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The imaginary advantages of the VAZ-2106 over other models of the “classic” Zhiguli


Greetings readers!

About three months ago I became the proud owner of a VAZ-2106 car. I bought it from a friend at a very attractive price, which I wrote about in my article earlier, I will buy a link to it at the bottom of this article. Now I want to talk about the main “imaginary" advantages of the VAZ-2106 over the model range of the “classic” Lada.

Why "imaginary"?! Everything is simple! Many of the advantages written in this article have never been officially confirmed by anyone, as a rule, most of them were noted by VAZ-2106 car owners in an attempt

The first advantage is “brightness of light”.

Many VAZ-2106 car owners claim that the brightness of the light from the headlights is much better than that of other Zhiguli models, without citing the VAZ-2103 as an example. This “miracle” is explained by the presence of 4 headlights. For me, this assumption has the right to exist, since when you turn on the headlights, you can make the high and low beams turn on at the same time, giving greater brightness.

The second advantage is a “strong” body.

The body of the VAZ-2106 car is much stronger compared to other models. I consider this an imaginary advantage, since all Zhiguli models are made on the same platform.

The third advantage is “silent”.

The interior trim of the VAZ-2106 is modest, like all Zhiguli. The installed instrument panel in the “Six”, unlike the VAZ-2105/07 instrument panel, “rattles” much less when driving on gravel road surfaces. The VAZ-2101 and VAZ-2103 models did not stand aside, as they have a similar instrument panel as the VAZ-2106. Initially installed the same suspension on the entire model range of "Zhiguli" does not allow a certain model to distinguish itself by its characteristics. I don’t see the point in talking about soundproofing of the body, since I think that it is missing.

The fourth advantage is “warm”

Many VAZ-2106 car owners claim that the interior of their car is warmer than other Zhiguli models. In fact, there is some truth in these words, since the first releases of VAZ-2106 cars were equipped with a brass heater radiator, which, in conjunction with a more powerful 1.6 engine, gave more efficient heat transfer. I note that this arrangement was not on all models of Zhiguli, and as we know, aluminum heater radiators came to replace the brass heater radiators, which are worse in terms of heat transfer characteristics.

The imaginary advantages of the VAZ-2106 over other models of the "classic" Zhiguli

The fifth advantage is “powerful”.

Most VAZ-2106 cars were equipped with an engine with a displacement of 1.6, which was developed specifically for this model. Among the carburetor engines installed on the “classic”, it is the most powerful and has 75 horsepower.

The given five imaginary advantages of the VAZ-2106 over other Zhiguli models still “exist” among car owners.

The imaginary advantages of the VAZ-2106 over other models of the "classic" Zhiguli


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