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Tuning. May 2019 review


Brabus | Mercedes-AMG 63 g front view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Brabus | Mercedes G 63 AMG side view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Brabus | Mercedes-Benz A-class front

Tuning. May 2019 review

Brabus | Mercedes-Benz A-class rear view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Techart | Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid, Turismo Sport front view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Techart | Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid, sports interior Turismo

Tuning. May 2019 review

Competition Manhart | BMW M2 side view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Competition Manhart | BMW M2 rear view

Tuning. May 2019 review

ABT Series | Volkswagen Touareg front

Tuning. May 2019 review

ABT Series | Volkswagen Tuareg rear view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Auto speakers | Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 coupe front view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Auto speakers | Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe rear view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Hennessy | Ford F-150 Raptor front view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Hennessy | Ford F-150 Raptor rear view

Tuning. May 2019 review

AS Schnitzer | BMW 8-series front view

Tuning. May 2019 review

AS Schnitzer | BMW 8 series rear view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Novitec | McLaren 720s category front view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Novitec | 720s category rear view mclaren

Tuning. May 2019 review

Guo car | Volkswagen Multivan front view

Tuning. May 2019 review

Guo car | Volkswagen Multivan in the cockpit


Mercedes-AMG 63 g

The German city of Bottrop is home to the head office of Brabus, one of the most popular tuning companies in the world. It has gained notoriety for producing heavy-duty vehicles based on Mercedes-Benz, some of which even made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest model in its class. Lately we are no longer looking for records in Bottrop, but copies ready in Brabus are still impressive. And in this Gelandewagen model, the G63 AMG version is doubly interesting, because in addition to the “doping injection", it has received many other changes.

Please note that the previous generation model has undergone changes. The SUV was named Brabus 700 4×42 final edition. The number "700" is traditional, the studio is the power that brought the 5.5-liter "eight", originally developed 571 hp. with. getting Max torque is simply amazing – he added from 760 to 960 Nm. Dynamics, however, improved somewhat. So, acceleration to "hundreds" was reduced to 5, against 5.4 to have a factory version. But looking at the car, everyone was amazed that she was faster.

The fact that its ground clearance has been increased from 210 to 600 (!) mm thanks to the installation of portal axles, significantly increases the weight of the SUV. To use a similar car will be produced at the factory, but, firstly, it is no longer produced, and secondly, where the gap was "only" 450 mm and, thirdly, its suspension is not adjustable. Here, at the request of the driver, you can change the height, separately front and rear, and also choose between four driving modes: "comfort", "sport", "SUV" and "individual". Finally, you can set specific suspension heights and damper settings for each axle. About how much all this costs, it is better not to ask.


Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Heavy-duty car Mercedes-Benz models are, of course, good – they make Brabus a good company. But the firm profits from more down-to-earth projects, such as chip tuning, aerodynamic kits, bodywork, wheels, sports suspension and interior decoration accessories. Thus, the new Mercedes-Benz A-class.

I took a modification of gasoline and 250, whose 2-liter turbo engine in the “base” develops 224 hp. with. and 350 Nm. Using the PowerXtra kit B 25 C, which is to upgrade the "brains" of the power unit, the power has increased to 270 hp. with. and a maximum torque of 430 Nm. Accordingly, the dynamics and settings of the instance have improved. So, acceleration to 100 km / h is 5.9 seconds now compared to 6.2 from the factory version. The maximum speed in both cases is 250 km / h due to the operation of the electronic limiter, which cannot be dismantled.

In addition to the powertrain, the car received new body parts to make it look more aggressive. So, under the front bumper there are stylish spoiler linings, and the “stern” draw attention to themselves, an impressive spoiler, a pseudo-monad diffuser and four exhaust pipes. These pipes belong to a new stainless steel exhaust system with an actively-operated valve that allows the driver to select the volume. And, of course, not without new wheels, the diameter of which varies from 17 to 20 inches. Haven’t done anything to the suspension yet. But inside, according to all the laws of the genre, there are branded floor mats with the studio logo, aluminum pedals, new leather upholstery and illuminated door sills.


Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, Sport Turismo

In the company TechArt, whose name consists of the words "technique" and "art", based in the suburbs of Stuttgart. Since its founding in 1987, it has been tuning Porsches, and everyone strives to bring these cars to perfection. The studio recently showed a modified copy of a model with a very long name: the Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid, the sport of touring.

In fact, this is the most powerful modification of the Panamera Sport Turismo hybrid engine, which in the stock version develops 680 hp. with. and 850 Nm. Impressive dynamics and a van: 3.4 seconds to "hundreds" and a top speed of 310 km / h in "Tekart", but, of course, these figures are not limited and make changes to the 4-liter turbocharged "eight". As a result, performance was increased to 769 hp. with. and 980 Nm, which in turn improves the dynamics of the car. So, acceleration to 100 km / h was reduced to 3.2 seconds with a maximum speed increased to 316 km / h. It also provides data on acceleration to 160 km/h (7) and up to 200 km/h (10.6).

According to the mechanics of the studio, the increase in power was achieved without reprogramming the transmission. Upon request, the wagon can be equipped with a special sports exhaust system, providing a more aggressive soundtrack than the standard one. In addition to the technology, the car received a complete body kit, which includes a new aggressive front bumper with LED running lights, neat wheel arch extensions, a rear bumper with air vents to remove air from the brakes, a diffuser and four exhaust pipes, a powerful spoiler on roof and new rims with low profile tires.


BMW M2 competition

The Manhart racing firm from Geilenkirchen, Germany recently celebrated its quarter-century anniversary. And all this time he has been modifying BMW cars. And for the most part, these are not normal products, and sports models of the M-series. And now the studio has already presented to the public one of the most modern "emoks" – this is the BMW M2 in a special version of the competition.

If an M-series car can be considered factory tuning, its version of competition-tuning is squared. Well, when the technical stuffing of such a model is taken Manhart races, turns, road monster. So, if a 3-liter regular m2 turbo engine develops 370 hp. with. and 465 Nm, and in the competition version – 410 hp. with. and 550 Nm, after the intervention of the minders of the studio, its influence increases to 550 hp. with. and 800 Nm. Unfortunately, there are no dynamic performances provided, but they should be quite impressive, despite the fact that only the rear wheels have a lot of energy going into combating slippage in lower gears.

In a small sports car even tighter on the road, the factory springs have been replaced by products known for the supervision of KW, which makes the ground clearance decreased by 25 mm. the outside of the compartment is changed into Manhart corporate identity. So, the car received the traditional black and gold color of the front bumper and side skirts, a small carbon casing on the trunk lid, four exhaust pipes with a loud sound, and 21-inch wheels, of course, in black and gold combination. Inside, there are no changes, except that the BMW badge in the center of the steering wheel is replaced with the studio emblem.

ABT Sportsline is not

Volkswagen Touareg

The company ABT needs no introduction, although not many people know that the history is from 1896, when Johann ABT opened a forge in the German city of Kemten, making horseshoes. The car trim firm made the switch in 1960 and has specialized in Volkswagen models ever since. One of the novelties was the crossover of the new Touareg SUV of the new generation, which received a refinement of the power unit and some little things.

In fact, this car is now a tidbit for many tuning firms, but that the author first showed the updated version. The "donor" was a turbo modification with a 3-liter unit, in the original version it develops 286 hp. with. and 600 Nm. After installing the “chip”, the power jumped to 330 hp. with., and the maximum torque increased to 650 Nm. Unfortunately, the author does not report how much improvement in the dynamic quality of the crossover. Recall that in stock the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 6.1 C and develops a maximum speed of 235 hp. with.

As for the design, the store’s specialists were in such a hurry to be the first that they showed nothing but different options for rims ranging in size from 20 to 22 inches. In the cabin, too, nothing has changed, except for the fact that there is a projection of the logo on the asphalt when the door is opened. In short, it is clear that this is only the beginning and soon we will see a new aerodynamic body kit and a modified interior, and modules to reduce clearance, suspension, and power kits for other changes.

Auto Speakers

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe

Tuning Mercedes-Benz is done by many studios and thinning out its most powerful version with the AMG abbreviation in the title is much less. This is a special list, decided to introduce the dynamics of an auto company from Warsaw. Her crossover work Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe received a significant increase in power. The car has other interesting transformations that have had a hand in other tuning.

Turbocharged 8-cylinder engine with a volume of 5.5 liters, in stock develops 585 hp. with. and 760 Nm, received new, more efficient turbochargers, a sports exhaust system and, of course, programmed "brains". As a result, power increased to 806 hp. with. and the maximum torque increased to 1181 Nm. In this "workhorse" time is not destroyed by the 7-band "automatic" had to be increased. After the modification, acceleration to "hundreds" improved by almost a second from 4.2 to 3.25 C. and acceleration from 100 to 200 km / h is 7.8 seconds. The maximum speed after removing the electronic limiter, triggered at 250 km / h, has increased to a truly supercar 336 km / h.

At "top speed" the crossover does not run off the road, it is equipped with a special air suspension module from the Brabus tuning studio, which reduces ground clearance. A new aerodynamic body kit with aggressive bumpers and powerful wheel arches were purchased from the state-owned company TopCar. And finally, the crossover coupe received huge 23-inch wheels from Vossen. It is clear that after such improvements it is better not to leave the asphalt.


Ford F-150 Raptor

In the hangars of the airport of the American city of Houston is the world-famous Hennessy tailor shop. It was founded in 1991 when John Hennessy released a modified Mitsubishi 3000 GT. Now the company remakes most of the American cars of various brands and even produces its own supercars. So, the Lotus Exige-built car goes faster than the Bugatti Veyron, as recently shown, the 1600-horsepower poison F5 key promises to be the fastest on the planet. However, ordinary cars are not alien to studio masters, not only cars. For example, this Ford F-150 Raptor truck has turned into real monsters.

The specialists of the studio decided not to suffer from boring the power supply, and simply … threw it away, replacing larger and more powerful ones. Just thinking a 3.5L turbocharged V6 with 450bhp. with. was not enough for them, and they supplied a 5-liter "eight" instead! Of course, this is thoroughly "adducul" – up to 768 hp. with. Interestingly, Hennessy not only brings strength to the “shaft”, but also reports data on how many of these “horses” reach the wheels, namely 564 hp. s., but a really impressive figure!

As a result, a pickup truck, named Velociraptor (after one of the most ferocious dinosaurs), I began to accelerate to 60 miles per hour (96 km / h) in just 4.1 seconds. A car travels a quarter mile in 12.2 seconds at an exit speed of 185 km/h. in addition to the new powertrain, the model received brutal new bumpers with LED elements, off-road equipment with increased ground clearance and giant 20-inch wheels with 37-inch off-road tires.

AS Schnitzer

BMW 8-series

One of the oldest tuning companies in the world, AC Schnitzer is based in the German city of Aachen. It was founded in 1964 by Josef Schnitzer, and as the first object to be reviewed, he chose the BMW 1800ti, which later took part in the races. In fact, with the Bavarian brand Studio you can. And now the craftsman from Aachen has presented his take on how the latest BMW 8 Series should look and ride.

Mechanics AS Schnitzer proposed an upgrade for existing power units. So, petrol turbo V8, the plant is in the form of developing 530 hp. with. and 750 Nm, thanks to chip tuning added to 600 hp. with. and 850 Nm. The second engine is a turbodiesel 3-liter l6. Its power has increased from 320 to 379 hp. with. and torque from 680 to 780 Nm. The dynamic characteristics of the atelier are not. To provide a modified power supply, a decent sound, I made a special exhaust system with a 105 mm pipe.

To improve handling, the studio suggests replacing the standard springs with a sports suspension, lowering the ground clearance by 20 mm in front and 10 in the rear. The same purpose is served by forged wheels with a diameter of 21 inches or "cast" sizes of 20 or 21 inches to choose from. However, the new wheels are not only efficient but also beautiful. Signature aerodynamic body kit, which includes a powerful front splitter, "wings" on the sides of the front bumper, hood deflectors, overhead sills, a huge diffuser in the rear bumper and a fixed rear wing.


McLaren 720s category

The German company Novitec from Stetten prefers the foreign domestic auto industry. That’s because its founder Wolfgang Hagedorn is passionate about supercars, as well as fine-tuning all sorts of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the like. And with the appearance of the English company McLaren in the model range, of course, he could not ignore these sports cars. One of the last objects on which the studios worked was the McLaren 720s category.

First of all, he hired motorists, which increased the power of the 4-liter turbocharged V8 from 720 to 805 hp. with. The maximum torque has increased from 770 to 878 Nm. As a result, the supercar began to accelerate to 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds, which is faster than the factory copy of 0.2 seconds. The acceleration to 200 km/h is also increased from 7.8 to 7.5 s. Top speed has increased from 341 to 346 km/h, and acceleration is not only faster, but more sonorous. All because of the new exhaust system produces a very loud sound that makes passers-by turn around.

The appearance of the modified supercar attracts no less attention than the technical stuffing. The new fenders are particularly impressive, widening the car by 60mm at the front and 130mm at the rear. The front bumper is also brand new – now it looks like the nose of a formula car. An air intake appeared on the roof, and the Stern was a small fixed wing. For quicker cornering, the stock springs have been swapped out for shorter ones, leaving an already meager 35mm of ground clearance – speed bumps need to be careful now. The car was named N Largo and will be produced in a limited edition of 15 copies.

Go car

Volkswagen Multivan

Head of the Berlin office of the company TD car, which is engaged in the conversion of minivans and minibuses. In principle, for these purposes, various modifications of the Volkswagen Multivan. According to the studio, it took more than two years of changes and countless test drives to modernize this model. And the result, I must say, is impressive.

E representatives of the car claim that this is the best option for those who dream of a Porsche 911, but family circumstances force them to go for the Volkswagen Multivan. To agree with the owner of the minivan and his wife, they proposed to install in the car a 3.6-liter “boxer” from the “911”, and not just any, but from the Turbo version, and turbines from the “harder” version of the GT2. The capacity of this unit currently reaches 580 liters. s., but soon the mechanics of the studio promise to bring it to 800 liters. with….

However, the new engine isn’t all the makeover the minivan has received. The fact that the engine is not installed under the hood, but the very tradition of Parchevsky is in the rear overhang. Rear drive. Transmission – 6-speed manual. However, you can also order an all-wheel drive option if the rear-wheel drive version seems reliable enough to drive.

The interior also has something to see. So, the front seats, steering wheel and dashboard also migrated here straight from the 911 – go like the ignition lock cylinder, which is now, of course, to the left of the steering wheel. Customers can choose a TV from the ceiling to somehow distract them from the frantic acceleration. As for the exterior design, this minivan of Parchevsky’s face does not give anything, except for large wheels with low-profile rubber.

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