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Exide car batteries: reviews and specifications


The modern automotive market offers a wide range of batteries from domestic and foreign manufacturers with world names. One of the largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries is the Exide concern. The American company is engaged in the production of various automotive products, including Exide car batteries.

history of the company

Concern Exide Technologies was founded in 1888 in Philadelphia. The Exide brand itself appeared only in 1900. Earlier in the US, the Electric Storage Battery Company was founded by entrepreneur William Warren Gibbs. The expression Excellent Oxide, born from the creation of a new method for the production of battery oxides, has become the basis of the Exide brand.

Company representatives say that a significant contribution to their activities was made by the outstanding Thomas Edison, who was the founder of the Edison Storage Battery Company, which later became part of Exide. The merger with such a company gave a boost to the company, which quickly became a technology leader among automotive battery manufacturers. The first starter was made in 1913 with an Exide battery.

The modern company Exide also includes the European battery manufacturer Tudor. In the 19th century, an innovative technology for the industrial production of lead-acid batteries was patented. The first Tudor Accumulator plant was opened in Spain in 1897. One of the divisions of the concern before the revolution was in St. Petersburg. This plant is still in operation today, producing alkaline batteries. In the 80s of the last century, Tudor was considered one of the world’s largest manufacturers: the production volume per year was up to a million batteries sold in 50 countries of the world.

Exide car batteries: reviews and specifications

In the 1990s, Exide’s management embarked on a large-scale merger with leading European starter battery manufacturers. The renowned Tudor company was acquired in 1994. At the same time, large sums were invested in production, promotion of products and development of the retail network.

One of the companies that was taken over by Exide was Germany’s Hagen Batteries. The production was located near the city of Hagen, in the Ruhr region. Hagen brand batteries are still produced in Germany and are popular due to their affordable price and high quality. The Exide Science and Technology Center is located in Germany, in the city of Büdingen.

The American company GND Technologies was acquired by Exide in 2000. In the Asian and American markets, it was considered a leader in the production of industrial batteries. At the same time, Exide Corporation was renamed Exide Technologies. Over the years, the company has accumulated significant experience, which has allowed it to become a leader in the production of batteries.

Today, Exide Premium and Exide car batteries are produced by one of the company’s divisions – Exide Transportation, industrial batteries are manufactured by a subsidiary of GNB Industrial Power.

Exide car batteries: reviews and specifications

Concern developments

Exide research centers are located in several countries, including Spain and Germany. Engineers and employees of the centers regularly release technological and manufacturing innovations, and there is an active cooperation with automotive companies to test the released models of Exide batteries.

All production facilities of the company are ISO / TS certified. The company claims that the batteries are manufactured with a focus on efficiency, high quality and low environmental impact.

The latest innovative developments of the concern are:

  • 3DX gratings.
  • Carbon reinforcement.
  • EFB and AGM batteries.

The listed developments have analogues from other battery manufacturers. The latest Exide batteries are designed for vehicles equipped with start-stop systems."

Exide car batteries: reviews and specifications

Battery brands

The Exide concern produces products under different brands:

  1. The flagship line of Exide batteries. Under this brand, the company produces a wide range of car batteries of various types;
  2. Tudor. No less significant and popular brand of the company, which includes the following battery lines: Technica, Starter, High-Tech and Tudor AGM;
  3. Affordable, high-quality and reliable mid-range batteries. Their development and assembly is carried out in the territory recently together with domestic enterprises;
  4. Batteries under the Exide brand are produced in the middle price category of the Classic and AKB Plus series.

Batteries for Classic cars

Exide Classic batteries have been considered one of the most affordable and proven models for many years. Such batteries, judging by the manufacturer’s recommendations, are best used on cars with standard equipment.

The devices are equipped with a removable strip with plugs, thanks to which the car owner can measure the density of the electrolyte at any time, adding distilled water if necessary.

The Classic battery line is considered the cheapest and is recommended for cars with standard equipment.

Exide car batteries: reviews and specifications

Excell Model Batteries

Exide’s Excell range of batteries is one of the most sought after. The battery is based on proven Ca-Ca technology. Despite the fact that such models do not require maintenance, their design allows you to remove the lid, thereby opening access to the banks. This is enough to check the level and density of the electrolyte.

The advantages of this range of batteries are high starting power, a wide range of models and versatility: the battery of the Excellent series can be installed on any make and model of car.

Premium Line

For vehicles equipped with a large amount of electronics, the Exide Premium series of batteries is intended: EA640, 100 and other models. The production line is based on Carbon Boost technology, thanks to which the battery charging time is reduced by one and a half times. The technology is based on the introduction of carbon additives into the material of the negative electrode.

Reviews of Exide Premium batteries confirm the manufacturer’s claimed advantage of the series in the form of a 30 percent increase in starting power. Also, as mentioned above, the battery charging time is reduced by one and a half times.

Exide car batteries: reviews and specifications

Exide Start-Stop EFB Series

Exide gel batteries are the first models released by the company over ten years ago. Among WET batteries, this series is considered the most progressive. These batteries are installed on cars equipped with the Start-Stop system and are an affordable version of AGM batteries.

Exide 100 batteries offer longer battery life and better chargeability. Despite the manufacturer’s assurances that lead plates from an innovative alloy are used in commercial batteries, the same EFB technology has been used by various battery manufacturers for many years.

In addition to the fast battery charging speed, the battery life is three times longer than conventional models. Such models are characterized by stable operation under the influence of high temperatures.

Exide Start-Stop AGM line

Batteries created using AGM technology are currently successfully used in cars equipped with a start-stop system and a large number of electronic components.

The following materials are used to assemble Exide EA640 batteries: an alloy of lead and tin with various additives, glass fiber with a developed surface. This design and good protection allow the use of devices in water transport.

Batteries of this series can easily cope with getting a deep charge, providing a high starting current even when fully discharged. In addition, their operation is almost completely safe, since there is no liquid electrolyte. Separately, it is worth noting that these batteries are equipped with a VRLA gas recombination system.

Exide car batteries: reviews and specifications

Batteries for commercial vehicles

Exide manufactures the following truck battery models:

  • Professional.
  • professional strength.
  • HRV expert.

Motorcycle batteries

A separate line of rechargeable car batteries is also produced, which includes the following models:

  • standard for 6 and 12 volts;
  • maintenance-free modifications to 12 volts;
  • 12 volt gel sealed batteries.

Other battery options

More models:

  1. Early annual meeting of shareholders. Batteries of this series are installed on marine equipment. They are characterized by increased resistance to vibrations and high starting current. Equipped with a durable plastic case, so they are well protected from moisture.
  2. Double General Assembly. Dual-use batteries used to start the engine and supply various electrical consumers, provided that they are completely discharged. Often such batteries are used to power electric motors. They are distinguished by a quick recovery after a complete discharge and a long service life.
  3. Gel for equipment. A range of traction batteries designed to operate under deep discharge conditions in electric forklifts, cars, marine vessels and other types of vehicles. They are able to withstand many discharge-charge cycles and are reliable in operation.

Determining the release date of the battery

The Exide battery compartment has a special sticker with two basic symbols: a letter and a number. The first indicates the month of release of the battery, the second, respectively, the year. The negative terminal also shows the date of manufacture as two numbers.

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