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New SEAT Leon Cupra – Spanish adrenaline


The new SEAT Leon Cupra 2014 – hot Spanish hatchback will be officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. But Seat decided to “open the cards" with information about the new product, without waiting for the premieres scheduled for spring 2014. On January 7, 2014, photos of the exterior and interior of the new generation Leon Cupra seat became available on the Web. But most importantly, the technical characteristics of the Spanish rocket have become known, capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in less than 6 seconds and reaching a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

New SEAT Leon Cupra - Spanish adrenaline

The start of sales of the new Seat Leon Cupra in European countries will be in May 2014, the price of the new Seat Leon Cupra will be from 30,810 euros for the initial version of a hot three-door hatchback with a 265 horsepower engine and a 6-speed manual transmission to 34,310 euros for the top-end configuration with five- door hatchback, 280 horsepower engine and robotic gearbox DSG 6.

Therefore, the version of the new Seat Leon Cupra is designed to cover the maximum number of motorists. Auto novelty is available in 8 configurations, four configurations for the three-door Leon SC Cupra and the five-door Leon Cupra (two engines and a pair of gears).

New SEAT Leon Cupra - Spanish adrenaline

The external design and external dimensions of the body of the new generation seat Leon Cupra 2014-2015 are almost exactly the same appearance, making civil modifications of the seat Leon the Spanish representative of class C. But the high dynamic and high-speed characteristics of the Cupra version, of course, forced designers and specialists responsible for aerodynamics work responsibly and productively on the exterior of hot hatchbacks. Charged versions received a new front bumper with huge air intakes and a spoiler, a wider grille, front fog lights to compensate for the lack of headlights with full LED content, which is installed as standard.

New SEAT Leon Cupra - Spanish adrenaline

An overview of the body of powerful Spanish hatchbacks in profile is difficult to find differences from conventional versions, but there is a difference, and it comes down to installing large wheels on alloy wheels 18 or 19 radius with low-profile tires 255/35 R18 for Cupra 265 and 255/30 R19 convenience for Cupra 280, factory tinted rear side windows and tailgate glass. In fact, the sides are decorated with stylish ribs-punch emerging on the front and rear fenders and scuffs on the doors of the second row of seats, neat rear-view mirrors on the legs. From the side, the car looks stylish and sporty and recklessly.

New SEAT Leon Cupra - Spanish adrenaline

Feed the three and five-door versions of the new Seat Leon Cupra with an original rear bumper complete with a diffuser and a sports exhaust system with twin tailpipes adorned with chrome oval tips. Tailgate with large spoiler, rear lights with LED content.

New SEAT Leon Cupra - Spanish adrenaline

The interior of the new generation SEAT Leon Cupra will please its owner with high-quality materials, thoughtful and balanced ergonomics, rich equipment. Multi-functional steering wheel with leather-trimmed rim trimmed at the bottom, easy-to-read instrument panel with multi-functional color screen on-board computer and speedometer scales marked up to 300 km / h!!! and tachometer up to 8000 rpm. The ideal backrest profile of the front sports seats is complemented by pronounced bolsters of lateral support for the torso and hips, perforated leather and Alcantara trim for all seats in the cabin.

New SEAT Leon Cupra - Spanish adrenaline

Center console with color touch screen 5.8-inch navigation and multimedia system and telephone. The new Leon Cupra also boasts dual-zone climate control as standard equipment, LED lighting can change color from white to red (driving the Cupra), engine start / stop system and brake energy recovery, front differential lock (up to 100% torque), DCC adaptive chassis and progressive ESP electric power steering.

New SEAT Leon Cupra - Spanish adrenaline

The owner and part-time pilot of the Spanish hot hatchback can independently select one of three modes – Comfort, Sport and Cupra for the engine, transmission, steering and chassis. The new Leon Cupra is positioned as a sports car with a groovy engine and excellent handling, while the car has not lost its practicality and can be used as an ordinary family car.

The technical characteristics of the Leon Cupra 2014 seat will delight lovers of speed. The Spanish hot hatch is powered by a new four-cylinder 2.0-litre TSI twin-turbocharged petrol engine. And depending on the engine settings, they are capable of delivering different power.

  • The first option for Cupra 265 – TSI 2.0 (265 hp) with 6 manual transmissions (DSG 6) gives acceleration to 100 km / h in 5.9 (5.8) seconds.
  • The second, more powerful option for Cupra 280 – TSI 2.0 (280 hp) with 6 manual transmissions (DSG 6) shoots up to the first hundred in 5.8 (5.7) seconds.

The maximum torque of 350 Nm is achieved in the crankshaft speed range from 1700 to 5300 rpm.
The top speed of both versions is limited to 250 km/h, the average fuel consumption of the engine is 6.4 to 6.7 liters, CO2 emissions are only 149 and 154 g/km.
The seat of course Leon Cupra is built on the new MQB platform from Volkswagen AG with wheelbase dimensions of 2636 mm, like the civilian version of the SEAT Leon.
Suspension is fully independent with MacPherson struts at the front and multi-link at the rear, disc brakes with ABC EBD is necessary in the future: a stabilization system and an assistant when starting uphill.

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