100 km / h, this engine will play. But with the advent of the five-door sports car, there’s nothing to do – so that no one will guess that the "monster" is hiding under its hood.


Bentley continental gt

Atelier Arden from the German city of Krefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, founded in 1971 as a mechanical engineer by Jochen Arden. Initially, the firm focused exclusively on tuning Jaguar models, but eventually took on other products for the British automotive industry, such as Bentley, Land Rover and mini. This time, the tuning masters are upgrading the machine for the new generation of luxury Bentley Continental GT coupes.

Arden specialists see this English "aristocrat" in their design, and not everyone agrees that the "art" car began to look better. On the contrary, the new false wings with a jumper in the form of a protruding threshold for extending the width of the compartment 10 cm looked alien on the body. It hardly needs carbon fiber air intakes in the hood, ostensibly helping to regulate the temperature of the powertrain. Questionable looks and "feed" with a racing diffuser, large exhaust pipes and a fixed rear wing. In short, customizing the appearance of the instance is clearly an amateur.

No questions asked, just 22-inch magnesium (!) wheels with low-profile tires measuring 275/35 in front and 315/30 in the rear. They look normal, but on broken pavement you need to drive with such a profile very carefully. As for the transmission, she did nothing. Experts say that power is still increased by 10% thanks to the modernization of the exhaust system. Considering that in the Factory the output of a 6-liter 12-cylinder turbo engine is 635 hp. s., this gain can be good.


BMW x3 m

The Manhart company from the German city of Geilenkirchen has been improving the production of the Bavarian concern for more than a quarter of a century. Interestingly, the store specialists gravitate mainly towards the sports M-version of BMW, ignoring the usual models. So, it was necessary to go on sale with a “hot” modification of the X3 m crossover, and Manhart immediately made it a “hot” copy.

Recall that the BMW X3 M is available in two versions: standard, with 480 hp. with., and competition, developing 510 liters. with. Of course, the artists from Geilenkirchen are interested in the second option. The atelier does not provide information on what has been done with the power unit, but after the intervention of the power of the 3-liter turbodiesel, the straight-six increased to 630 hp. with., and the maximum torque increased from 600 to 785 Nm. With such data, the crossover should significantly improve the dynamics compared to the standard 4.1 seconds to “hundreds”, but, unfortunately, no numbers were reported by the tuning studio. Nothing is said about the removal of the electronic speed limiter, it is triggered by a production car at around 250 km / h.

In addition to the engine upgrades is the suspension of the sporty crossover. Instead of the car’s standard springs, the car has been cut from H&P, which lowers the ride height by 30mm for improved handling performance and new 21-inch wheels with low-profile tires. As for appearance, no external components appear in the crossover. It stands out in that the original body color gold accents and larger exhaust pipes. Exactly the same set of transformations "connected" coupe crossover BMW X4.


Lamborghini Urus

Tuning studio Novitec, which has taken root in the German city of Stetten, prefers to deal with modifications such as Italian supercars Ferrari and Lamborghini. And now that the “crazy” Urus crossover has appeared in Lamborghini’s “portfolio”, the German specialists decided to add it to the “herd” under the hood, and at the same time, to work on their appearance.

In fact, at 650 liters. with. and 850 Nm, which produces a 4-liter V8 boosted in the original version, enough even for a sports car. With this transmission, the Urus accelerates to “hundreds” in 3.6 C (which, by the way, is a world record among serial crossovers), and the maximum speed is 305 km / h. But after the operation of the engine by the workshop specialists, its power increased to 782 hp. with. and the maximum torque has increased to 1032 Nm. As a result of the modification, acceleration to 100 km / h decreased to 3.3 seconds, and the “maximum speed” increased to 312 km / h.

To improve handling, the crossover is equipped with a new air suspension control module, lowering the ride height by 25mm compared to factory values. In addition, due to the spacer, the track width has been increased (26 mm in front and 46 mm in the rear), which allows the car to hold on to the trajectory even tighter in turns. And, of course, Novitec has thoroughly worked on the exterior theme. The crossover received a "wide-body" aerodynamic body kit, consisting of 14 elements made of carbon fiber. The wheels are also new, light-alloy 23-inch from the Vossen brand. They are “shod” in low-profile tires Pirelli P zero dimensions front 285/35 and 325/30 rear.


Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The Brabus company from the German city of Bottrop is one of the leading tuning companies in the world: even those who have never been interested in tuning know about it. Because at that time, cars from Brabus, built on Mercedes-Benz, set several world records in various vehicle classes, and even got into the Guinness Book of Records with it. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and recording in the studio, I do not think, however, the creation of Brabus is still impressive. Like, for example, the Mercedes-Benz G-class.

I must say that with the advent of a new generation of the iconic SUV has sunk into oblivion, its most powerful and charismatic modification with a 12-cylinder turbocharged engine. A modern Gelendvagen plant can be a maximum of 8-cylinders. But Brabus decided to fill this gap and shoved under the hood of a new 12-cylinder "monster" from the old model. In addition, he carefully crossed himself. For this, the engine volume was increased from 6 to 6.3 liters, the turbines were replaced with more efficient ones, the intake and exhaust were changed, a new engine management program was installed, and much more.

As a result, power increased from 630 to 900 hp. with., and the maximum torque increased from 1000 to 1500 Nm. However, the last figure only shows the potential of the device, but in reality the time should have been limited to around 1200 Nm, not only by the automatic transmission, which, by the way, was even more strengthened. The result of the changes was 3.8 C to "hundreds" and a top speed of 280 km / h. With such high power, the speed does not seem to be particularly impressive, but they believe that a “square” SUV will be so hard, they are not suitable for high-speed driving in principle.

Ford Mountune

Ford Focus RS

The performance firm Mountune is headquartered in the British city of Brentwood, and the US is based in Los Angeles. The company recently celebrated 35 years in the tuning business, and all this time it has been modifying Ford vehicles. The atelier products were so good that Ford itself maintained Mountune’s level of work and even allowed the modified cars to keep the factory warranty. So this latest Ford Focus RS is no less reliable than the stock, for example, despite the increase in "livestock" under the hood.

The standard sports hatch is equipped with a 2.3-liter turbo petrol engine that develops 350 horsepower and 440 Nm, which allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 266 km / h. In principle, not bad, but Mountune Spices has a lot to offer, and not one option for enhancing the effect and two. In the first case, the power increased to 450 hp. with., and the maximum torque increased to 580 Nm. This was achieved by replacing BorgWarner’s standard turbocharger, a new exhaust system with a catalytic converter, and other less noticeable changes.

In the second version, the engine was additionally equipped with new camshafts, a more efficient fuel pump and, of course, its own control programs. As a result, the capacity increases to an impressive 520 liters. with., and the torque reaches 700 Nm. Obviously, such an introductory winning car is a big revs, but, alas, the studio did not provide any numbers. So the owner of this instance of tuning will have to ask for measurements.


Porsche 911 Carrera 4C

In the company TechArt, whose name was created from the words "technique" and "art" in the suburbs of Stuttgart. He is tuning Porsche products, and this is in 1987. As the name implies, the company turns the car into a work of technical art. Well, at least the representatives of the studio say so. However, one can really agree with this, looking at the changes that this Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and new generation undergoes. It has changed both technically and aesthetically.

As for the first aspect, we are talking about upgrading the 3-liter turbocharged “boxer from”, which in the stock version produces 450 hp. with. and 530 Nm. This power unit allows the model to accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds, and the maximum speed is 306 km / h. But after the engine worked for Techart’s mechanic, his return improved. So, an increase in power to 510 liters. with., and the maximum torque increased to 610 Nm. This was achieved thanks to a new engine management program. Interestingly, the application does not work all the time, but only when the Sport and Sport Plus modes are activated. In "standard" mode, the engine produces factory specifications.

When you turn on the program, the above acceleration to “hundreds” is reduced to 3.2 seconds, and the “maximum speed” reaches 314 km / h. The exhaust system is similarly tuned. This means that in the standard mode it "roars" in accordance with the norms of noise and sport and Sport Plus "roars" like an adult.

Finally, the car has been redesigned with a powerful splitter under the front bumper, side skirts, a racing diffuser and a fixed rear wing made from high strength polycarbonate. The wheels of the original design are attached.

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