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“Premium” options that you can retrofit your car inexpensively


Previously, cars were updated every 10 years and the differences were mainly in mechanics. Now machines are updated very often. Literally a year or two and new options appear, and a 5-year-old car is considered obsolete. Basically, of course, this concerns security systems and other electronics, most of which can only be obtained from the factory (ESP, monitoring systems for “dead" zones, active cruise control), but almost any car can be retrofitted with many comfort options, be it an old foreign car or VAZ.

multimedia system

Even on new budget foreign cars, hopelessly outdated regular multimedia systems are often installed. Neither display a picture from the rear view camera, nor connect a smartphone, nor bluetooth, nor normal navigation. Fortunately, now you can pick up a multimedia system on android for any car. Even if the head unit is of a non-standard shape. The issue price is approximately 6000 conditional units. Everything will be there: GPS, Wi-Fi, USB, AUX, navigation, and video can be watched.

Heated steering wheel

Another modern option that you will not find on older cars is a heated steering wheel. The option is desirable for many, but only a few know that you can install a heated steering wheel in almost any car. You just have to buy wires (or a ready-made kit for installation) and drag the steering wheel. The issue price is about 5000 conditional units, if you do it yourself and twice as expensive if you do it in the service.

Rear View Camera

Someone likes parking sensors more (by the way, they can also be installed for a couple of thousand conditional units, not counting work), but I prefer the camera. You can install it yourself in just an hour. And it is not even necessary to have an expensive multimedia system with a color screen. You can input the image on an aftermarket rearview mirror, which is sold as a kit. Such devices cost mere pennies these days – from 2000 conventional units, and you can find them cheaper on Avito or Yulia.

Button start

I don’t understand the joke in starting the car from the button, if there is still no keyless access and you have to get the key anyway, but for some it’s fun. You can install it for one or two; on Ali, ready-made kits are sold from 1000 conditional units. True, I still would not, the safety of the car is more important.

"Premium" options that you can retrofit your car inexpensively

headlight washer

The option is useful, but it is found, as a rule, only on cars with xenon or LED headlights. However, the use of washers is also with halogen, to be honest, drive on the highway, for example. You can install it on any car, however, if they are not initially provided in the car, you yourself will have to select tanks, tubes, a pump, nozzles that are suitable in size, and lay wiring. Details will cost from 3000 conditional units. Plus, work can get up to the same amount if you don’t want to mess around yourself.

seat ventilation

Seat ventilation is top notch. I would argue about the benefits, but many people like and want to. If earlier it was only possible to collective farm something with computer coolers, now there are complete sets, well-made and with a guarantee. For one seat, it will cost approximately 12,000 conventional units. But if you take a non-branded kit from the supplier of these systems for many conveyors of auto concerns, then it will come out cheaper.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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