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Is it worth it to overpay for all-wheel drive in a crossover?


Crossovers are in vogue now – this is an indisputable fact. Crossovers of different classes – this is almost half of the new cars sold recently. And in the world the statistics are about the same. And what, in fact, are the advantages of a crossover and does it really need all-wheel drive?

Acceleration and handling

First, let’s talk about the obvious differences between all-wheel drive and mono-drive crossovers. All-wheel drive is better controlled and accelerates more confidently, but as a rule, there is no gain in acceleration to hundreds, because all-wheel drive adds mass, which eats up gain in clutch.

Fuel consumption

All-wheel drive cars are more voracious. Often, a more powerful engine is paired with all-wheel drive, and then the difference in consumption is quite obvious, but engines of the same power have a slight difference (usually half a liter per hundred) in consumption.

Maintenance costs

If we talk about used cars, then the cost of maintaining an all-wheel drive crossover will be higher. Crossover four-wheel drive, like any other, requires maintenance: replacement of parts, lubrication. In some models, something may turn sour, “burn out", rot.


The main advantage of all-wheel drive crossovers is patency. In advertising, we are shown how some Nissan Qashqai storms mountain peaks, but in real life, the clutch overheats during prolonged slipping, and the car becomes monodrive (often at the most inopportune moment). Someone earlier, someone later, but in any case, off-road lovers prefer other cars.

In addition, it has now become fashionable to install a variator on crossovers paired with all-wheel drive. And this is doubly dangerous, because the CVT does not like slipping as much (or even more) than all-wheel drive clutches.

What you can really count on is the fact that in winter you will be able to drive onto an icy curb or a hillock, get out of a snowy parking lot faster. As for the muddy primers, then the permeability will depend more on the tires and the skill of the driver. So do not be surprised if some Logan or Vesta will follow you to the lake.


If we compare the clearance, then for all-wheel drive and mono-wheel drive modifications, it is usually the same. At the same time, often not as large as the manufacturer claims. Many models with installed protection and when fully loaded have a ground clearance of 150-155 mm. That is, slightly more cars.


Not always, but in some models, the trunk in the 2WD version is larger than in the 4WD version.


If we are talking about cars that have modifications with all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive, then there will be no difference, but for models in which all-wheel drive is not provided in the price, the floor behind the front seats is usually flat, without a central tunnel. In this case, the rear passengers will be more comfortable. Especially if there are three of them.


Well, the most important difference is the price. If we are talking about relatively budget crossovers, then for all-wheel drive they are usually asked to pay extra from 100 to 200 thousand conventional units. Differences in price between mono- and all-wheel drive Seltos, for example, 140 thousand for cars with mechanics and 150 for cars with automatic.

Whether it is worth overpaying for all-wheel drive or not – everyone decides for himself. Often the role in the choice is played not by logic and common sense, but by emotions and stereotypes, they say, we have been living lately, there is no way without 4WD. Or the stereotype that a crossover without all-wheel drive is like non-alcoholic beer or a rubber woman.

But if we recall the past winter in the middle lane recently, then even passenger sedans and hatchbacks had no chance to get stuck somewhere. And if we talk about Siberia, the Urals, the Far East, are there so many crossovers there? They need a real SUV, not a marketing one.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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