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Seat Arona 2017 – new crossover


Seat Arona 2017 – new crossoverSeat Arona 2017 – new crossover

A Spanish new subcompact crossover built on the A0 MQB platform, pioneered by the Ibiza seat hatchback 5th generation Volkswagen Polo 6th generation. So the new SEAT Arona can pahasti a strong body, made mainly of high strength steel, additional turbo engines with modest fuel consumption, air conditioning, interior with modern equipment (Apple-enabled multimedia system, car, Android Auto operating system and mirror link).

Seat Arona 2017 – new crossoverSeat Arona 2017 – new crossover

The exterior design of the Spanish subcompact crossover demonstrates the modern design style of the new Seat: a compact false radiator grille, strict headlights (optionally full LED), a massive front bumper with a large air intake, neat mirrors on legs, elegant edges, and flourishes that decorate the side surface of the body, round wheel arches, a high window sill line, quickly rise and again together on the rear pillars with a roof line, a compact stern with LED position lights, a powerful bumper and a trunk lid with straight embossed lines.

  • The outer dimensions of the 2017-2018 Arona seat shell are 4138 mm long, 1780 mm wide and 1543 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2564 mm.

The Arona SUV seat is significantly larger than the Seat Ibiza hatch platform of 88 mm and 99 mm in height. Under additional 15 mm ground clearance of the hatch.
The higher crossover body of the Aron provides a more comfortable fit and accommodation for the driver and passengers in the cabin. The driver’s seat is set 52 mm higher, the front passenger seat, respectively, 62 mm higher, and an additional 37 mm of space above the head in the first row, and 33 mm in the second row.
The useful volume of the luggage compartment in the standard split position of the rear seats is 400 liters (hatch 355 liters).

The interior of the Arona seat is the same as the interior of the 5th generation Seat Ibiza co-platform, but on the front panel it is slightly higher. The rest of the saloon models are Twins, and, please, correct ergonomics, comfortable first-row seats with solid lateral support and a decent supply of space for second-row passengers.

Seat Arona 2017 – new crossover

Aaron’s new SEAT as standard and optional get a lot of modern equipment: Front Assist system, adaptive cruise control with Stop&GO function, tire pressure monitoring system and fatigue detection, rain and light sensors, multi-collision brake, keyless entry and start system, reversing camera and parking sensors, infotainment system with 8-inch touch screen or dual-zone climate control rear traffic alert system, blind spot detection and park assist system, full LED headlights and taillights.

Seat Arona 2017 – new crossover

The Spanish SUV is offered in four versions, Reference, Style, FR and Xcellence. It is also worth noting that there are as many as 68 combinations: color base color of the body of the roof, rear drain and rear-view mirror housings (gray, black, orange or main body color).

Technical characteristics of the Arona seat in 2017-2018. Under the hood of Aaron’s subcompact crossover seat, according to preliminary information, it is planned to install four gasoline engines, two turbodiesels and an electric motor running on compressed natural gas.

Arona seat petrol version 2017-2018:

  • With a three-cylinder turbo engine 1.0 TSI (95 hp) In the company with a 5 manual transmission.
  • More powerful turbocharged "Troika" 1.0 TSI (115 hp) in combination with 6 manual transmissions or DSG 7.
  • Four-cylinder turbocharged engine 1.5 TSI (150 hp 250 Nm) with 6 manual transmissions.
  • It also offers a 1.6 MPI engine (110 PM) in a company with 5 manual transmissions (6 automatic transmissions).

Seat version Arona 2017-2018 for natural gas. With a 1.0 TSI three-cylinder engine (90 hp) paired with a 5 manual transmission.

Diesel Seat Arona 2017-2018:

  • 1.6 TDI (95 hp) in tandem with 5-7 manual gearbox or DSG.
  • 1.6 TDI (115 hp) Paired with 6 manual transmissions.

Standard front-wheel drive, the manufacturer has not yet announced the possibility of obtaining a four-wheel drive transmission.

Seat test Arona 2017-2018 video

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