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How often do you need to change the oil in your car?


How often to change the oil in vehicles? This topic is the cause of heated debate for many motorists. Someone is sure that the frequency of the shift must be strictly according to the regulations. But it is worth noting that new cars are created not by engineers, but by marketers who do not care about this factor.

Others are convinced that oil changes should be performed more often than 5-6 thousand km. So who’s right? There are none here. The fact is that they measure the shift period in kilometers, which is far from correct.

What affects oil if not mileage?

Let’s think logically. What is the purpose of the oil? – That’s right, lubricate the rubbing mechanisms. And when do they rub? – Again on target – when the engine is running.

Therefore, during the operation of the power unit, an oil wedge works, which does not care whether the car is in motion or not.

So, even when warming up the transport, or standing in traffic jams, the internal combustion engine still works, just at idle. And although the load in such cases, he experiences less than in motion, but the oil still performs its role.

Thus, it is more correct to consider the “aging" of the oil and the period of its change according to engine hours – the time when the engine is in the midst of work. Mileage does not play a special role!

2 examples


The car covered 100 km at a speed of 100 km/h. As a result, the engine worked for 1 hour, and hence the number of hours = 1 unit.


Traffic jams in the city. The average speed at peak is 10 km/h. How long will the internal combustion engine work to overcome the same 100 km? – 100:10 = 10 hours.


In two cases, the car drove the same way, which means that the period of operation of the power unit along with the oil is different. As a result, in 2 situations, the time of loss of physical. and chem. fewer properties, it will “get old” faster. Kilometers mean little here.

How often do we change the oil?

For the main criterion, we no longer take mileage in km, but engine hours. For a car used in the city, the speed in cities varies. If we talk about Moscow, then in the Kommersant newspaper for 2017 the speed was 50 km/h.

The optimal oil change level is 200-400 hours. We will secure the shortest oil “aging” time – 200 hours.

We use engine hours in mileage: 200 * 50 = 10.000 km. Therefore, for a driver driving around the city, it is worth changing the oil at least every 10,000 km.

Path along the track

The service interval, in this case, will be longer. Average speed – 75

km/h. In this case, we multiply 75 * 200 = 15.000 km.

Let’s summarize

I gave only one of those reasons that affect the oil change. I did not take into account, for example, the increased temperature of the power unit and the quality of the oil.

If you don’t want to strain yourself with calculations of engine hours and mileage, then I advise you to update the fluid at least every 8 thousand km. This will prevent problems with the internal combustion engine.

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All success on the road!


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