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Ford hires Tesla lead engineer to develop new models


A new Ford employee, Alan Clark, was involved in the Tesla Model S, Model X and Roadster development projects at his previous job.

Trucks and SUVs remain the basis of Ford brand sales in the domestic market, crossovers make up their share, and the passenger line is now represented only by the Mustang sports car. It should be noted that brand sales in the US have been declining since 2016, however, if according to the results of the “covid" 2020, the “minus” was almost 16%, then last year it dropped to 6.5% (Americans bought 1,804,824 copies) .

Ford hires Tesla lead engineer to develop new models

In the photo: Ford F-150 Lightning

Now many automakers are gradually shifting their attention to electric vehicles. Ford has already taken several steps in this direction. So, back in November 2019, the company introduced the “green” Mustang Mach-E crossover, the production of which began at a plant in Cuautitlán (Mexico) in October 2020. It is worth noting that last year the model was sold in the United States with a circulation of 27,140 copies.

The second big step was the appearance of an all-electric version of the full-size Ford F-150 pickup truck – this modification received an addition to the name Lightning. The model has not yet gone on sale, its presentation took place in May 2021, and mass production will begin this year. The first buyers should receive their electric vans next spring.

Ford hires Tesla lead engineer to develop new models

In the photo: Ford Mustang Mach-E

The company is not going to stop there. Back in the spring of last year, Ford announced that by 2030 it plans to invest $30 billion in the development of electric vehicles. Therefore, there will only be more new "battery" products. In addition, its development will be entrusted to a new Ford employee – we are talking about former Tesla chief engineer Alan Clark.

The specialist worked at Tesla for 12 years (since 2009), during which time he participated in several projects important for the development of the brand, including the Tesla Model S, Model X and Roadster. In addition, it is reported that he participated in the development of the architecture that formed the basis of the Model 3 and Model Y, and also participated in the creation of the Cybertruck prototype.

Ford hires Tesla lead engineer to develop new models

In the photo: Tesla Model S blanket

Alan Clark talked about his move to Ford on the social network LinkedIn. He will probably have to work hard, because the manufacturer intends to switch to the production of electric vehicles only by 2035. It should be noted that before joining Tesla, the specialist worked at Honda Performance Development, acting as a chassis engineer for the ARX.02A P1 and ARX 01b P2 prototypes, which participated in racing.

Recall that last fall, another former Tesla employee, Doug Field, moved to Ford. He was the head of Apple’s automotive project and also served as senior vice president of engineering at Tesla. Among his merits is assistance in the launch of Model 3. Now the specialist is engaged in software and the implementation of various technologies and driving assistants in Ford models

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