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Eros – BMW R1200RS


Text and photo Tim Sabirov

There are late children in the family, when there is a big difference between the brothers. 12 years have passed between the BMW R1150RS and the BMW R1200RS . They also had a half-brother BMW R1200ST, as if from another father, but he was quickly sent to the archive in early 2008. But I managed to drive the R1200ST for one season and after reseeding the 2018 R1200RS I have something to say. Of course, the difference between the 2008 air-opposite and the 2018 “liquid" is not only 10 years of progress, but also the variability of ideology: the same engine is tuned differently for the urban naked R, sporty RS, touring RT and enduro GS. And if R, RT and GS have a continuous history of generations, then RS went off the air for a long 12 years.It was too difficult to separate them from RT, I think.

Eros - BMW R1200RSEros - BMW R1200RS

The most important difference from the ST – RS has become more comfortable in landing, having an angle of almost 90 degrees at the knees and a very slight tilt of the body forward. Fat minus R1200ST was the landing with high-lifted footpegs. Because of what, the legs were bent quite strongly and numb much faster on a long journey. Otherwise, the differences are at the level of progress: electronic suspension, cruise control and quickshifter, informative tidy.

Eros - BMW R1200RS

The new 1200 water motor is slightly more powerful compared to the previous one, while maintaining good traction at low revs. Vibrations have also become less, although at speeds of 180+ km / h in the mirrors the reflection is by no means in HD quality, but it is noticeably better than it was. Mirrors, by the way, moved from the steering wheel to the hood.

Eros - BMW R1200RS

The clutch is no longer dry and has added comfort in situations where you have to drive tight with slippage.

Eros - BMW R1200RS

In the new BMW R1250RS, the disadvantage of all previous motorcycles was removed – they replaced the head halogen with a diode light.

The BMW R1200RS is still a rare motorcycle with a negative resale index. Either trade-in for a penny, or keep it forever, but definitely don’t wait for a buyer from Automotive News: I’ve been seeing some ads for 2 years now.

Eros - BMW R1200RS

However, it does not cause such polar feelings as the BMW R1200ST, which could either be pleasant or disgusting. But this is the taste of the whole product. Why do we need bland motorcycles like everyone else? More and more forced to move off the pavement on the RS, I’m thinking about buying a goose. But returning back to the asphalt, I don’t have a single thought that another wast is needed. I can ride how I want and how much I want. High Wunderlich glass allows you to keep the cruiser 200 km / h, which the tank does not allow. At least 5 liters more I would like …

Eros - BMW R1200RS

Replacing the front suspension from a telelever to a flip fork on the R and RS further separated them from the RT and GS. Perhaps such a move would allow the release of RS without pause in history.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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