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ROWE engine oil. ROWE oil: overview, specifications, range and reviews


Changing the oil in any vehicle is just as necessary as refueling. Modern technologies are developing faster and faster, and today there is only one question: what kind of lubricant is better to use? The design features of internal combustion engines are constantly being improved. They become more powerful, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. In light of these changes, other directions in the production of lubricating fluids are required. Numerous positive reviews about ROWE engine oils suggest an obvious solution.


Rowe M GmbH produces quality lubricants and offers the potential buyer the best options for choosing the right product. The manufacturer began its activities in the mid-1990s in the town of Flersheim-Dalsheim. In the early 2000s, production facilities were moved to the city of Bubenheim, where two production lines were equipped. In 2013, the company settled in Worms and expanded significantly. For several decades of activity, the young brand has become a leader in the market of fuels and lubricants.

ROWE engine oil. ROWE oil: overview, specifications, range and reviews

The Rowe manufacturing company owns an oil refinery that produces oils and technical fluids both under its own brand and for other well-known companies. Rowe motor oils with the High-Tech brand are successfully sold both in Germany and abroad: in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

The range of products manufactured by the German company includes:

  • a wide range of motor oils;
  • transmission oils;
  • lubricating hydraulic materials;
  • compressor oils;
  • oils for tractor equipment;
  • antifreeze;
  • greases;
  • various automotive cosmetics;
  • additives

    ROWE engine oil. ROWE oil: overview, specifications, range and reviews

Rowe Mineralolwerk GmbH products meet all modern standards and requirements, and are also approved by the world’s leading car manufacturers.

Rowe Lubricants

Rowe oils are available for a wide range of applications. Is an:

  • cars and trucks;
  • cars;
  • water transport.

Also in the line of lubricating fluids of the company there are seasonal and single-viscosity oils: SAE 30/40/50, 10W/20W. All of them belong to the "High-tech Turbo" or "High-tech Special" line. Characterized by high quality mineral-based seasonal lubricants used for a mixed fleet. Suitable for use in diesel and gasoline power plants equipped with a turbine system. Some representatives of this line:

  • "Hi-tech Turbo" HD 10W is a very high quality all-weather oil fluid for any type of engine.
  • Turbo HD 30 Hi-Tech is a mineral product with a set of additives.
  • Hi-tech Special 50 is a seasonal product based on high quality oils.

Rowe’s category of stationary and marine oils includes lubricants from the Hi-Tech line:

  • POWERPLANT with a viscosity of 40 – for gas-fired power plants requiring a minimum content of sulphated ash.
  • MARINE DIESEL with a viscosity of 40 is a product for main ship installations.
  • MARINE LS 5 with a viscosity of 30 is a multifunctional oil for low-speed diesel engines.
  • MARINE HFO with a viscosity of 30 is a universal oil for high-speed marine diesel engines.

    ROWE engine oil. ROWE oil: overview, specifications, range and reviews

Motor oil for passenger cars

This range of Rowe oils is the largest. Includes multigrade oils with viscosity 0w16/20/30/40, 5w20/30/40/50, 10w40/60, 15w40 and 20w50.

Lubricants of this group are suitable for all types of gasoline and diesel engines. They are characterized by high performance and maximum efficiency. Designed in accordance with all norms and regulations in accordance with the requirements of competent organizations.

Rowe lubricants for passenger cars are distinguished by high anti-corrosion properties that protect engine parts and components from oxidative processes. They have a high degree of fluidity, which implies the penetration of oil into all structural areas of the engine for complete lubrication of all metal surfaces. Thanks to this, the lubricant product allows you to start the engine in winter without problems.

ROWE engine oil. ROWE oil: overview, specifications, range and reviews

Rowe Oil has the ability to form a strong oil film on the moving surfaces of automotive transmission components, preventing premature wear due to dry friction.

Rowe 5w30 oil

Rowe 5W30 oil from a German manufacturer has the following fluids for passenger cars in its range:

  1. High-Tech Multi Synth DPF 5W-30 is a high performance engine oil. Developed as a multi-purpose lubricant for German vehicles with optional exhaust aftertreatment, turbocharging and extended oil change intervals. Approved by Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Conforms to the specifications of European car manufacturers ACEA C3, API SN/CF and Porsche C30.
  2. Hi-Tech Sint RS 5W-30 HC-FO is a very economical lubricant for Ford vehicles. Produced by selecting hydrocarbon-based base oils compatible with Ford gasoline and diesel powertrains. The oil has approvals from automotive companies Ford, Jaguar, Renault, Iveco. The quality ratings have been assigned in accordance with the tolerances of European machine manufacturers A1/B1 and A5/B5, according to the Petroleum Institute API SN/CF.
  3. Hi-tech Sint Asia 5W-30 is a high quality product specially designed for the Asian automotive industry. Compatible with exhaust aftertreatment systems and turbocharged engines. This synthetic product contains a minimum of negative additive components. Recommended for use by automakers: Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota and Mitsubishi."

    ROWE engine oil. ROWE oil: overview, specifications, range and reviews

All season for trucks

This category of Rowe lubricants is represented by the brands: Hi-tech Truckstar Sint 5W-30, Hi-tech Truckstar 5W-30 HC-LA and Truckstar 5W-30 MULTI-LA. What all these lubricants have in common is the ability to withstand extremely high loads and, at the same time, not lose their structural foundations in all weather conditions.

The oils are 100% synthetic, made from hydrocracked oils. Lubricants are specially designed for diesel power plants operating under severe conditions.

ROWE engine oil. ROWE oil: overview, specifications, range and reviews

Product cost

The price of Rowe oil depends on the volume of containers and the region of sale. The cost of Hi-Tech Sint Asia 5W-30 in a 5-liter package fluctuates around 2000 conventional units.

Owners of new cars equipped with a particulate filter should remember that the replacement of these consumables costs up to 1000 euros. A special High-Tech Multi Synth 5W-30 DPF engine oil, which can be purchased for 2880-3170 conditional units, will help prevent premature failure of such a filter.


There are few reviews about Rowe 5w30 oil, which is due to the not very high popularity of the German brand. But many see this as a great advantage, since there are practically no counterfeit products on the markets. Therefore, it is not difficult to buy original branded oil.

ROWE engine oil. ROWE oil: overview, specifications, range and reviews

Many car owners, including trucks, note the good washing properties of the oil, a long interval for regulated replacement of the lubricating fluid. In light frosts, trucks parked in the open air start up without problems, and in severe sub-zero temperatures, the crankcase is sometimes slightly heated to warm up the lubricating masses.

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