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Cut out the catalytic converter and regretted it


In this article I will tell about the history, perhaps with an instructive tone. Probably, among the audience there are those who read on the web or heard from friends that over time the catalyst begins to break down, due to which its fragments come back into the cylinders. And the result of this process is bullying.

Considering this topic, the question is quite logical – how do catalyst particles manage to get into the intake? In fact, this is due to a special valve that recirculates the exhaust gases. This technology is called EGR.

In general, this system has been in operation for a long time. For example, it is implemented on the Chevrolet Lacetti. However, this car model does not have a massive problem with the catalyst and, accordingly, badass. But on South Korean cars, it manifests itself more significantly and more often.

Cut out the catalytic converter and regretted it

Why did I start this thread? My friend, the owner of the Hyundai Getza, was very often worried about the technical condition of his catalyst. Korefan assumed that it was time to get rid of him. I note that the mileage of the passenger car was at the level of 245 thousand km.

Finding no peace, the owner of the "South Korean" climbed into the Internet. Wandering through forums dedicated to the auto industry, he came across a thematic community on the social network. The administration of the public announced a campaign, which talked about the elimination of the catalyst and the installation of a flame arrester on favorable terms. Naturally, the price of the service was specified – 2 thousand rubles.

Cut out the catalytic converter and regretted it

My friend realized that his getting on the promotional page is fate. He contacted the group administrator and agreed to participate in the action. He was sent by the coordinators of the workshop in which the work is being carried out. A couple of days later he went there. After 3 hours, the masters did what was promised in a note published on a social network.

The appearance of the catalyst was surprising – it looked burnt out. It is curious that such a picture, if we consider the car from the passenger compartment, appears after 50-70 thousand km of the distance traveled. I am now talking about South Korean vehicles.

Cut out the catalytic converter and regretted it

But that’s not all I want to say. In principle, the car mechanic did the job as originally agreed: remove the catalyst, install a flame arrester. However, a nuance arises – the data coming from the sensor of the 1st lambda probe seem doubtful. The functioning of the sensor before and after removing the catalyst looks curious. The values ​​were not what the customer expected.

Cut out the catalytic converter and regretted it

One gets the feeling as if some kind of crooked uncle just took and cut off the wiring. I can’t explain otherwise. And the reason is clearly not in the firmware, since it deactivates the 2nd lambda, and not the 1st.

As a result, the formation of the air-fuel mixture began to occur incorrectly. What is the conclusion? Do not look for free cheese in a mousetrap! Be careful, act thoughtfully and carefully choose a car service.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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