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13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle


Recently, photos of ridiculous cars are pouring in at an incredible rate. Therefore, only a little time has passed, and I am ready to present you a new part of the ridiculous tuning. Go!

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It seems like a normal-looking Volga, but only the owner radically solved the age-old problem with the fact that the designers did not provide a normal place for a spare wheel. In the regular version, it lies directly in the trunk.

But in this version, one less bag of potatoes fits in there. Therefore, the car owner decided to move the spare wheel … to the trunk lid.

Just like SUVs. Only here it is in a horizontal position. I wonder how hard it has become to lift the trunk lid, and how is it now held in the raised position?

Poor "eight", which is definitely not lucky with the owner. He decided to get a little creative with his appearance and added a number of unexpected elements.

With these phrases, I am trying to veil the game that its owner created with his car. One "toothy" bumper is worth something.

And why now the headlights "crawled out of their sockets"? And some strange thing appeared on the hood, which probably does not perform any task.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

The owner of an old "penny" decided to deceive everyone. He hung a Lexus grille on the front so that everyone would think it was some old Lexus model, and not a product of the Togliatti factory at all.

It should be noted that the grille almost fit the car: both in width and in gaps. I just had to remove the front bumper to see it in its entirety.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

It seems that people will never stop trying to turn the GAZ-24 into a muscle car like the Shelby Mustang. Before you another folk art.

The car received an original bumper integrated into the body, with a U-shaped central part. There is no radiator grille here, but a couple of additional rectangular lights have appeared.

At the rear, there is also a bumper that echoes the style of the front, and the taillights are based on LEDs.

"Finalochka" was the side exhaust, passing under the rapids on both sides.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

My God, who are you? In one of the many villages of the state hinterland, an unusual home-made armored car was photographed.

Here I see a body from an old Niva, which is overgrown with rusty steel sheets from below.

Interestingly, the rear and even the front wheel arches are covered with flaps. But how to turn now? Apparently, the gap there is not very large, so the angle of rotation of the wheels should simply be minimal.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

Let’s leave the market for a moment and see what’s over the hill? Judging by the license plates, this car was photographed in Belarus.

Before us, the BMW 3-series is an excellent, in general, car. The truth is not in this case, when the owner did everything so that we started to hate him.

He clearly wanted to do something similar to the DTM touring car series. Therefore, a wide body kit appeared here, a huge wing and … three exhaust pipes in the center.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

What beautiful fire trucks began to enter the service of European rescuers. Wait, that’s not a fire truck, is it?

It’s just that the owner probably really likes the color red. So he even used it on the rims of his modified first generation ML class.

And here are the tuned bumpers. I must say, this car is not so terrible (compared to others in this collection), rather some kind of ridiculous. I wouldn’t ride like that.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

Task: to increase the comfort of the UAZ while maintaining its cross-country ability. “Sounds like a challenge," thought the creator of this miracle and slammed a body from some Japanese car of the early 2000s on top of the UAZ chassis.

And do not care that the rear wheel arches did not fit the wheels of the chassis. And that the hood of the "Japanese" is shorter than the original.

Please note that now there are already two hoods. That is, to get to the engine, you will first have to lift the hood of a Japanese car, and then the hood of an UAZ.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

How I love people who install something on their car, but do not understand at all how it should work.

Before you is the rear wheel of some small hatchback (can someone identify the model?) with simple drum brakes.

But when the owner installed new alloy wheels, he really wanted to have red brembo calipers. Why not spend money on replacing drums with disc brakes?

Nope! He simply tied the caliper to the wheel (!) disk with ties. Now it will rotate with the wheel. Can you imagine what vibration will be during the movement!?

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

Have you ever seen a beautifully modified GAZelle? Me not. Usually all cars turn into something completely ridiculous with a huge radiator grille and a lot of different hoods on the cab.

Here is a perfect example of the above. The owner added a new bumper with a large grille like the Mitsubishi Lancer, a roof fairing with additional lights and a fake air intake on the hood.

And what about the vertical exhaust and air horn above the driver’s door?

The body, on the contrary, looks very good.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

Another GAZelle to fully convince you that gazelists have no taste.

Compared to this instance, the previous one will seem to you the height of style and sophistication. And this is some kind of Autobot!

The radiator grill here is so large that the hood had to be redone for it. On the sides of the grill, the owner of the GAZelle fixed it along the air filter housing.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle

Sometimes car modifications are completely absurd. Tell me, why did someone need to cut off the front of the wings of IZH-2715 to do this?

The fenders now start roughly in the middle of the wheel arch. And now there are two headlights on each side. Moreover, one is integrated into a thin wheel arch, just like on cars of the 30s.

13 photos of ridiculous car tuning: Volga, Niva, GAZelle


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