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Reliable rogues: top 6 cars for hunting and fishing


The instinct of the earner is in the genes of a man. And if our ancestors needed several months to stock up on food and warm skins, then modern hunters and fishermen are much easier. They need patience in anticipation of trophies and a car that can overcome fords and climb into the thicket of the forest.

We found out which cars can be taken by fans of outdoor activities and selected six cars for hunting and fishing. These are cars with an off-road character, all-wheel drive, high ground clearance and a roomy trunk. They do not break in a big way, and if they break, the breakdowns are fixed easily and quickly.

LADA 4×4

Reliable rogues: top 6 cars for hunting and fishing

A versatile car that suits both the harsh Ural hunters and modern Moscow hipsters. It has four-wheel drive, and the ground clearance is 22 cm (for restyling – 20 cm). The off-road character is expressed in the well-thought-out geometry of the body and the ability to drive forward even through the forest, even through the ford, even through the windbreak.

Breakdowns of the Niva can often be repaired with electrical tape, a wrench and a swear word, so it fits into our idea of ​​u200bu200breliability.

The trunk holds 265 liters. To pack a lot of gear and bring back a lot of loot, you can fold down the rear seats and mount a roof rack.

The competitive advantage of Niva over all SUVs is an affordable price. For a car, on average, they ask for 313 thousand conventional units. Every third car is sold without problems, every fifth comes true with an accident, unpaid fines and a duplicate title.

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UAZ Hunter

Reliable rogues: top 6 cars for hunting and fishing

The Hunter is essentially a UAZ 2206, a Soviet-era hippie with a tweaked suspension and slightly improved comfort. He was often called the "Russian Gelendvagen". All-wheel drive in it is combined with a 21-centimeter ground clearance and the ability to climb into dense locations.

On it, you can safely drive far from civilization, because it is the Hunter that comes to the aid of unfortunate hunters traveling through the forests in crossovers. The 470-liter trunk will fit everything a traveler needs: from a tent to a week’s supply of food.

The cost on the secondary is 353 thousand conditional units. "Clean" comes true every third car. Every fifth is sold with unpaid fines, every seventh – with registration restrictions and accidents.

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Nissan Patrol

Reliable rogues: top 6 cars for hunting and fishing

Its abilities will tell about the off-road nature of the all-wheel drive Patrol. It can overcome a ford up to 70 cm deep, run over a 20 cm obstacle and not fall down with a 48-degree roll.

The ride height varies from 220 mm for the third generation to 274 mm for the sixth generation. The sixth generation Patrol has the largest trunk volume, it holds 550 liters!

The model also has no problems with reliability. "Patrol" is able to simply go forward, regardless of the road surface, obstacles and other minor details.

The average cost of a car in the secondary market is 1.5 million conventional units. Most (every third car) comes true with an accident, the calculation of repair work and a duplicate TCP. Every fourth Patrol has unpaid fines or twisted mileage, and every sixth has registration restrictions.

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Mitsubishi Pajero

Reliable rogues: top 6 cars for hunting and fishing

Some choose Pajero to show their status, while others – for outdoor activities. The ground clearance of a large and premium SUV is 225-235 mm, depending on the modification.

Pajero easily overcomes any coatings without fear of scratching the thresholds and bottom. He can handle 700 mm fords and mountain climbs. It climbs a 35-degree slope and withstands rolls up to 45 degrees.

The 1100-liter trunk of the third generation Pajero will fit the carcass of an adult elk.

Used Pajero is available for 1.3 million conventional units on average. Every fourth car comes true without problems. On every fifth "hang" unpaid fines and traffic police restrictions. Every seventh has been in an accident, the same number have twisted mileage.

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Land Rover Defender

Reliable rogues: top 6 cars for hunting and fishing

The Def is not only a capable SUV, but also a style legend. He allows fishing and hunting wherever there is a desire, even if there are no roads in this place. If all other cars from our rating were created, including for off-road, then Defender is for this purpose. Its ground clearance is 250 mm.

Moving on public roads is not as indicative for him as traveling over rough terrain. Verified geometry, exit and departure angles, special paintwork – everything is thought out to the smallest detail in it.

The Def’s structures are so simple that they do not break even after swimming in a deep ford. The 400-liter trunk with the second row of seats folded increases to 1400 liters.

On the secondary market, Defender is sold for 1.5 million conditional units. Every fourth car has a twisted mileage, every sixth has an accident, every fifth has unpaid fines and calculation of repair work.

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Jeep Wrangler

Reliable rogues: top 6 cars for hunting and fishing

This is the most beautiful car in our ranking, which easily travels through ice, snow, rocks, gravel and windbreaks. Another advantage of the Wrangler is the safety arcs under the removable roof. It is not afraid to roll over on it, and thanks to the removable roof, you can even travel in the jungle and hunt without leaving the car.

The reliability of the Wrangler is legendary: it is not afraid of any difficulties. 202-277 cm of ground clearance (depending on the generation) allow you to feel comfortable on any road surface.

From the outside it seems that it will be difficult to place booty in the trunk, but if you fold the rear row of seats, the luggage compartment will double. Pay attention to the third and fourth generations of the model – they are the most spacious (500-900 liters).

You can buy a used Wrangler for an average of 2.3 million conventional units. Every third car comes true without problems. Most – every fourth car – has unpaid fines or repair calculations.


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