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Sneered at the “pet” or what happened to the Hyundai Creta?


Sales of the Hyundai Creta crossover was launched recently from August 1, 2016 and in the first month of sales this model became the most popular in the SUV category, leaving Renault Duster behind. I think it has everything to become a bestseller: the format is right, the price is right… or is there something else missing?

1 This high "Solaris"

Based on the size, yes. But in fact, the angular body of "Crete" covers a mix of different parts of Hyundai. The idea is that the model is based on laying the platform known here as the i20 hatchback. In addition, representatives of the brand assured that it is necessary to think more broadly.

Sneered at the "pet" or what happened to the Hyundai Creta?

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The larger crossover Tucson shared with "cool" all-wheel drive units, including an automatic rear wheel clutch, the official said. The Elantra sedan had a donor engine and many chassis components. And some of the chassis was taken from Solaris, and a new generation, to which Our country has not yet reached.

2 Suspension fixed

The owners of the first Solaris often complained about the dangerous buildup of the stern. The choice of the problem of the rear shock absorbers has long been resolved, so that Creta was born with this disease do not suffer. On the contrary, it turns right and perhaps even a tasty car, somewhat reminiscent of the nimble and nimble Ford EcoSport. Rolls are minimal too rough on the waves.

The Creta quickly accepts maneuvers and stands well on the arc, which allows, if necessary, to tighten or “dissolve" the trajectory without any problems. And obedience does not depend on the type of rear suspension. Even in the front-wheel drive version with an elastic beam, the multi-link works as it should – reliably and without unnecessary weight.

Surprisingly, the Creta doesn’t go through the dirt either, especially on the beefy 16-inch wheels. Over bumps, although the crossover is tight, but no unpleasant jerks.

There would be no recognition of the exemplary chassis configuration. However, as soon as we entered the Russian provincial town, and then it started… I missed the ulcers in the pavement — the material to catch the blow. Crossing tram or rail? One more blow. Crest? Accept a series of breakdowns. Therefore, bumps with sharp edges Hyundai is not a good choice. And the omnivorous Renault Kaptur, and especially the Duster, the Korean Crete are far away.

3 Motors live under the "roof"

Under the hood, "Crete" is only an ageless classic. Inline gasoline "fours" gamma (1.6 l) and nu (2.0 l) have a variable valve timing system, but otherwise simple to the point of primitiveness. The momentum they have, the injections are normally distributed, 92-m fuel to feed without problems. In short, a potentially reliable and liquid secondary market. Our people are similar.

Here is the promised 123 hp. with. and 149, respectively, live in these engines is high under the red zone of the tachometer. And the maximum thrust will be settled only on the floor below. And at the bottom and in the middle – empty. In the mirror of the crowd and with uniform movement, but when overtaking, the elasticity of the deficit frightens and irritates.

Creta 1.6 in leads, makes you fall for as many as two or three gears, and in another 12.3 s to 100 km / h is hard to believe. A two-liter version with automatic dynamic (11.3 s to "hundreds"), but the fuel consumption on it is immodest – 10.4 l / 100 km in highway mode. This is average, but in fact – even more.

Sneered at the "pet" or what happened to the Hyundai Creta?

© Photo: [email protected]

Hence the conclusion – "KRET" came to be a high-torque and economical turbo-diesel (and it has versions for other markets), but the current dealership is not sure about the need for this modification. Even in Tucson, only every tenth buyer chooses an expensive diesel engine, and Cretu’s budget for diesel fuel is likely to be even less. But if there is a demand for an extension of the line will not be claimed by Hyundai.

4 Field that impedes gas

Illusion of Courage "Crit" creates an overly sensitive throttle. Just touched the pedal the car jumps forward. I think that now I will push harder, so generally the crossover will fly. But the first impulse is quickly replaced by apathy. And if the version on the "handle" is simply sour, the quirks of the automatic gas drive are hastily forced to raise the degree of Crete turned into a vegetable.

And the boxes themselves are worthy of praise. Hyundai has allocated only modern six-speed units for a small crossover. The mechanics cannot boast of karadagoglu, but the lever moves almost effortlessly and goes straight when needed. The machine, when not jumping on gears, is even better, logical and comfortable.

5 Crossover from belly

Formally, "Kreta" obey the rules of cross-format. There is an optional four-wheel drive, a clutch lock button-center, a hill-descent assistance system, imitation wheel locks … in addition, bumpers and sills do not hang from a hook under the bottom and nothing sticks out.

Sneered at the "pet" or what happened to the Hyundai Creta?

© Photo: [email protected]

Here’s just for the signature (dealer option) – we measured the steel engine protection of only 18 cm (19 cm is stated within the wheelbase) for both the all-wheel drive version and the front-wheel drive version. So do not crawl too much on the track, and the snow will have to be careful. Plus, hot gas makes it difficult to dose traction, it is easy to provoke slippage.

6 Sit down and don’t grope

The budget nature of the crossover inside the “Crete” is reminiscent of only one, or rather, sound – a creak on bumps. Hard plastic everywhere, although it does not add solidity (especially in this segment, this finish is in the order of things), but the ergonomics of the Crete are in order.

Landing, visibility – no questions asked: the angular external shape is easier to get used to the size and high, even in the lower position, in the chair lifts you above the surrounding thread, for which many appreciate crossovers. In detail it seems to be too good. The instrument cluster reads well, large buttons are located where you have the opportunity to eat, and the top comfort model (from 959,900 conventional units) and the steering wheel are adjustable.

This German-tuned backdrop looks odd, like regular chairs – good profile, but rather narrow. If you are not a pitoresca, you can clearly feel the rigidity of the side bolsters. Plus, the blue backlight and the modest multimedica display are annoying, which is hard to see in the picture from the rear view camera. Well, according to tradition, only the driver’s window is equipped in automatic mode. How long?

7 A lot, but it’s empty

Hyundai calls "Cretu" almost the most spacious compact crossover segment. In the veracity of such a statement, we have yet to verify in comparative tests, but at first glance, the Koreans do not lie. Inside the products is really spacious, which pleases – even on the second row and even tall people.

That’s just comfort in the back seats of sadness. There are two stages of heating (included in the winter package for 25,000 conventional units), a ceiling lamp, coat hooks, but you can’t dream about central air ducts or, for example, additional sockets.

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