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Rovi Vision-E – The Chinese concept of chic


New Chinese crossovers 2017-2018 joined Rovi’s futuristic vision of the concept presented at the Shanghai Auto Show. We offer our readers an overview of the Rovi Vision-E concept model, WITH PHOTOS, equipment, technical specifications, the forerunner of Rovi’s serial electric crossover, ready, according to preliminary information, are on the assembly line in the future, 2018.

Rovi Vision-E - The Chinese concept of chicRovi Vision-E - The Chinese concept of chic

At the beginning of the review, it is worth noting that the Chinese electric SUV Roewe Vision concept SUV is able to easily outshine the Czech prototype Skoda Vision e concept shown to the public at the same location in Shanghai. Interestingly, in addition to the identical name, electronic vision, both Chinese and Czech terms are harbingers of the production version of the all-electric crossover equipped with a pair of electric motors (one for each axle) and lithium-ion batteries capable of delivering 500 km of range on a single charge.

Only it looks like the Chinese concept is much brighter and more expensive, both outside and inside, than the Czech model. Yes, apparently the new Roewe is equipped with more powerful electric motors capable of catapulting the car to 100 km/h in a ridiculous 4 seconds.

The new Chinese concept is endowed with a bright, stylish and original appearance, created by the Design Gupta design team (Rovi, the company is part of the SAIC concern). The body of the auto novelty shines with original design solutions: a huge radiator grille, stylish LED headlights flowing into the section, powerful bumpers, embossed wheel arches, lush side of the body, a high window sill, a roofline smoothly descending to a compact stern, magically stylish parking lights with an original ceiling.

  • Rovi television concept has a record aerodynamics for crossovers – CX 0.27.

Rovi Vision-E - The Chinese concept of chic

Traditionally, the conceptual models of the Chinese crossover sports hinged side doors, a comfortable fit for the driver and passengers in the cabin (in the serial version, the novelty will receive a traditional rear door and a central pillar). The interior is elegant to say the least, ranging from the overall cabin concept with four individual seats, two levels of front panel and a floating central tunnel, to the presence of super modern equipment and high quality materials.

Rovi Vision-E - The Chinese concept of chicRovi Vision-E - The Chinese concept of chic

For finishing, artificial suede – Alcantara, perforated nappa leather, eco-leather, natural wood, polished aluminum and carbon fiber are used. Of the equipment, you should pay attention to the original steering wheel, digital instrument panel, head-up display, a huge touch screen that repeats the curve of the center console and serves as a tool for controlling all high-tech equipment, an optional touch panel for those sitting in the second row. The touchpad is also present on all four door cards of the car. The salon is complemented by background LED lighting on the ceiling flaunts a huge LED chandelier.

Rovi Vision-E - The Chinese concept of chic

Specifications Rowy Vision Concept, 2017. The concept crossover is equipped with an electric propulsion system consisting of two electric motors (one for each axle) and a lithium-ion battery. The manufacturer does not indicate the power of the electric motors, but proudly claims that the crossover shoots from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds and is capable of traveling up to 500 kilometers without recharging.
To restore the power supply to the fuel in the traction battery, you can use a regular household power supply for 10-12 hours, and if you have a special charger in 15 minutes to 80% capacity.

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