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BMW is developing the M3 Touring: a new photo of the sports wagon


The presentation of the “charged" novelty of the Bavarian brand is scheduled for next year, the company has not yet announced a more exact debut date.

The current generation BMW M3 (F80) was created on the basis of the “three-ruble note” in the body of the F30 of the 2012 model, the car was introduced in 2014. Restyling "emka", along with a conventional sedan, survived two years later. The new generation of the sports “four-door” debuted in early autumn 2020. Also last year, it became known that the lineup would be expanded with a station wagon – the BMW M3 Touring.

BMW is developing the M3 Touring: a new photo of the sports wagon

The first teaser of the BMW M3 Touring

The first photo of the novelty, along with official confirmation from the company that the "five-door" version will indeed appear in the family, was published in August last year. Then only a part of the stern and the left sidewall of the station wagon, going into the shadows, got into the frame. The picture showed rear lights with brake lights in the form of boomerangs (at the same time, the optics crawl from the body to the tailgate). In the lower part of the bumper, on both sides, twin round exhaust pipes are integrated.

Now, the Bavarian company on its Facebook page has posted a new snapshot of the future novelty: this time the whole car was in the frame, or rather a prototype hidden under a camouflage film. The frame again shows the stern and side part of the BMW M3 Touring being prepared for the presentation. Compared to the previous teaser, here we were shown a large spoiler located on the top of the tailgate, as well as a glazing line, front fender and rims.

BMW is developing the M3 Touring: a new photo of the sports wagon

New photo of BMW M3 Touring

There is no official information about the design of the front yet. Previously, it was assumed that it would be unified with the “front end” of the charged BMW M3 sedan. However, judging by the spy photos of the prototype that were “leaked” on the Web earlier, the five-door “emka” can get a “front” with a radiator grill in the form of huge branded “nostrils”.

BMW is developing the M3 Touring: a new photo of the sports wagon

Render Kolesa.ru BMW M3 Touring

Earlier, the company noted that the new “charged” station wagon will be equipped with a six-cylinder engine of the M TwinPower Turbo family. According to preliminary data, under the hood of the BMW M3 Touring will be a 3.0-liter in-line “biturbo” S58 (as in the current M3 and M4). In a sedan, its return is 510 hp. This engine can be offered with an eight-speed “automatic”; it is possible that the line will also have a six-speed “mechanics”.

BMW is developing the M3 Touring: a new photo of the sports wagon

The German “charged” station wagon will not appear in all major markets: for example, as BMW previously stated, Americans should not expect a charged “five-door”. Europeans will be able to buy the BMW M3 Touring next year (shortly after the official presentation, which is also scheduled for 2022).

There is no information about the price of the future novelty, even an approximate one. Note that the BMW M3 sedan in the home market, in Germany, can be bought for at least 65,900 euros, which is equivalent to approximately 5.62 million conventional units at the current exchange rate.

Post source: wekauto.ru

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