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Anniversary at the Bavarians: BMW M brings back the old logo


BMW M GmbH will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. During the festive year, several “loaded" new products will be presented.

The division of BMW M, which produces "hot" cars of the Bavarian brand, will celebrate its half-century anniversary at the end of next spring – May 24, 2022. The division appeared in 1972 and initially served as a sports team for the plant: then it was called BMW Motorsport. Subsequently, in 1993, it was shortened to BMW M."

Anniversary at the Bavarians: BMW M brings back the old logo

The company decided not to lose sight of this important date: in particular, the use of a different emblem was timed to coincide with it. It cannot be called new, because this logo is, in fact, a classic: from 1973 to 1978 it belonged to the BMW Motorsport sports team and adorned racing cars. Now the company has decided to put this mark on cars at the request of buyers (the option will be available from March 2022). At the same time, the old emblem will appear not only on the current “emkas” created by the M division, but also on civilian BMWs that have received the M Sport package.

Anniversary at the Bavarians: BMW M brings back the old logo

The "classic logo" is the recognizable "spiral" of the Bavarian brand, enclosed in a blue, blue and red semicircle on a white background. Subsequently, these colors became corporate, they are now shared as a separate license plate for cars, indicating the development of the M division. The returned logo can be placed on the hood, trunk and wheel hubs of cars.

Anniversary at the Bavarians: BMW M brings back the old logo

To mark the occasion, the company has also decided to massively expand the color palette of some of the "uploaded" models. Thus, 50 body colors from the palette of past years will be available to customers. BMW M noted that it had chosen "iconic and historically significant" color options. The shades offered for vehicles in 2022 are expected to be references to various milestones in BMW M history.

Next year, the anniversary year of the M division, several new products are expected to hit the market at the same time. We are talking, in particular, about the BMW M3 Touring station wagon: at the end of September, the company published a photo of a “charged” model in camouflage. There is no more exact date of its appearance yet.

Anniversary at the Bavarians: BMW M brings back the old logo

In addition, BMW M is preparing an M2 coupe based on the new Series 2. Earlier, we published a rendering of the future novelty, created by our designer Nikita Chuiko. It is possible that such a “hot” car will go on sale only in 2023.

Another novelty promises to be the BMW XM crossover. However, the car will debut very soon, while it is in concept state. The company has not yet said anything about the technology, it is only known that the "stuffing" will be hybrid. By the way, the SUV will be the first hybrid developed by the M division, and at the same time the second original car in its history, that is, one that does not have a civilian source.

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