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If you do this, then the car will definitely be evacuated. Examples


Wheels turned out, parking on the sidewalk and with the engine running – what manipulations do drivers resort to so that the tow truck cannot pick up the car and why it does not work

Photo: RBC

Among motorists, various methods of protecting the car from evacuation are popular. Some suggest that the car cannot be picked up if it is halfway on the sidewalk, others believe that the tow truck will not be able to take the car away with the wheels turned out. Autonews.ru chose five of the most popular myths about car evacuation and found out why they have nothing to do with reality.

Myth 1. The tow truck will not pick up if the wheels are turned out

The most popular way that motorists advise each other as a rescue from evacuation is to turn the wheels of the car all the way. Allegedly, this way the tow truck will not be able to catch on the wheels of the car, which technically will not allow road services to lift the car onto the tow truck platform.

In fact, more modern models with special fasteners have been driving along the streets of the city for a long time, which can catch on the wheels, no matter what position they are in. However, in such a situation, there is a risk that the machine will be damaged during loading. The driver, of course, can claim damages through the courts, but this will take time and independent examinations. The car will be waiting for repair all this time.

Myth 2. It is impossible to pick up a car from under a carport

Some motorists believe that the tow truck will not be able to load the car if it is under a canopy or in an arch. Allegedly, the design of the tow truck does not allow it to drive up, secure the car and load it on board. This can be prevented by the height of the canopy or arch, as well as narrow ground clearances in such places.

If you do this, then the car will definitely be evacuated. Examples

Photo: RBC

However, the tow truck does not need to load the car in its parking place. As well as in the situation with the wheels turned out, the evacuation service can move the car to a more convenient place using the wheel hooks, and then carry out the evacuation using standard technologies.

Myth 3. They will not be able to evacuate if they drove onto the sidewalk

Another method that is often advised in the automotive community to avoid a tow is to park the car on the sidewalk or near the curb, or drive half the body of the car onto the sidewalk. Drivers believe that in such situations, employees of the evacuation service will have to pull the car by the free wheels. And supposedly only after that the car can be loaded onto a tow truck and taken to a car impound. It is generally accepted that tow trucks avoid such activities due to the risk of suspension damage and consequent liability for damages.

In fact, everything is much simpler. Evacuation workers have long learned how to safely move a car using free wheels. Technicians move the car with a hook and release the blocked side in order to load the car onto a tow truck and take it to the impound lot.

If you do this, then the car will definitely be evacuated. Examples

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Myth 4. You can’t pick up the car if the engine is running.

Technically, it is not difficult to evacuate a car with the ignition on. More questions here arise in the legal area: is it legal, because the car is in working condition and it is much easier to damage it in this form.

According to the specialist of the European Legal Service, Orest Matsal, evacuation with the engine running is possible, but subject to several rules. Therefore, drivers who abandon their car in the wrong place should remember that a running engine will not save the car from impounding.

Myth 5. You can’t evacuate if there is an animal in the car

If there is a person in the car in respect of which the decision to detain was made, then his subsequent transportation on the body of a tow truck is unacceptable. The fact is that the car becomes a load and is excluded from direct participation in road traffic. And paragraph 22.8 of the SDA provides for a ban on the transportation of passengers outside the cab of the car. Therefore, passengers are not allowed to be outside the tow truck cabin.

But in relation to dogs and cats, there are no separate rules for the transportation of traffic rules. The only thing you can rely on is an article for cruelty to animals. It will be possible to attract evacuators only if it is possible to prove that their actions led to the death, injury or other harm to the health of the animal.

If you do this, then the car will definitely be evacuated. Examples

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“The authorized employee, the driver of the tow truck and representatives of the special parking lot should assess their actions for causing harm to the animal. If such harm is excluded, then the evacuation of a car with an animal in the cabin is permissible. The owner of the animal also runs the risk of being held liable (Article 245 of the Criminal Code 📌) if, by his actions, he endangered the condition of the animal," said Orest Matsala.

You can evacuate everyone and everywhere

Most evacuations are carried out by road services in Moscow. “With the help of a tow truck, it is possible to move any car that violates the rules of the road, regardless of where and how the driver parked it, including from confined spaces, as well as cars with the ignition on, the wheels turned out. To do this, the AMPP fleet has various types of tow trucks. Cars with a passenger inside are not loaded onto a tow truck, in this case, the evacuation service workers or the inspector call the police, “the Mosparking press service explained.

If you do this, then the car will definitely be evacuated. Examples

Photo: Autonews.ru

Why can a tow truck pick up a parked car?

There are several offenses due to which city road services can tow a car. The most common is parking in the zone of prohibition signs. But evacuation is carried out only if sign 8.24 “A tow truck is working” is installed in the indicated place. If there is no such sign, then the car will not be taken to the impound lot – the owner will only be issued a fine.

A car parked in the area of ​​the “Parking for the disabled” sign or at a pedestrian crossing and closer than five meters in front of it can also be evacuated. The car will also be picked up from a public transport stop, from tram tracks and from a tunnel. Another category of cars are those who like to park in the second row.

After the car was evacuated, the owner must not only pay a fine, but also pay for evacuation services and a parking lot. Fines for evacuation in Moscow, depending on the violation, range from 1,000 conventional units to 3,000 conventional units. Evacuation of a car with a power of 80 to 250 hp will cost 6,450 conditional units.

If you do this, then the car will definitely be evacuated. Examples

Photo: Moscow parking

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