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Washer frozen. How to be saved?


Freezing non-freezing in our time is quite a common phenomenon. Anti-freeze manufacturers sometimes save on high-quality chemicals and interfere with washer cocktails from literally everything that comes to hand. Ideally, the correct quality and percentage of isopropyl alcohol and pure distilled water should be used (the latter is rather desirable). In practice, things are much worse.

As a result, in frost we have a picture that when we try to turn on the glass washer, we only observe attempts by the gearbox to pump fluid through the system, but there is no result. The answer is obvious. No need to panic. The system just froze through and through.

Sometimes. Either they prepared the concentrate solution incorrectly, or simply forgot to change the water to a non-freezing liquid before the frost.

Notice :

We are faced with the question, rather inherent in Russian classics: what to do in such a situation?

Most drivers know that driving on a winter highway without a working washer. Visibility in winter is already poor.

The course of action depends on how serious the situation is.

1 If the frost is not very strong, and the washer is no longer working, you can drive for a couple of hours and the engine will warm the reservoir. Everything will start functioning again. After that, you need to urgently drain the entire system and fill it with anti-freeze.

2 If the situation allows and there is extra time, then you can drive into the closed heated parking lot of the shopping center, stand for 20-30 minutes and wait for the system to freeze. But usually there is no time.

Washer frozen. How to be saved?

3 You can modify option number 1. All the free space in the tank that is above the ice must be filled with fresh non-freezing liquid. For such ice cream topping, it is better to choose a liquid with a frost resistance index of -20 degrees or even more / less (as you like more 🙂 …). When the first signs of defrosting appear, stir this mixture of ice, water and anti-freeze with a screwdriver. This will speed up the defrost process.

4 The washer reservoir is usually very easy to remove. It stands on movable guides and it is enough to pull it up and remove it. Plastic tubes are also not difficult to remove. You can remove the tank full of ice. Put him in the salon and let him freeze. Then drain all the water and fill the space with anti-freeze, and then put it in place.

But all this is good until the water seizes somewhere inside the system. Let’s say inside the tubes.

This phenomenon is quite rare, but it does happen. The fact is that with such quantities, water usually spreads over the entire tube and a cold plug is rarely obtained. If this happened, then it remains to act by the Kutuzov method. Again go to the covered parking and wait for defrosting. You can also go to the sink, there are also often heated boxes.

If there is no such possibility. You can perform all the steps from points 1-4, and then, after filling the tank with vigorous anti-freeze, wait for the gradual defrosting of the system. She is guaranteed to die. It’s a question of time. Millimeter by millimeter, the ice will recede 😉

By the way, keep in mind that it would be better for the washer system not to freeze at all.

Freezing expanding water can rupture the hydraulic system or damage washer pumps, resulting in lengthy and costly repairs. If everything is frozen, then do not rush in a panic to pull the liquid supply lever.

Nothing may happen, or you can burn the pump motor winding or simply kill the fuse. Let the system cool down.

Also, note that usually. There is neither a characteristic buzz, nor any attempts by the system to show signs of life. This is normal.


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