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How to independently make tuning on the VAZ 2108?


VAZ 2108, the tuning of which allows you to refine the "eight" to a modern SUV, you can convert yourself. To do this, you will need to update the interior, body and technical details of the car. To make the Lada 2108 sporty, you will need to replace body kits, wheels and mirrors. If necessary, the dimensions of the diode and other details are installed on the VAZ 2108 with your own hands.

1 Engine upgrade

To increase power, a new type of engine is installed on the G8. Auto mechanics recommend using the injection system for chip tuning the VAZ 2108. In this case, the compressor and turbocharging will need to be finalized. If it is not planned to replace the engine with a carburetor system, experts recommend:

  • set filters;
  • expand and clear channels;
  • increase the volume of the cylinders.

In this case, independent adjustment of the ignition distributor and carburetor is carried out. Similar tuning can be performed on the "six". If Lada 2108 is operated in the city, then you need to pay attention to the torque indicator. Its value should be at the appropriate level at low and medium speeds. To do this, you will need to replace the engine camshaft.

How to independently make tuning on the VAZ 2108?

Modernization of the VAZ 2108 engine The next step in tuning the VAZ 2108 is the modernization of the cylinders. This is due to the fact that with an increase in the stroke of the shaft, the filling of the cylinders with the air-fuel mixture increases. This is necessary to ensure high torque.

At the same time, auto mechanics are advised to produce:

  • engine sealing;
  • landing covers of the cylinder head and oil pan in sealant;
  • to facilitate the installation of the gas distribution mechanism, it is recommended to cut a piece of its cover.

To replace the pipe through which exhaust gases are discharged, it will be necessary to make a structure of 4 conventional units in such a way that they gradually become 2, and then 1 pipe. This design helps to maintain the optimal torque value for the improved "eight". To modify the throttle, you will need to increase its diameter. The resulting part will have high performance.

2 Internal improvements

When tuning the VAZ 2108 interior, experts understand:

  • upgraded gear shift knobs;
  • installation of new acoustics and roofs;
  • installation of diode lighting;
  • steering wheel adjustment;
  • installation of power windows and alarms.

If necessary, you can install seats from Ford, a panel from Fiat on the G8. If the car does not have a tachometer, then you can mount a torpedo with your own hands. With this device, the driver will be able to determine the oil pressure.

How to independently make tuning on the VAZ 2108?

Car interior tuning

Additional work of a car mechanic includes moving the ignition coil to a place convenient for the driver (including under the engine shield) or installing an additional one. If necessary, standard wires are replaced with silicone analogues.

External tuning of the "eight" includes the refinement of the wipers, the sealing of the safety block and the installation of the "fan" / "double" system, or the overhaul of the old windshield nozzles. Auto mechanics recommend strengthening the headlights and installing imported spark plugs (NGK, Bosch, Beru) and an alternator belt on the car.

The cooling system of Lada 2108 needs to be updated. First you need to make a toggle switch to force the radiator fan to turn on. The factory sensor (99-95) was replaced with a colder analogue (from Muscovite 2141). If necessary, the coolant is replaced.

3 Recommendations of professionals

When tuning the VAZ 2108 with their own hands, experts recommend paying special attention to the lower shelf of the radiator. The factory load sling is made of thin metal. The fixing nuts of its extension brackets are hidden inside. During the operation of the car, cracks appear on the shelf.

How to independently make tuning on the VAZ 2108?

Adjusting the lower shelf of the radiator To avoid such a breakdown, you will need to make a rally sports shelf. It is welded at the bottom and front of sheet metal 2 mm thick. Previously, the bottom sheet of the nut is equipped with clamping brackets. When tuning the VAZ 2108 cooling system, experts recommend upgrading the upper radiator support. To do this, it is pulled by 5-10 cm with a metal tube. The factory water pump or thermostat is replaced by an imported counterpart. To replace the metal clamps installed on the nozzles, you will need a set of screwdrivers and wrenches.

4 Brakes, wheels and drive

The braking system of the G8 needs to be modernized. Experts recommend boosting braking performance with Ferodo ventilated discs and brake pads. Replacement of these elements is carried out if the factory counterparts are out of order.

Established 8mm fittings are replaced by 10mm analogues. High quality fasteners are used to attach the master cylinder reservoir. When adjusting the wheels, it is necessary to refuse to increase the expansion due to the track of the machine. Before installing 14-inch wheels, the following facts must be considered:

  • engine capabilities;
  • the actual condition of the suspension.

How to independently make tuning on the VAZ 2108?

Modernization of wheelsModernization of electrical equipment means the installation of an additional switch. To change it, flip the connector. To improve the standard gearbox, it will be necessary to provide for a “soft" differential lock. This will allow the driver to start well from a standstill, move safely on slippery surfaces and in corners.

With the help of tuning Lada 2108 can be turned into a limousine. This will require the assistance of qualified professionals.

Self-modernization of the G8 is carried out on a viewing hole using a jack, a welding machine, a set of keys and screwdrivers.

When performing the above work, it is recommended to observe safety precautions.

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